Calvin Maloney

This letter was written by Calvin Maloney of the Reorganized Fourth Michigan, Co. F.

Hd. Quarters 4th Mich. Inf.
3rd Brig. 3rd Div. 4th A. C.
Near New Orleans
July 3rd, 1865

Dear Cousin and friends at home,

I received your letter dated 20th June, ‘65 and was sorry to hear of the accident that happened to John on his way home. I have just written a letter to Viola but shall not hesitate to answer yours. You have asked me some questions which I shall endeavor to answer in the following manner. He wrote a letter — so I am told — the day he died. If you have received it, the date will be May 30th and that is all I know about that. The last words he said…..he was asked how he felt, he answered [that] he had not felt so well since he enlisted as he did then. After he had written his letter, he went and laid down. He fell asleep and from that sleep he has never awakened. I did not see him the morning he died, but this is what I was told. When I arrived at the hospital, I found him laid out and awaiting for the hearse to take him to the Govt. burying ground at Nashville. I waited until noon but the hearse did not come. I then went to the city, engaged a hearse, and conveyed his body to the city and the Govt. undertaker agreed to send him home for $90.00 and I concluded that you would rather pay that than to leave him here on southern soil. The money that was taken from his possession by the surgeon was $6, and this was money that Andrew Walters lent him at the time of his death. At the time of his death he was owing Andrew Walters $11 [as] borrowed money. I paid the $6 to Andrew and that would leave $5 yet his due. That he must look to you for after he gets out of the service. His clothes I brought back to camp with me from the hospital. His clothes consisted of 1 pair boots, 1 or 2 shirts, pr. drawers, pr. pants and cap, [and a] pr. socks. His boots were sold by George Kelly for $10.00. His clothes were packed up by Andrew Walters in a box with Andrew’s things, and mine were in the same box. The box was sent home about the 12th of June as near as I can recollect. If it has not got home, it is by some delay on the route. I do not think of any more to write in regards to John.

I expect to leave tomorrow for the capitol of Texas. I do not think of anything more in particular to write at present, [but am] hoping to hear from you soon, and [from] all of the rest. Please write all of the news in regard to the war concerning Mexico and Texas. Please send me a late paper that has the most news in it in regards to this question.
No more at present. Write soon. If you have had a letter from Marvin, don’t fail to send it. I don’t expect to be home before fall. Tell Hymen that I am well and never enjoyed better health and wish I was there to help him harvest his wheat, for I feel tough enough to take up all he is able to lay down.

Direct your letter to 2nd Brig., 3rd Div., 4th A. C. via New Orleans, Co. F, 4th Mich. Inf.
No more at present from your cousin. Love to you and all inquiring friends.

Truly, — Calvin Malony

P. S. Don’t fail to write.