George Purdy

This letter was written by Abraham Purdy — the father of Pvt. George Purdy of the 4th Michigan Infantry. He wrote the letter to John M. Bancroft. No images of the letter are available at this time.

Marathon, Michigan
July 27th, 1863

Mr. John M. Bancroft,

Yours of the 16th brings painful tidings to my heart —  a great loss to me and family. But when I consider the cause in which my son was engaged, I forbear to grieve and hope a speedy success to all the brave [men] who are engaged in the defense of our glorious old flag, that you may soon return to our happy homes to enjoy the society of your friends at home.

Mr. Bancroft,

Having all confidence in you I wish you to grant me a favor — that is, to ascertain the effects my son had about him when he fell. He has written to me the 5th of June that he had lent money to one of the Sergeants and had his note for twenty dollars to be paid the 10th day of this month. He did not give his name. If you will be so good as to look up those matters and settle them up, and his back pay, and take pay for your trouble out of the same, and [then] send [the] balance to me, you will oblige.

Yours with respect, — Abraham Purdy
Marathon, Lapeer Co., Michigan