Wartime Documents

~ Commissions ~

Chester Comstock   7th Corporal, Co. D, 4th Michigan
Edwin H. Gilbert  1st Sergeant, Co. D, 4th Michigan

William H. Melville  3rd Sergeant, Co. C 4th Michigan

John M. Oliver   1st Lieutenant, Co. A, 4th Michigan

Harrison Herbert Jeffords   1st Lieutenant, Co. K and Captain, Co. C 4th Michigan

                                                  ~ Enlistment Forms~

Saxton's enlistment form

Byron Saxton’s enlistment form signed by Colonel Jarius Hall

~ Discharge Certificates ~

     ~ William Cauchie’s documents of Hancock’s Veteran Reserve Corp~

Rare Veteran’s Reserve Corps Account booklet belonging to William Cauchie


William Cauchie’s list of his comrades while serving in Company A,  8th Regiment of                                  Veteran Volunteers, (Hancock’s) First Army Corp


July 6, 1863 Company Equipage Inventory submitted by Lt. John Bancroft

Washtenaw County Soldier's Duty to Vote leaflet

 Scarce wartime leaflet encouraging Michigan soldiers from Washtenaw County to vote

~Military Pass~

As some men returned home from the front after being discharged or furloughed, they often required transportation passes from the Military Commanders Office. This particular pass, signed but unissued, would have provided a soldier a ride on a stage coach to take him to this destination, at the government’s expense. Railroad passes were also issued for the same purpose in many cases. Both examples are fairly scarce with the stagecoach pass more likely the rarer of the two.

1863 dated Michigan Stagecoach pass~

1863 dated stagecoach pass provided by the Military Commander’s Office in Michigan.

Newspaper Clippings Pertaining to the 4th Michigan Infantry