Edwin H. Gilbert


CDV of E. H. Gilbert

Edwin H. Gilbert (1838-1866) of Ann Arbor, Michigan, enlisted in Co. D as first sergeant on 20 June 1861 at Adrian, age 22. Prior to enlistment, Edwin was a saddle and harness maker — a trade he learned from his father. He was commissioned a second lieutenant on 1 July 1862 and a first lieutenant on 26 November 1862. He assumed temporary command of the company from 14 December 1862 to March 1863 and again from June to November 1863. He also became the acting regimental quartermaster in November 1863. He assumed command of the company from January to May 1864 before mustering out at Detroit on 30 June 1864.

Edwin was the son of Norman Merrill Gilbert (1806-1872) and Elizabeth Wyman (1809-1888) of Sylvan, Washtenaw county, Michigan.