Albert Hartson Boies

Albert Hartson Boies (1844-1930) served in Co. F of the 4th Michigan Infantry. He joined the Hudson Zouave Cadets (Juvenile ) in Hudson Michigan as a musician. In September of 1861, he joined the 4th Michigan Infantry as a musician. Being a musician did not keep him out of battles. He was in 21 battles during the war and wounded four times. He was left for dead at Marvin Hill. He was shot in the chest and captured at Gettysburg by the 24th Georgia Infantry, but escaped. He fought during the Spanish American War and served as a recruiting officer during World War One.

This is a partial diary for 1862 which had a bullet embedded in it which occurred during the battle of Malvern Hill on July 1, 1862. There are a few pages that were missing as well as a few pages which had no entries. This diary is presented here courtesy of the Hudson Historical Museum.


This diary was carried by A. H. Boies during the Civil War and he was shot at Malvern Hill, Virginia on July 1st, 1862. The bullet traveled through this book which was in the side pocket on the front of his sack coat. It was just 2 inches below his heart and knocked him off his feet rendering him unconscious and left for dead.

Mr. A. H. Boies
4th Michigan Regiment Vols.


Jan. 22 (Wed.) –- Dark and rainy with snow. The Pennsylvania 48th Regt. passed here going to Washington. N.Y. 14th has marching orders.

Jan. 23 (Thur.) –- Our regiment on Picket. Co. A, F, C, B, for camp guard.

Jan. 24 (Fri.) –- Was on Guard. Stormy night. Windy and wet.

Jan. 25 (Sat.) –- This morning the ground is covered with snow and ice. It came off pleasant and thawed.
No drill. Regiment came in from picket.

Jan. 26 (Sun.) –- Pleasant but muddy. Inspection of arms. Captain Chapin takes command of Co. F. Dress Parade.

Jan. 27 (Mon.) –- Company drill this morning. Captain Chapin ________________Company _________. Dress Parade.

Jan. 28 (Tue.) –- Pay day $26.00 came to me. Rainy and muddy. No drill or Dress Parade.

Jan. 29 (Wed.) –- Very foggy and rainy. Sent home $2.00 by letter.

Jan. 30 (Thur.) –- Rainy and muddy today.

Jan. 31 (Fri.) –- Snowy and thawing. Dress Parade. No mail today. Muddy.

Feb. 1 (Sat.) –- Pleasant and muddy. No drill. No mail today.

Feb. 2 (Sun.) –- Pleasant but muddy. Inspection _________ 9th got a ___________________ Arnold.

Feb. 3 (Mon.) –- Snowy all day. No drill or Parade.

Feb. 4 (Tue.) –- I lent J. Ackley a pair of boots to get to Alexandria and the 2nd Regt.

Feb. 5 (Wed.) –- Pleasant day. J. Ackley returned from Alexandria.

Feb. 6 (Thur.) –- Rainy this morning and muddy. No drill.

Feb. 7 (Fri.) –- Target shooting. Shot a dog by mistake.

Feb. 8 (Sat.) –- Dress Parade. On guard. Target shooting. [Battalion] drill.
Feb. 9th — 14th pages missing
Feb. 15 (Sat.) –- Snowy all day. No drill. Dress Parade.

Feb. 16 (Sun.) –- Went on picket. Snowy and pleasant. Quarters in a house. Report of Fort Donelson taken. _________

Feb. 17 (Mon.) –- On picket. Rain and sleet. Had lot of __________

Feb 18th –- July 5h entry pages missing.

July 6 (Sun.) -– Very warm today. We had inspection today at Judiciary Square.

July 7 (Mon.) -– Very warm today. Dr. Strong came here today. Got a paper from him.

July 8 (Tue.) -– Dr. Strong came in again today. ______
July 9th –- Dec. 23rd entry pages missing.

Dec. 24 (Wed.) -– no entry

Dec. 25 (Thur.) -– no entry

Dec. 26 (Fri.) -– no entry

Dec. 27 (Sat.) -– Mother, I am at the General Hospital, Judiciary Square, Washington D.C.

Dec. 28 (Sun.) — You can see what saved my life. It was this book. I had it in my side pocket. My wound is not very bad. I have got the ball in the battle at Malvern Hill.

Dec. 29 (Mon.) -– no entry

Dec. 30 (Tue.) –- I lost everything. I lost my shoes in the retreat. I wish that you would send me 2 or 3 gold dollars.

Dec. 31 (Wed.) –- The reason that I could not write before was not having any money to get anything. Yours Albert. I have been in 4 battles and done well. Preserve this.


This second diary belonging to Albert Boies contains his entries for the year of 1863 and is provided courtesy of the Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan:



Jan. 1, 1863 (Thur.) — On guard. All tight in camp. Wrote home. Warm and pleasant. No dress parade.

Jan. 2 (Fri.) — Pleasant but cold. Our regiment was mustered. Went down to the station. Went to General Sweitzer’s Quarters. Fell in the sink, etc.

Jan. 3 (Sat.) — Bright and clear. On detail for wood. Boys from the Michigan 2nd (came) over to our regiment. Got a line from home.Inspection, no dress parade.

Jan. 4 (Sun.) — Clear and pleasant. We got a box from home. Order for battalion drill read on dress parade. Dress parade and inspection.

Jan. 5 (Mon.) — Clear but cool. Roll call at 6 am. Squad drill at 7 am. Company drill 9 am. Battalion drill from 1:30 till 3:30 pm. Dress parade and inspection 4 pm.

Jan. 6 (Tue.) — Lowery and warm. Company drill in the forenoon. Battalion drill in the afternoon. Wrote home. No battalion drill. Inspection and dress parade.

Jan. 7 (Wed.) — Clear but cool. Company drill as usual. Battalion drill in afternoon. Visit from Mr. Wheeler. Drew flour. Inspection and dress parade.

Jan. 8 (Thur.) — Clear and cool. No guard mounting this morning. Review of General Meade’s Corps by Generals Burnside and Hooker. Very cold this afternoon. On guard. Post one.

Jan. 9 (Fri.) — Clear but cold. Went after wood. Wilcox from Hudson came here. Inspection and dress parade.

Jan. 10 (Sat.) — Lowery and chilly. Got a letter from home. Rainy (so) no drill or dress parade. No roll call.

Jan. 11 (Sun.) — Clear and pleasant. No preaching today. Wrote to Charlie Stone. Inspection but no dress parade.

Jan. 12 (Mon.) — Clear, air very cold. Wilcox started for Washington. Company drill in the forenoon. Battalion drill in the afternoon. Inspection and dress parade.

Jan. 13 (Tue.) — Lowery, appearance of storm. No company drill. General Inspection of regiment and camp. Battalion drill this afternoon. On fatigue duty. Miles W. went home.

Jan. 14 (Wed.) — Cold and very windy. Company drill in forenoon. Battalion drill in the afternoon. Looks like rain this evening. Inspection and dress parade.

Jan. 15 (Thur.) — Rainy and muddy. Company drill. On guard at the Colonel’s tent. Wrote home. Inspection and dress parade.

Jan. 16 (Fri.) — Wet and muddy. Company drill in the company. Dress parade and inspection. March. Dr. Chamberlain starts for home. Ordered to be ready to march.

Jan. 17 (Sat.) — Clear and very cold. No drill today. Ordered to be ready to march tomorrow (at) noon. Inspection and dress parade.

Jan. 18 (Sun.) — Very cold this morning. No drill today. The Sharpshooters broke camp. went on detached duty. Inspection and dress parade.

Jan. 19 ( Mon.) — Air very cold and bracing. On guard at the Brigade Commissary. No drill today. Inspection and dress parade.

Jan. 20 ( Tue.) — Lowery, looks like storm. Ordered to be ready to fall in at 11:30. No guard mounting. Started at 2 o’clock. Marched about 3 miles and camped on the Falmouth Road.

Jan. 21 (Wed.) — Rainy. Mud knee deep. Marched about 2 miles and camped. Rains all day. No rations today. Artillery all stuck in the mud.

Jan. 22 (Thur.) — Rainy. Ordered to pack up and be ready to move at 5 o’clock. Smokey all day and laid in the wet and mud. Mail came in the evening.

Jan. 23 (Fri.) — Lowery. Went on fatigue duty. Laid corduroy road for about half a mile. Helped artillery up etc. All tight in camp. Drew rations of Tack.

Jan.  24 (Sat.) — Wet and muddy. Started for camp about one or two o’clock  (and) got in about 5 o’clock. Got our pay in the evening. Got a letter from home.

Jan. 25 (Sun.) — Cloudy and very cold. Sent $40 allotment home. Dr. French came up from Ayna (?). We put up our wedge tent. No drill today.

Jan. 26 (Mon.) — Pleasant and warm. Went down to the station (and) bought some butter at 60 cents per pound. No drill today. Inspection and dress parade.

Jan. 27 (Tue.) — Commenced to rain this morning. Very muddy. No drill today.

Jan. 28 (Wed.) — Stormy. Commenced to snow this morning. On guard. Went to the Division Commissary. Stood one trick in the afternoon, and one in the evening.

Jan. 29. (Thur.) — Clear and very pleasant. Drew a pair of shoes. No drill today. Got a load of wood for the company.

Jan. 30. (Fri.) — Clear and pleasant. Captain Marvin started for home. Went after wood. No drill today. Bought some valentines, etc.

Jan. 31 (Sat.) — Clear and pleasant. On fatigue duty to dig sinks. No drill today.

Feb. 1 (Sun.) — Clear and pleasant. Sunday morning inspection at 10 o’clock. We had preaching at 3. Got a letter and papers. Dress parade at the usual hour.

Feb. 2 (Mon.) — Clear and cold. On guard post number 7. Company drill in the forenoon and battalion in the afternoon. Letter from C. Stowell. Inspection and dress parade.

Feb. 3 (Tue.) — Very cold (and) snowy. We had a load of wood drawn for our tent. Got some molasses at the Division Commissary (and) made some candy.

Feb. 4 (Wed.) — Very cold and frosty. D. Wirts came over here from the sharpshooters. Got a bass drum for the regiment yesterday. Inspection and dress parade.

Feb. 5 (Thur.) — Very cold. Some snow this morning. On detail today. Regimental inspection at 10 o’clock. No guard mounting this morning. No dress parade or inspection. Snow and rain all day.

Feb. 6 (Fri.) — Rained all last night. W. Colwell and E. Southwick stayed over here last night. No drill today. Wrote home. Made some candy. no dress parade.

Feb. 7 (Sat.) — Clear and pleasant. No drill today. No dress parade or inspection.

Feb. 8 (Sun.) — Clear and pleasant. Company inspection. Drew a load of soft tack. Bought a singing book. No preaching today. Ordered to be ready to go out on fatigue tomorrow.

Feb. 9 (Mon.) — Clear and cold. Started for United States Ford for fatigue. Fell behind the regiment but came up with them about 5 o’clock. Camped in the woods.

Feb. 10 (Tue.) — Clear and very pleasant. On detail to work on a bridge about one mile from camp.

Feb. 11 (Wed.) — Cloudy. Some rain and hail in the afternoon. Stayed in camp today.

Feb. 12 (Thur.) — Clear and pleasant. On detail for to build corduroy road. Bought a pie up to Mr. Smith. Went exploring gold mines etc.

Feb. 13 (Fri.) — On detail for fatigue to build road between here and camp on 1st relief. Very pleasant today. Drew soft bread and other rations.

Feb. 14 (Sat.) — Clear and cool. On detail to go to the Eagle Gold Mines for fatigue. Worked till 3 o’clock. Built a bridge. Got into camp about 1 o’clock.

Feb. 15 (Sun.) — Commenced raining in the morning. I started for camp (and) got in about one o’clock. Found messrs. Bush and Miner there (who) took supper with us. Visit D.F. Kerr and Cap.

Feb. 16 (Mon.) — Clear and pleasant. Messrs. Bush and Miner went over to Fredericksburg (with) Dr. Watts acting as pilot. Wrote a letter to send home by Mr. Bush.

Feb. 17 (Tue.) — Snow and sleet in abundance this morning. The wagons went out to the regiment. Messrs. Bush and Miner started for home. Joel Whitney came over here.

Feb. 18 (Wed.) — Snow some 3 or 4 inches deep. Commenced to rain about 10 o’clock. Sick today. Frank Bush left for the hospital this afternoon.

Feb. 19 (Thur.) — Cloudy and wet. Drew rations this forenoon. Whiskey and soft tack. Snowball fight between our company and company I and E. We repulsed them.

Feb. 20 (Fri.) — Clear and pleasant. Very dull in camp. Reported that the regiment will be in tomorrow.

Feb. 21 (Sat.) — Clear and pleasant. Miles Wirts came over from the sharpshooters. The regiment came in from fatigue. No guard mounting. Got a Hudson paper.

Feb. 22 (Sun.) — Very stormy. Snow 4 or 5 inches deep. On guard at Colonel’s (tent). No guard mounting. Guns are firing in every direction ( due to it being) Washington’s birthday.

Feb. 23 (Mon.) — Clear and pleasant but very cold. On detail to dig sinks. Nothing unusual today.

Feb. 24 (Tue.) — Weather fair (and) cool. On detail to get wood. Report of a skirmish on picket last night. Quite muddy.

Feb. 25 (Wed.) — Clear and pleasant. Went over to the sharpshooters. They are a building a Brigade bakery. All quiet in camp. Inspection. Wrote to N. Y.

Feb. 26 (Thur.) — Wet and rainy. On detail to get wood. Nothing of importance today. Inspection.

Feb. 27 (Fri.) — Lowey. Seems like Spring.. Went down to the Potomac Bridge after Brush to fix up the company. Got some whiskey after work.

Feb. 28 (Sat.) — Lowery. Still muddy. On detail to go for wood. Mustered this morning. (Private Joseph) Stutson died in the night. Our regiment was mustered.

Mar. 1 (Sun.) — Clear and pleasant. I. Wirts came over here (and) expects to start for home Tuesday. Inspection and dress parade.

Mar. 2 (Mon.) — Clear and pleasant. Orders to go on picket about 2 miles. En graved my name on the back of a turtle. Rain in the night.

Mar. 3 (Tue.) — Clear and pleasant. On post one. Nothing of importance today. Discovered the Mysterious Cavern. Traded posts with one of the corporals.

Mar. 4 (Wed.) — Clear and pleasant. On guard once in the evening. Everything is quiet out here. No mail came out today.

Mar. 5 (Thur.) — Clear and pleasant. Was relieved by the 14th Regulars. Got into camp about 1 o’clock. Am on guard, post one bakery.

Mar. 6 (Fri.) — Clear and pleasant. Commenced dress parade and Inspection.

Mar. 7 (Sat.) — Rainy this morning but cleared off in the afternoon. F. (Frank) Cobb came here today. Got a letter from home.

Mar. 8 (Sun.) — Lowery (and) some rain. On detail for fatigue. Went out for fresh beef. Sunday morning inspection.

Mar. 9 (Mon.) — Lowery. Dress parade.

Mar. 10 (Tue.) — Clear and pleasant. Went over to the sharpshooters (and) saw Davenport and Cooley under arrest. Played ball and had a dance in the evening. Inspection and dress parade.

Mar. 11 (Wed.) — Lowery and wet. We drew clothing today. General Inspection, Brigade inspection, and dress parade.

Mar. 12 (Thur.) — Clear and pleasant. On guard on the railroad about a mile from camp.

Mar. 13 (Fri.) — Very cold. Stayed in camp overnight. Inspection and dress parade.

Mar. 14 (Sat.) — Was relieved by some of the 62nd Pennsylvania. Quite cold today. J. (Joel) Whitney came over this evening. Inspection and dress parade.

Mar. 15 (Sun.) — Cloudy. Air pretty cold.. Had Sunday morning inspection. Devine service at 2 o’clock. Commenced to rain some this afternoon. Roll call at Retreat.

Mar. 16 (Mon.) — Some snow this morning. Pretty cold. On guard post 11. Cloudy most of the day. Inspection and dress parade.

Mar. 17 (Tue.) — Clear and pleasant. St Patrick’s Day. 9th Mass. Regt. have great times. Sad catastrophe, 2 horses killed (and) 2 men injured.  Wrote to W. F. Day.

Mar. 18 (Wed.) — Cloudy this morning. Regimental inspection at 10 o’clock. Raised a pole in the afternoon. Inspection and dress parade.

Mar. 19 (Thur.) — Cloudy and very cold. Went down to the railroad after writing material. Company drill at 10 o’clock. Battalion drill at 3 o’clock. Wrote home. Dress parade.

Mar. 20 (Fri.) — Commenced storming after roll call and has continued all day. I am on guard post 5 (Colonel’s tents), 2nd relief. Got a Hudson paper from home.  Went down to Dr. F. (French) this evening.

Mar 21 (Sat.) — Still storming. Snow 3 or 4 inches deep. Came off from guard this morning. Received a letter from home. Drizzling rain all day.

Mar. 22 (Sun.) — Lowery. Warm and pleasant. Company inspection at 10 o’clock. Some of us was inspected over on account of having dirty guns. Had dress parade and inspection.

Mar. 23 (Mon.) — Appearance of rain toward evening. Company drill in the forenoon and battalion drill in the afternoon. Inspection and dress parade.

Mar. 24 (Tue.) — Clear and pleasant. Company drill forenoon. Battalion drill in the afternoon. Wrote home. Inspection and dress parade.

Mar. 25 (Wed.) — Clear and pleasant. Company drill in the forenoon . Brigade drill in the afternoon. Commenced to rain about 6 pm. Dress parade and inspection.

Mar. 26 (Thur.) — Detailed for 3 days guard duty at Stoneman’s Switch but did not go on. General review by Gen. Meade of this Division.

Mar. 27 (Fri.) — Clear and pleasant. On guard post 7 C.B. (?). Guarding a prisoner in the daytime and Col. McQuade in the night. (Went) down to Dr. F. (French) in the evening (as I’m) not feeling well.

Mar. 28 (Sat.) — Commenced raining this morning. Came off from guard. (George) Goodsell (is) Officer of the guard. No drills today. F.(Frank) Cobb and S. (Simeon) VanAkin came over here. Got a paper from home. Dress parade.

Mar 29 (Sun.) — Very cold today. This brigade went on picket. I was excused by the Dr. (so) I did not go out with the regiment. Dress parade.

Mar. 30 (Mon.) — Clear and pleasant but cold. On guard post (at) Brigade Commissary. Got a letter from home.

Mar. 31 (Tue.) — There was a heavy fall of snow last night with hail and rain. This afternoon is clear and pleasant. On detail to get wood for Headquarters.

Apr. 1 (Wed.) — Clear but very cold and windy. On guard at the Brigade commissary, 3rd relief. The regiment came in from picket this forenoon.

Apr. 2 (Thur.) — Clear, pleasant, but very windy. Came off from guard this morning. Drew clothing this afternoon. Inspection and dress parade.

Apr. 3 (Fri.) — Weather pleasant. Company drill 10 am. Battalion 2 pm. Inspection and dress parade.

Apr. 4 (Sat.) — Clear and pleasant in the forenoon. In the afternoon it was very windy. Commenced to storm in the evening. We had a dance. Got a Hudson paper. Inspection.

Apr. 5 (Sun.) — Stormy. Snow 4 or 5 inches deep. Sent some verses home, one from W. F. Duryee. _______ has about all gone of _____. Inspection afternoon.

Apr. 6 (Mon.) — Cold and windy. Bayonet exercise. A letter from home and W. F. Duryee. Inspection and dress parade.

Apr. 7 (Tue.) — Clear but cool this morning. Grand review of our Brigade by President Lincoln which took about 2 hours. Inspection.

Apr. 8 (Wed.) — Cloudy. Grand Review today by President Lincoln. Guard mounting at 5 o’clock. Wrote to W. F. Duryee.

Apr. 9 (Thur.) — Clear and pleasant. I went over to the sharpshooters. Regimental inspection in the morning. Brigade drill at 2 pm.

Apr. 10 (Fri.) — Clear and very pleasant. General review this forenoon and muster by the Colonel. Assignment of Captain (Alvan) Lamson to Company C. Inspection and dress parade.

Apr. 11 (Sat.) — Very pleasant today. No drill today. Washed this afternoon. Dress parade.

Apr. 12 (Sun.) — Clear and pleasant. We had a Grand Review of our division at noon by the Swiss Commander in Chief. Received a letter from home. Wrote home. Dress parade at the usual hour.

Apr. 13 (Mon.) — Pleasant. Cavalry was a passing all the forenoon. Company drill this forenoon. Signed the pay book. Major (Francis) Earle came here this afternoon. Dress parade.

April 14 (Tue.) –Pleasant. We got our pay this forenoon. Expect we march tomorrow. Bought $1.00 worth of oysters for supper. Inspection.

Apr. 15 (Wed.) — Stormy. it rained all day. Packed up our extra clothing to be sent off. Ordered to be ready to move at noon with 5 days rations in our knapsack (and) 3 in haversack. sent $45.00 home. On guard.

Apr. 16 (Thur.) — Clear and pleasant. Came off from guard this forenoon. Dress parade.

Apr. 17 (Fri.) — Looked like rain all day but has not. I went down and had my picture taken this forenoon. Battalion drill pm. Dress parade.

Apr. 18 (Sat.) — Warm and pleasant. Company drill. Sent my likeness home. Inspection and dress parade.

Apr. 19 (Sun.) —  Very warm. Inspection at 9 am.

Apr. 20 (Mon.) — Looks like rain this forenoon. Got a pass to go to Falmouth. Rain all the afternoon.

Apr. 21 (Tue.) — Cloudy and quite cold for this season of the year. Am on guard today at sutlers tent. Wrote to N. Y.  Dress parade.

Apr. 22 (Wed.) — Quite cool this morning. Came off from guard 9 o’clock. Fresh fish for breakfast. Wrote to J. J. Wood. Made molasses candy at the hospital. Dress parade.

Apr. 23 (Thur.) — Stormy. Rained all the morning. No drill today. Wrote to W. F. Duryee. Nothing of any importance today.

Apr. 24 (Fri.) — Weather very bad and stormy.

Apr. 25 (Sat.) — Clear but very windy. Review of General Sykes Division. Went down and took a sketch of Potomac Bridge. No drill today. Dress parade.

Apr. 26 (Sun.) — Clear and pleasant. Brigade guard mounting at 9 o’clock. Our brigade goes out on picket. We relieved the 123rd Pennsylvania (of) General Humphrey’s Division.

Apr. 27 (Mon.) — Clear and pleasant. Warm. Ordered to be ready to pack up and go into camp. Left camp about 7 o’clock and went about 8 miles to the brick church. Camped on our old ground.

Apr. 28 (Tue.) — Clear and pleasant. Troops are moving ahead. we expect to go at 10 o’clock. Wrote to H. F. Boies. Marched about 9 miles within 2 miles of Kelly’s Ford. Rained most of the day.

Apr. 29 (Wed.) — Cloudy. Started after breakfast (and) went about a mile and unslung knapsacks and rest. Crossed the Rappahannock (River) a little before noon. Crossed the Rapidan (River) at sunset (and) camped. On guard.

Apr. 30 (Thur.) — Commenced raining in the night. Marched till about noon when we stopped to rest a while. Moved up to the Four Corners. (General) Siegel’s troops are a passing all day.

May 1 (Fri.) — Clear and quite warm. Broke camp after breakfast. Our regiment skirmished within 2 miles of Falmouth , in sight of their works. A good deal of picketing firing. March all night.

May 2 (Sat.) — Clear and pleasant. Firing almost all day to our right. We built breastworks along our lines this evening. There is quite a battle to our right. Got a letter from home.

May 3 (Sun.) — Very warm today. We was relieved by Siegel’s Corps and removed to the center. General Barry killed. Heavy battle this forenoon. We took great many prisoners. Expect a midnight attack. One killed in Company A and one in Company D dangerously wounded. Woods set afire.

May 4 (Mon.) — Clear, some breeze. This forenoon it’s very warm. Expect an attack. The artillery are throwing up redoubts. Forenoon is spent in strengthening our works. About 5 o’clock our regiment was ordered to skirmish. 3 wounded. Whipple shot.

May 5 (Tue.) — Sun rose clear. Very sultry and hot today. We were startled twice in the night by the pickets firing. Our regiment skirmished through the woods. 3 wounded and one missing from our company. Hard storm.

May 6 (Wed.) — Rained all night. We got orders to be ready to move across the river by morning. Our brigade covered the retreat. We crossed about 7 o’clock. Got into camp about sundown.

May 7 (Thur.) — Cloudy. We crossed the river and marched into camp. Mud very deep. Rained in the afternoon. Very hard.

May 8 (Fri.) — Cloudy. Ordered to be ready to move at any moment. Wrote home. On guard at the sutlers.

May 9 (Sat.) — Clear and pleasant. Came off from guard this morning. Got two letters from home. Found 50 cents. We have no drill today.

May 10 (Sun.) — Very warm today. I went a swimming (in the) Potomac Creek. Wrote two letters. Wrote the Ambulance Corps. Inspection. We was mustered too.

May 11 (Mon.) — Very warm and sultry. Went down to the Division Commissary. At dress parade we presented the Colonel with a horse. Went in a swimming.

May 12 (Tue.) — Clear and very warm. We escorted the 14th N.Y. down to the railroad. The 14th went home. On detail after regimental inspection and dress parade.

May 13 (Wed.) — Clear and warm. We moved our tent and put up a new one. The 14ths recruits left the old camp to join the 12th. Drew soft tack.

May 14 (Thur.) — Rained in the night. Showers 3 or 4 times today. Very cool this evening and windy. Wrote to H. F. Boies and F. Duryee.

May 15 (Fri.) — Clear and Cool. We drill an hour in the manual of arms. Inspection and dress parade.

May 16 (Sat.) — Very windy today. We fixed up our camp with evergreens. Senator (Zachariah) Chandler visited our camp. On detail at (General) Griffin’s headquarters. (Got) letter and papers from home.

May 17 (Sun.) — Very hot and rained am. Wrote to J. Whitney. Got a letter from home. Sunday morning inspection and dress parade.

May 18 (Mon.) — Clear and pleasant. Bought a horn. Wrote home. Company drill at 10. Lieut. (Edward) Baldwin home on a furlough. Excused today on account of sickness. Inspection and dress parade.

May 19 (Tue.) — Clear and pleasant. Our Corps had a Grand Review by General Meade.

May 20 (Wed.) — Clear and pleasant. Our brigade went on picket today (with) Colonel Jeffords in command. All quiet along the lines.

May 21 (Thur.) — Clear and warm. Our company was relieved by Company D this morning. We built a brush house. I went in a swimming.

May 22 (Fri.) — Clear and war. I went in a swimming at sundown. Stayed inside my house about all day reading. Got a letter from home and papers. Practiced gymnastics.

May 23 (Sat.) — Clear and pleasant. We were relieved by some of (General) Sykes Division this forenoon. I got into camp about noon. The 24th Michigan band came up to our camp this evening.

May 24 (Sun.) — Clear and pleasant. Dr. French left here for home this morning. Company inspection. Dress parade.

May 25 (Mon.) — Lowery. Appearance of a storm. Am on detail to (General) Griffin’s headquarters. Police duty. Moved our camp onto the color line. Letter from H. F. Boies and F. Duryee.

May 26 (Tue.) — Lowery. We built a house big enough for 4 and moved into it. The day is spent in fixing up our camp. No dress parade tonight.

May 27 (Wed.) — Still cloudy. Governor Blair and his wife is here from Michigan. He made a speech. We signed the pay roll.

May 28 (Thur.) — Clear and warm. Am on guard. Our regiment was paid off.. Ordered to pack up. We marched to Hopewell Church between 4 o’clock and 9 pm.

May 29 (Fri.) — Clear. We started about 8 o’clock and marched to Kelley’s Ford. The 9th (Mass. Infantry) and the 62nd (Penn. Infantry) left and went to Ellesses Ford. Encamped.

May 30 (Sat.) — Some cloudy. Showers and windy. Guard mounting at 11. Wrote home. Got a letter from home and papers.

May 31 (Sun.) — Clear and cool. Our sutler came up this morning. The 3 right companies are detailed for picket. Our company is at the church. Myself and 5 others are on an outpost.

June 1 (Mon.) — Clear. We were relieved by some of the 62nd Penn. Inspection.

June 2 (Tue.) — Clear and warm. We built a new house. Went about a half mile and got some furniture. Went a fishing at the Rappahannock (River). Inspection.

June 3 (Wed.) — There was a shower in the night and one this afternoon. I went a fishing this evening. We got a paper today, the first that we have had in a week or more.

June 4 (Thur.) — Clear and warm. The three right companies went on picket this morning. Our company went to the church. Myself and 2 others went on a scout (and) was gone about 4 hours. Looks like rain.

June 5 (Fri.) — Cloudy, looks like rain. We were relieved by some of the 62nd (Penn. Infantry). Went in a swimming. Wrote home. Bought a shirt, price $3.00 . Inspection. Letter from H. F. Boies.

June 6 (Sat.) — Clear and pleasant. The adjutant came from Washington today. Wrote at W. F. Duryee and H. F. Boies.

June 7 (Sun) — Clear. I am on guard. I got a letter and paper from home. Our company went on picket at roll call 8 pm. Ordered to be ready to move at a moments notice.

June 8 (Mon.) — Clear and rather cool. Our chaplain started for Stoneman’s Switch this morning and was wounded by guerrillas. He had a sum of $6000 with him but did not lose it. A battery came up here tonight. Our company went on picket.

June 9 (Tue.) — Clear and pleasant. Some cavalry and infantry crossed the river here (at) Kelley’s Ford, this morning at daybreak, drove in the enemies pickets and captured a large number of prisoners. Our company was relieved. Wrote to W. (William) H. Terpening.

June 10 (Wed.) — Clear and warm. Am on detail to work at the ford building redoubts for the cannon. The rebel pickets are across the river. Saw a company of their cavalry about 2 o’clock. Orders to be ready to march at a moments notice (with) 3 days rations.

June 11 (Thur.) — Cloudy. More cannon advancing toward Culpepper.

June 12 (Fri.) — Clear, very warm and sultry. Companies A, D, and I went on picket. Went off sketching in the afternoon.

June 13 (Sat.) — Clear and sultry. Clouded up and commenced raining about 5 o’clock. We got orders to pack up. Struck tents and marched to morrisville. We got there about 11 o’clock. Stopped for the night.

June 14 (Sun.) — Cloudy. We packed up and started at 4 o’clock. I fell out. It cleared off and was very warm. We marched to W(West) Catletts Station and camped for the night. We had to go some 1 1/2 miles for water.

June 15 (Mon. ) — Clear and very warm. We packed up at 3 o’clock and started at 4. I fell out on account of sore feet. Caught up with the regiment at Manassas Junction. Camped over night. 9th Mass. (Inf.) on picket.

June 16 (Tue.) — Cloudy. We have to go a mile or more for water. We did not put up tents today. It is very warm and sultry and scarcely any air. our regiment went on picket and relieved the 9th Mass. (Inf.). 4 right companies on reserve.

June 17 (Wed.) — The sun rose clear. We got up at 4 o’clock (and) went back to where the rear of the brigade was and got breakfast. Marched at 8. Passed Centreville at 10 o’clock. I fell out of the ranks. Caught up at Green Springs at 9 o’clock.

June 18 (Thur.) — Clear and warm. We stayed here today to give the stragglers time to catch up. Looks like rain this afternoon. We put up a tent. Commenced to rain about sundown.

June 19 (Fri.) — Cloudy. We drew one days rations of fresh meat and other provisions. At about 3 o’clock we  packed up and marched to Aldie, about 5 miles, and stayed overnight. Rained this evening.

June 20 (Sat.) — Cloudy and rainy all day. I am on detail this afternoon to dig a sink. The 9th Mass. regiment went on picket this evening.

June 21 (Sun.) — Rainy. Our brigade was got up about 7 o’clock for light marching orders. We went about 6 miles . The 4 right companies went on picket. Our company and (Company) I were a reserve. The 10th Michigan (Inf.) skirmished. They drove the enemy to Ashbys Gap.

June 22 (Mon.) — Clear and cool. We were relieved by Company A. I went about 2 miles (and) saw a rebel officer that one of the 10th Mich. shot. Our men brought in some of the prisoners this morning. We fell back about 3 miles. We drew up in line of battle and stayed all night.

June 23 (Tue.) — Clear and warm. The nights are very cool. We packed up after breakfast and went into camp. We drew 3 days rations today. We packed up and went on picket about 5 o’clock. We picket to the rear. We are on picket by (President) James Monroe’s mansion.

June 24 (Wed.) — Pleasant. Our company are on the reserve. We are on guard today. We are relieved by the 20th Maine (Inf.). One regiment marched in with rails on their shoulders.

June 25 (Thur.) –Cloudy. Looks like rain. Some of the boys that was up to the hospital came back today from Aquia.

June 26 (Fri.) — Ordered to be ready to march at 8. Rained all day. Struck tents. Marched to Leesburg and got dinner. Started and went to Edwards Ferry, crossed and went about 3 miles. I fell out, stayed in the woods overnight.

June 27 (Sat.) — Lowery. I caught up with the regiment about 7 o’clock. Drew one days rations this morning. Packed up and marched. I fell out. Stopped to a house within 2 or 3 miles of the regiment.

June 28 (Sun.) — Caught up with the regiment about 10 o’clock. Camped within 2 or 3 miles of Frederick (Maryland). We got some mail today. One of the regulars was drummed out of camp.Our brigade went on picket. I got a letter.

June 29 (Mon.) — Cloudy and windy. Our regiment came in from picket, packed up, and marched by platoons through Frederick. Passed through Liberty at 6 o’clock. Went about 3 miles and camped. Rainy all day.

June 30 (Tue.) — We were got up at 4 o’clock and marched within 5 miles of the state line. I fell out, stopped at a house and got breakfast. Went about 10 miles, stopped at a house and got supper. Stayed overnight.

July 1 (Wed.) — Started for the regiment. Lowery. Came up with them after going about 8 miles. Camped about Small Town (Littlestown, Pa.). Packed up at 8 and marched to Hanover. On guard. Marched all night towards Gettysburg. (I) fell out.

July 2 (Thur.) — Cloudy. Started for the regiment. Stopped and got breakfast. Came up with the regiment about 7 am. Our regiment went into battle. I got wounded and taken prisoner by the 24th Georgia.

July 3 (Fri.) — Went into Gettysburg to a hospital at night. Stayed overnight. Rebels were withdrawing their forces.

July 4 (Sat.) — Our skirmishers drove the rebels out of Gettysburg. Left the town and went to the regiment. Stayed a couple of hours then went to the Division Hospital. Had two fingers amputated.

July 5 (Sun.) — Rained nearly all day. Our troops advanced.

July 6 (Mon.) — Rainy.

July 7 (Tue.) — Rainy.

July 8 (Wed.) — Left the Division Hospital for Gettysburg. The cars did not go out today. Went back to the town and stayed overnight.

July 9 (Thur.) — Cars left Gettysburg this morning. Got to Baltimore about 10 o’clock in the evening. Laid on the ground all night.

July 10 (Fri.) — Cars left Baltimore about 9 o’clock. Got to Philadelphia in the afternoon. Was taken to Summit House Hospital.

July 11 (Sat.) — Cloudy.

July 12 – Aug. 16, 1863 — No entries.

Aug. 17 (Mon.) — Clear and pleasant. The funeral of Hollinsworth was this afternoon. Quite cool this evening. Got a book at the Library. Title- Bleak House.

Aug. 18 (Tue.) — Very cool this morning. They sent some patients to their regiments this morning.



May 20 (Fri.) — Our band plays for the Knights of Pacar. The band received $20.00