James H. Woodrow

James H. Woodrow enlisted in Co. G of the Reorganized Fourth Michigan Infantry on September 13, 1864, at Attica, Michigan. He was promoted to Corporal on October 8, 1864. He died at Cairo, Illinois on Nov. 15, 1865.

This letter is preserved in the pension files of the National Archives.

Green Lake, Texas
September 10th 1865

Dear Mother,

I now take the pleasure to inform you that I am well at present and hope these few lines may find you the same. We expect to leave this place in the morning if nothing happens and I am glad of it for we have been here long enough to suit me. We are going to Victory [Texas] — about 25 miles — and then I suppose we will go from there to San Antonio and I don’t know how far that is but I guess  that will be far enough by the time we get there.

The boys are all well now. There is some prospect of our getting some pay in a short time. If we do, I don’t think that I will send any home for there is no express in this country and I don’t like to risk it by mail. If I do get some, it would come very acceptable just now for we can get plenty of milk and butter here if we have the money and you know that milk is what Jim likes. But I don’t think much of Texican butter for the warm weather makes it rather soft. And then — besides — I think that the negro wenches make it and then you know they are rather strong to smell now.

I have had my dinner and I will try and finish my letter. There is not much to write about — only Lowery has been sick. He has gone to the hospital and you must not expect any letters from him for he is not able to write just now. And tell the rest of the folks that he has been writing to for they may think that he is dead or mad. I shall see him when we get to Victory if nothing happens.

Well now, mother, I will tell you what I want you to do for me if you can get it. I want you to send me some medicine for the diarrhea for the doctors has nothing here that will do me any good and it troubles me a great deal. I think you will do the best to get it from Dr. Jackson in Lapeer. Send it as soon as you get this letter for I should like as soon as possible for it may get worse on me. I have not had it much yet but it is getting rather bad in camp now.

Well now, I can’t think of any more to write this time so I will close by saying goodbye for this time. Write soon as you get this. Direct the same as before.

Give my respects to all enquiring friends.