Enoch Davis

This diary is from the collection of the Museum of Fulton County, Ohio in Wauseon, Ohio, and is published here with their express consent.

Enoch Davis (1836-1864) enlisted on 20 June 1861 at Adrian, Lenawee County, Michigan, and was mustered into Co. B, 4th Michigan Infantry. He was killed in action at the Wilderness on 5 May 1864.

Enoch was the son of Charles Davis (1793-Aft1862) and Nancy Hutchings (1806-18xx) of Hicksville, Defiance county, Ohio. Enoch’s parents were both born in Maine. They were married in Noble county, Ohio in 1817. He had at least two brothers that were still living with his parents in Hicksville in 1860: Charles, Jr. (b. 1840) and Levi (b. 1841). Another brother, Benjamin (b. 1826), was a frequent correspondent during the war.



Written by Enoch Davis of the 4th Michigan Regiment in 1862 in his travels as a soldier; Enlisted 22nd day of May under James H. Cole in the town of Angola Steuben Co. Indiana.

Post Office Address: Charles Davis, Hicksville Rd., Defiance County, Ohio

[1862] Camp on Miners Hill


Monday, January the 6th 1862 — this morning the ground covered with snow. Regiment inactive.

Thursday, (Tuesday, January) 7th — today skirmish drill, both in the forenoon & after & a little whiskey at night. Shick hurt.

Wednesday; (January) 8 — Drilling all day heard heavy firing;

Thursday (January) 9th — Regiment inactive. Recived new guns. At night very rainy.

Friday (January) the 10th — Nothing done today. Very muddy. No news.

Saturday (January) 11th — Skirmish Drill all day. William Tenbrook returned to the company.

Sunday (January) the 12th — Co. Inspection. Heavy firing down the Potomac.

Monday (January) the 13th — Skirmish Drill all day.

Tuesday (January) the 14th — The Ground covered with snow. AM. Reg. inactive. PM. Battalion drill. Capt. Cole, Ret. as. Major.

Wednesday (January) 15th — quite cold. Regt. inactive.

Thursday (January) the 16th — drilling as usual. Heard heavy firing in the night.

Friday. (January) 17th — drilling as usual.

Saturday (January) 18th — Reg doing nothing.

Sunday: (January) 19th — Reg inactive. Rainey all day.

Monday (January) 20th. — Reg. inactive again. Rains again.

Thursday; (Tuesday, January) 21st — Still very rainy &very muddy. Reg. inactive. Cheering news from Kentucky & Missouri.

Wednesday (January) 22nd — Reg. inactive. Orders to pick up all such things as we can’t get in our knapsacks & march for Washington.

Thursday (January) 23rd — Seven Companies gone on picket.

Friday (January) 24th — Reg. inactive. Very muddy & cold.

Saturday, (January) 25th — Companies doing. Six companies on picket.

Sunday (January) 26th — Mud frozen up. Battalion Drill & inspection.

Monday (January) 27th — Received $26 US Pay about 9 oclock. P.M.

Tuesday (January) 28th — Regiment inactive.

Wednesday (January) 29th — J. E. written a letter & sent $5.00 to Father by T.D Jones.

Thursday (January) 30th — J.E.

Friday (January) 31st, — J.E.

Saturday, February 1st — J.E.

Sunday, (February) — 2nd company inspection. Received a letter from Benjamin & answered the the same.

Monday (February) 3rd — Snowing all day. Reg. inactive. Sick & went into the hospital.

Tuesday (February) 4th — Regiment inactive. Received a letter from MG, & answered the same in the hospital.

Wednesday (February) 5th — Regiment shooting at Targets. Morning dress Parade, & I Sick with…

Thursday (February) 6th — Rainy all day. Reg. inactive. On the 5th, a skirmish between the 14th N.Y. & Rebels.

Friday (February) 7th — I come out of the hospital & received a letter from home. Reg. shooting at targets. Pretty muddy.

Saturday, (February) 8th — morning dress parade. Answered a letter to Father. Reg inactive, Co. shooting at target. A dance in the ally at night. Answered a letter to Easlick.

Sunday (February) 9th — Battalion drill & inspection. Weather pleasant. Evening dress parade & a dance at night.

Monday, (February) 10th — Battalion drill & morning dress parade. Shooting at target. A dance in the daytime. Sent a paper & letter home.

Tuesday (February) 11th — Morning dress parade. Battalion drill. Snowing this evening. Bailey & Stone had a small battle. The boys raising thunder generally.

Wednesday (February) 12th — Fisher put in the guard house. Co. drill. Bayonet Exercise. Received a letter from Charles W.

Thursday (February) 13th — Answered a letter to Charles W. Sent a paper to Father. Cos. shooting at target. Very warm.

Friday (February) 14th — the Regiment went to Vienna on a scout & saw nothing.

Saturday (February) 15th — morning dress parade. Ground covered with snow & still snowing. Received a letter from Ben & answered the same.

Sunday (February) 16th — Reg. or 6 co. on picket. Cold & ground covered with snow.

Monday, (February) 17th — on picket & raining all day & cold. Lots of fun on the straw.

Tuesday (February) 18th — Returned from picket & muddy as thunder. Received a letter from Mary L.

Wednesday (February) 19th — Started a letter to N.Y. & sent a letter to Mary L. & a paper to Ben. Raining all day. Reg inactive. Muddy as thunder.

Thursday (February) 20th — Clear & windy. Reg. inactive. Received a letter from home. Evening dress parade. Still muddy.

Friday (February) 21st — Bayonet Exercise. Today very pleasant. Sent a letter & paper to Father. Still muddy. Evening dress parade.

Saturday (February) 22nd — formed a hollow square on the collar Street & heard a speech or too. Then three cheers for Gen. Washington’s birthday.

Sunday (February) 23rd — Co. inspection. Reg. inactive. Everything very still. Nothing new.

Monday (February) 24th — Reg. inactive. Wind blowing very hard. The tents blown to the ground. The wind blowed all night.

Tuesday (February) 25th — Reg inactive. Evening dress parade. A flag presented to Gen’l Morell. A dance at night. Warm & nice.

Wednesday (February) 26th — Dress Parade & Battalion drill A.M. Rainy. Reg. inactive P.M. Wrote & sent a letter to Miss Kaffman & a paper to Levi.

Thursday (February) 27th — Received a letter from M. L. & answered the same. Orders to pack up for a march. Very pleasant. Some wind. Battalion drill & dress parade P.M.

Friday (February) 28th — Mustered in for pay. Some wind. No drill. Everything still. No news. Received a gold pen.

Saturday March 1st — Received new tents. Windy as thunder. Reg. inactive A.M. Battalion drill + dress parade P.M. Received a letter from Ben. Dance at night.

Sunday (March) 2nd — Co. inspection. Looks like falling weather. Snowing some. Ground covered with snow. Sent a letter to Ben.

Monday; (March) 3rd — Storming all day. Muddy as thunder. Reg inactive. Sent a letter to M. L.

Tuesday (March) 4th — Reg. inactive A.M. Dress Parade. Wrote a letter to Levi & sent it & one to Daniel.

Wednesday (March) 5th — Skirmish & Bayonet Exercise, Dress Parade. Still pretty warm. A dance in the ally.

Thursday (March) 6th — J.E.

Friday (March) 7th — Some drill of all kinds. Little wind. Dress Parade. Received a letter from Mary L.

Saturday (March) 8th — Reg. inactive. Dress Parade. Very cloudy. Not much going on in camp.

Sunday (March) 9th — Reveille at 4 o’clock. Started at 6. Marched 6 miles. Some picket firing. Started & marched 2 miles after dark.

Monday (March) 10th — Marched back to camp. Rainy all the time. Got our duds & started again & marched 6 miles & camped in the woods.

Tuesday (March) 11th — Up at 3 o’clock & ready. Started at daybreak. Heard that Bull Run & Manassas was evacuated. Battalion drill at Fairfax C. H.

Wednesday (March) 12th — Battalion drill. Gen’l dress parade. Loud cheering for Gen’l. McClellan.

Thursday (March) 13th — Some rain. Still at Fairfax C. H. Battalion drill. Shaved $5 bill of Spooney.

Friday (March) 14th — J. E.

Saturday (March) 15th — Reveille at 4 o’clock. Started at daybreak & marched to Clouds Mill.

Sunday (March) 16th — Still at Clouds Mill. Co. inspection. Guns pretty rusty. Had a snifter of whiskey.

Monday (March) 17th — Marched 80 rods & camped in the grubs in camp starvation. Orders to march in the morning.

Tuesday (March) 18th — Cheering news from Island No. 10. It is taken. The weather is pleasant. Wrote to Father.

Wednesday (March) 19th — Still in the woods. Pleasant weather. Received a letter from Charles W.

Thursday (March) 20th — answered the same. Rainey as usual. In the 64th N. Y. tents.

Friday (March) 21st — Received 3 letters — one [each] from Daniel & Ben & Mary Dotts & went on board of the Daniel Webster.

Saturday (March) 22nd — Started 10 0’clock down the Potomac. Saw some of the Rebel’s forts. Rained some in the morning.

Sunday. (March) 23rd — anchored at 11 o’clock in night & started at 3 in the morning. Struck the Chesapeake Bay about 4 o’clock.

Monday (March) 24th — landed at Fortress Monroe at 12 o’clock & marched 3 miles & camped on a clover field.

Tuesday (March) 25th — Packed up & marched 2 miles & camped near the Rebels pickets. 2 of the N. Y. boys taken prisoners.

Wednesday (March) 26th — On picket. Lots of fun. Snowed a little. 3 miles from the fort. No news.

Thursday (March) 27th — our Division made an reconnoissance towards Big Bethel & us boys running over the country to see what we can see.

Friday (March) 28th — in camp Spooney. Battalion drill, dress parade. Nothing new.

Saturday (March) 29th — in the same camp. Raining some. Shick got tight & got hurt.

Sunday, (March) 30th — in the same camp. Rainy all day. No news. Received a letter from home.

Monday (March) 31st — J. E.

Thursday April 1st — Sent a letter home in the same camp

Wednesday (April) 2nd — in camp Spooney. Very cold on guard. The countersign [is] “Kansas.”

Thursday (April) 3rd — in the same camp. Orders to march. Warm as spring. 4 companies on picket.

Friday (April) 4th — marched 20 miles & run the enemy out of their strong holes & took 2 prisoners.

Saturday, (April) 5th — Started at sunrise & marched 4 miles & come in sight of the Rebels fortifications. Some firing just then commenced.

Sunday (April) 6th — Everything very still. Pleasant & warm. Laying in sight of the Rebels’ Batteries.

Monday, (April) 7th — within one mile of the enemy fort. Some fighting. Capt. Spalding wounded in the arm.

Tuesday, (April) 8th — Raining all day & night. On guard. All still on both sides. We drove in 19 head of cattle.

Wednesday (April) 9th — Some fighting all day. Received 2 letters — one from Ben & one from M. L. Marched about 3 miles & stopped in a peach orchard. Rained all day.

Thursday (April) 10th — in the peach orchard. Snowing some. Turned off nice & clear. Some fighting. No news.

Friday, (April) 11th — Very pleasant. Cold at night. On guard. Some fighting with artillery. Wrote 2 letters — one to Ben & one to M. L.

Saturday (April) 12 — J.E.

Sunday (April) 13th — Some fighting all day. Nice & warm. No news. In the same camp. On loaded ammunition.

Monday, (April) 14th — Some fighting by the gunboats. Working on the road. Making pontoons bridges.

Tuesday (April) 15th — Some fighting. Co. drill, inspection, & dress parade. Warm & nice.

Wednesday (April) 16th — heavy firing on our left flank till noon. About one commenced again.

Thursday (April) 17th — firing all night. On guard. Hot as thunder. All still till dark.

Friday (April) 18th — on piquet duty. Some heavy firing. Warm & nice.

Saturday (April) 19th — Capt. Wood shot through the bowels & died through an accident on picket. Joseph Springsted started home.

Sunday (April) 20th — Rainy last night. Charles Shick started home. Wrote a letter to Charles W.

Monday (April) 21st — Rainy all day. Working the entrenchments. Some firing on picket. I am as wet as thunder. Reg. inactive.

Tuesday (April) 22nd — I am sick today. Some firing. Inspection & dress parade. Details for work.

Wednesday (April) 23rd — All still on both sides. Warm & nice.  J. E.

Thursday (April) 24th — working all last night on our breastworks.

Friday (April) 25th — Rainy still. Details still at work. Some sick.

Saturday (April) 26th — Some rain. Reg. inactive.

Sunday (April) 27th — on picket. Some firing. Sandford Morse caught asleep on post.

Monday (April) 28th — Signed the pay roll & received $26. U. S. pay about. 10 o’clock. Warm & nice.

Tuesday (April) 29th — working on our entrenchments. The enemy throwing shell at us all day at Yorktown.

Wednesday (April) 30th — mustered in for pay. Rained most all day. Some firing. Good news from New Orleans.

Thursday, May 1st — the first time I ever saw Yorktown was working on the breastworks. They are throwing shells at us.

Friday (May) 2nd — heavy firing all day but no damage done on our side. Detailed & sent to Shipping Point.

Saturday (May) 3rd — on a boat to work. Pleasant & warm. No excitement. All still. Some firing through the night.

Sunday (May) 4th — Evacuation of Yorktown. Heavy firing above Yorktown. Reported 9,000 prisoners taken.

Monday (May) 5th — heavy firing all day up near Williamsburg. Rallied out in the rain.

Tuesday (May) 6th — all still today. Loud cheering tonight. No news as I have heard.

Wednesday, (May) 7th — all still. No news. Orders to march, pack up & be ready. I wrote a letter to M. L.

Thursday (May) 8th — Started ½ past 12 o’clock in the night & marched to Yorktown. We embarked on the Vanderbilt about one o’clock the next day on York River.

Friday (May) 9th — Landed at West Point on a nice field.  31 soldiers buried that was shot in the battle.

Saturday (May) 10th — all still. On picket. Most awful hot. Returned from picket. Orders to march. No news of importance.

Sunday (May) 11th — warm & nice. 2 inspections. No news. I am not very well. Reg. inactive.

Monday (May) 12 — Co. Drill. Orders to march [with] three days rations in our haversacks. Lieutenant T. J. arrested.

Thursday (May) 13th — up at 3 o’clock & started at sunrise & marched 12 miles. Hot & dusty. Went through Slatersville & camped in a field.

Wednesday (May) 14th — orders to pack up & be ready to march. Camped at Cumberland Landing. Took some prisoners.

Thursday (May) 15th — orders to pack up & strike our tents. It has rained all day. We are as wet as rats.

Friday (May) 16th — started at sunrise & marched all day & only went 5 miles. The road awful muddy. On guard.

Saturday (May) 17th — camped in a field. Nice & warm. No news. Inspection of arms. Sent a letter to Benjamin. Nothing to eat hardly.

Sunday (May) 18th — in the same camp. Orders to march in the morning. Dress parade & inspection.

Monday (May) 19th — Packed at sunrise & on the march to the. Gen headquarters to guard the teems. Marched 5 miles & camped on the railroad.

Tuesday, (May) 20th — Co. drill. Sent a letter to Father. No news. Orders to march in the morning at 4 o’clock.

Wednesday, (May) 21st — Reveille at 3 o’clock. Looks like rain. Clear & nice in the afternoon. Marched 5 miles & camped in a big field.

Thursday (May) 22nd — Orders to march again. Up at daybreak. Started 7 o’clock & went 8 miles. Some rain. Camped in the field surrounded with woods.

Friday (May) 23rd — in the same camp. Reg. inactive. Dress Parade. Some fighting out ahead. Fisher got court marshaled.

Saturday, (May) 24th — We started on a scout. Run onto the enemy & killed 107, wounded 15, & took 23 prisoners. Our loss 2 killed & 6 wounded.

Sunday (May) 25th — in the same camp. Nice & warm. I attended a burying [of] 2 [soldiers] —  Piper & Drake — both was killed in a skirmish. Reg. turned out with the escort. We had preaching.

Monday, (May) 26th — up at 5 o’clock. Marched one mile & camped on a big field. Rained all day. No news. Dress Parade.

Tuesday (May) 27th — Started at sunrise & marched 20 miles near Hanover Station where we had a fight. Loss on each side about 150 killed, wounded, & missing & we took about 500 prisoners.

Wednesday (May) 28th — Encamped 5 miles from Hanover Station on the battlefield. 7 miles from Richmond.

Thursday (May) 29th — orders to march back to camp. Started at 3 o’clock P.M. & got there at 2 o’clock in the morning. Dark as pitch.

Friday (May) 30th — in the same camp near the mill. Heavy thunder & lightning. Strong wind. A hard rain. 2 killed by lightning.

Saturday (May) 31st — heavy firing on our left. Received a letter from Bixler & answered the same.

Sunday July [June] 1st — orders to march [with] three days rations in our haversacks. Marched 2 miles & back. Some fighting on our left.

Monday (June) 2nd — on picket. All still along the lines. Once in a while a shell comes over. Heavy thunder & lightning through the night.

Tuesday (June) 3rd — Come from picket. A full hot in the forenoon. Rain [in] P.M.

Wednesday (June) 4th — Showery all day. No news as I have heard. Reg. inactive.

Thursday (June) 5th — Received $26 U.S. pay. It come good. Clear & nice. No news.

Friday (June) 6th — Reg. inactive.

Saturday (June) 7th — Rainy all day. Reg. inactive.

Sunday (June) 8th — Regiment on guard at New Bridge. Some firing.

Monday (June) 9th — Returned from guard. Had a Gen’l revew by a Spanish Gen’l. Prim.

Tuesday (June) 10th — Rainy all day. Reg. inactive. No news.

Wednesday (June) 11th — Wrote a letter to Benjamin. Co. drill.

Thursday (June) 12th — Warm & nice. Co. drill. All still.

Friday (June) 13th — On picket. Attacked on our right. Working all night in the water & found 12 dead men — Rebels.

Saturday (June) 14th — hot as thunder. Done more chopping on the river. Got pretty tight. Reg. on picket.

Sunday (June) 15th — hot as thunder P.M. Some rain. No news. Reg. inactive.
Monday (June) 16th — Everything still. Fixed up our tents. Reg. inactive.

Tuesday (June) 17th — Went on picket duty & got a letter from Rix.

Wednesday (June) 18th — Battalion drill. Warm & dusty.

Thursday (June) 19th — Some cannonading along the river. Battalion drill & inspection.

Friday (June) 20th — Heavy firing along the river. Brigade drill. No news in the papers.

Saturday (June) 21st — All still on both sides. Brigade drill. No news as I can hear. Inspection.

Sunday (June) 22nd — Went on picket. All still around New Bridge.

Monday (June) 23rd — Returned from picket. Some rain. Inspection. Some firing near the bridge.

Tuesday (June) 24th — Some rain & wind. Received a letter from home. No news. Inspection.

Wednesday (June) 25th — Heavy firing along the lines. Battalion drill.

Thursday (June) 26th — Orders to march. Went about 3 miles & had a fight near Mechanicsville & held the enemy at bay.

Friday (June) 27th — Started back near where we was encamped & drawn up into a line of battle & had another fight — & a big one too.

Saturday, (June) 28th — Orders to march again towards James River. Went about 10 miles & camped on a hill at White Oak Swamp.

Sunday (June) 29th — Started at sunrise & marched all night & come near to the river.

Monday (June) 30th — An awful battle fought today with our rear guard & drove the enemy.

Tuesday July 1st — another hard fight fought today & we whipped the enemy bad. This battle was fought near Malvern’s Hill.

Wednesday (July) 2nd — Marched all the time & the enemy is after us.

Thursday (July) 3rd — The enemy came up & then made themselves back again & our army after them.

Friday (July) 4th — Very dull today. Some cheering. Shots on the James River.

Saturday (July) 5th — Co. inspection. [Received] two letters —  one from Benjmin & Father.

Sunday (July) 6th — in the same camp. Reg. inactive.

Monday, (July) 7th — Received a letter from Charles W.

Tuesday (July) 8th — Reg. inactive. No news.

Wednesday (July) 9th — Reg. inactive. No news. I saw the monitor today.

Thursday (July) 10th — News of a battle at White Oak Swamp.

Friday (July) 11th — Camped on James River. Co. inspection. Muddy.

Saturday (July) 12th — Cheering for Gen’l. McClellan as he rode by Regimental Inspection.