Edgar Sweetland

A four page letter written by Private Edgar Sweetland of Co. D. of the Re-Organized Fourth Michigan Infantry to his cousin Anna Grada.


Camp of the 4th Michigan Infantry, Co. D
Huntsville, Alabama
February 27, 1865

Cousin Anna,

It is but with pleasure that I this fine Sunday take the pleasure to address you in answer to your letter that was received without pain for but a day or two since it found me enjoying the best of health and  it gave me no pain to learn that you were all in the same happy condition.

Well cousin, I are not in the old post at Murfreesboro that I was in the last time I wrote you. No, we are not living on nothing for breakfast and warm it upper dinner and eat what is left cold for supper. No, that is not the way we are living. We are in first rate quarters now and we have all we want to eat of all sorts — fish, bacon or pork, soft bread, beans, coffee and sugar. In fact, we have all we can make way with and a good deal to sell. So you see we are living on Uncle Sam’s top shelf.

But the sour must go with the sweet. So we have  to drill about all the time. So you see that there is no place for the wicked. But I believe we have got enough. The prettiest camping grounds in this part of the country. Oh, I wish you could come down here and pay me a visit just to see how splendid we are situated. I think that you would go home satisfied that camp life was not the worst life in the world. But if you had been at Murfreesboro the time I was there, you would sing a different song.

But I have to bring my letter to a close. Please write as soon as you receive this and tell me all the news. I hope you will have that photograph taken by the time you receive this so that you can send me one. When you have some taken, you will send me one, won’t you? Come, say yes. Please do. You will, won’t you?

My respects to all inquiring. From your absent cousin, — Edgar

to Anna Grada

(please excuse mistakes and poor writing)

Address: Edgar Sweetland, Co. D, 4th Michigan Infantry, 3rd Brig., 3d Division, 4th Army Corps, Huntsville, Alabama (via Nashville)