Original Regimental Roster Last Names A-B

Abbott, Henry H.              Co. E      (Died 1874)

Abbott, James G.             Co. K       (1840-1862)            Died of disease

Abbott, Oscar B.               Co. E       (1845-1921)            Also served 11th Mich. Cavalry

Abbott, Webster H.        Co. E       (1840-1921)

Abrahamskie, Paul          Co. G      (Died 1864)             WIA Wilderness, Va.

Ackley, John T.                  Co. F       (1838-1862)            WIA Malvern Hill

Adair, James H.                 Co. B       (1837-1901)

Adams, John Quincy       Co. A      (Died 1910)             Also served 15th Mich. Inf.

Adams, William C.            Co. D      (1837-1923)

Aesenhuth, August         Co. G      (1844-1901)

Ainsley, George W.         Co. C       (1836-1925)

Ainsworth, Riley N.         Co. E       (1840-1864)

Akers, George W.            Co. C       (Died 1873)             Death result of gunshot wound in war

Alban, William K.              Co. I

Albion, James R.               Co. B       (Born 1835)

Alchin, Frederick              Co. D      (1836-1930)

Alden, Buckley A.             Co. Ind.  (1848-1891)            Also served 1st Mich Inf &                                                                                                                    Re-org 4th Mich Inf.

Alden, John Alanson       Co. H      (1839-1905)            Also served 1st Mich Inf &                                                                                                                     Re-org 4th Mich Inf.

Alden, Samuel J.               Co. Ind.  (1844-1864)            Died of Disease;                                                                                                                                        also served 1st Mich. Inf.

Aldrich, Eugene S.            Co. B       (1842-1926)            Also served 44th Indiana Inf.

Aldrich, Stephen H.         Co. D      (1839-1924)            Also served 1st Rhode Island

Alexander, William          Co. H      (1834-1913)            Died of heart disease

Allen, Charles E.                Co. K       (1843-1914)            Also served 1st Mich Inf &                                                                                                                     Re-org 4th Mich Inf.

Allen, Charles Henry       Co. B       (1840-1922)

Allen, Delzon C.                Co. E       (1842-1912)            Also served 8th & 11th Mich. Cavalry

Allen, Edwin K.                  Co. B

Allen, Jerome                    Co. G

Allen, Jesse I.                     Co. G

Allen, Leuel                        Co. G      (Died 1862)             WIA Gaine’s Mill, Va.

Allen, Linden H.                Co. H      (1843-1937)            Also served 9th Mich. Cavalry

Allen, Tristram C.              Co. G

Allen, William H.               Co. I        (1841-1927)            Died of cerebral hemorrhage

Allison, John M.                Co. G      (Died 1861)             Died of disease

Anderson, Allen               Co. H     (1842-1892)             Also served 11th Mich. Inf.

Anderson, Findlatur C.   Co. C                                        Also served U.S. Navy

Anderson, John F.           Co. D      (Died 1862)             KIA Miner’s Hill, Va.

Anderson, James R.        Co. G      (1839-1918)            Also served 24th Michigan

Andrews, Charles L.        Co. D      (1839-1924)            Also served 2nd U.S. Cavalry

Andrews, John                  Co. C       (Died 1862)            WIA Malvern Hill 7/1/1862

Andrews John F.              Co. D

Ansel, Henry I.                  Co. A      (Died 1889(?))

Armstrong, George         Co. ?       (Born 1846)

Ashmore, Obed S.           Co. H      (1842-1918)

Atkinson, Theodore P.   Co. B       (Died 1862)             KIA Gaine’s Mill, Va.

Austin, Albert                    Co. K       (1840-1918)       aka Chapman, Andrew A.; Also                                                                                                            served 5th U.S. Art & 19th N.Y. Cavalry

Austin, Charles F.             Co. A      (1839-1862)            KIA Malvern Hill, Va.

Austin, Lorenzo Dow      Band       (1817-1897)            Also served 129th Indiana

Avery, Burgess M.           Co. G      (Died 1861)             Died of Disease

Avery, Elroy McK.            Co. A      (1844-1935)            Also served 11th Mich. Cavalry

Avery, James E.                Co. B       (1832-1911)


Bacon, Reuben C.            Co. D     (1837-1864)              Died of chronic diarrhea

Bacon, William J.               Co. F                                     Died of chronic diarrhea

Baetz, Charles                   Band      (1836-1907)          Also served 128th Ohio Infantry

Bailey, Albert                     Co. F

Bailey, Israel                       Co. K      (1811-1880)              Died of Bright’s disease

Bailey, Jared Bradley      Co. B      (1839-1917)

Bailey, Thomas                  Co. I       (Born 1819)

Bailey, William H.              Co. K      (Died 1916)

Baily, Isaac                          Co. B      (Died 1862)               KIA Gaine’s Mills, Va.

Baker, Albert                     Co. H     (Died 1862)

Baker, Alvah                       Co. Ind. (Died 1864)               Died of disease;                                                                                                                                       Also served 1st Mich. Inf.

Baker, John Fremont      Co. A     (183601909)

Baker, Lewis                       Co. F

Baker, Moses William     Co. K      (1837-1914)

Baker, Newel E.                Co. A     (Died 1914)               Also served 15th Mich. Infantry

Baker, Perry                       Co. A     (Died 1862)               WIA Gaine’s Mill, Va.

Baker, Ransom                  Co. Ind. (Died 1864)               Died of typhoid fever

Baker, William F.               Co. B      (1847-1894)              Also served 129th Indiana

Balcom, William Riley      Co. F      (1943-1914)              Also served 3rd & 22nd Wisc. Inf.

Baldinger, Theodore       Band      (1837-1901)              Also served 107th & 25th Ohio

Baldwin, Edward S.          Staff      (1838-1890)

Ball, Allen John                  Co. F      (Died 1888)

Bancroft, John Milton    Co. I       (1838-1918)

Bardwell, George W.      Co. D     (1835-1923)

Barhydt, James H.            Co. H                                           MIA Malvern Hill, Va

Barker, Augustus K.        Co. E      (1842-1933)              Also served 1st U.S. Cavalry

Barlow, Charles H.           Co. K      (1840-1890)

Barnes, Dexter Charles  Co. B      (1830-1896)              Also served 17th Mich. Inf.

Barnes, Henry Alonzo    Co. F      (1841-1917)              Also served 1st Mich. Inf.

Barnes, Joel H.                  Co. K      (1835-1909)

Barnes, Lewis                    Co. B      (Died 1862)               KIA Gaine’s Mill, Va.

Barnes, Luke Peaslee     Co. C      (1840-1922)

Barrett, Charles Henry   Co. G     (1843-1927)              Also served 1st Mich. Inf &                                                                                                                    Re-Org 4th Mich. Inf.

Barrett, Orvey S.              Co. B      (1832-1892)

Bartlett, John                     Co. D     (1815-1867)

Baryan, Lorenzo               Co. K

Bassett, Almon S.             Co. Ind. (Died 1923)             Also served 1st Mich. Inf &                                                                                                                   Re-Org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Bates, Charles                   Co. B                                       Also served 68th Ohio Infantry

Bates, Charles                   Band

Bates, Ezra                          Co. I       (1837-1862)           KIA Mechanicsville, Va.

Bates, Gordon                   Co. C      (1840-1867)

Bates, Henry C.                 Co. K      (1837-1920)              Also served U.S. Navy

Battey, William F.             Co. B      (Born 1838)

Bauer, Anton                     Co. D     (1831-1907)

Baumiester, John B.        Band      (1818-1899)

Beach, Edward E.             Co. D     (1838-1909)

Beach, Wallace F.             Co. F      (Died 1905)               Also served 1st Mich. Infantry

Beal, Henry E.                    Co. C      (Died 1893)

Beam, Henry O.                Co. Ind. (1845-1865)            Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                   Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Beaman, George W.       Co. A

Bearse, Joseph                 Co. B      (Died 1896)

Beasom, George M.       Co. F      (1842-1912)              Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                  Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Becker, Wilson                  Co. C      (Died 1862)           KIA Fredericksburg, Va.

Beckley, Guy                      Co. D     (1830-1893)           May have also served 20th Mich. Inf.

Beebe, Corwin H.             Co. H     (1840-1875)

Beebe, Darwin E.             Co. H     (Died 1920)               Also served 14th Battery Mich.

Beebe, George E.            Co. E

Beers, Jeptha W.              Co. G     (1820-1862)              WIA Gaine’s Mill, Va.

Bellows, Alonzo Co.        Co. B      (Died 1898)

Bender, David                   Co. B      (1839-1919)

Benderitter, Frank           Co. A     (1843-1923)

Benett, Alexander C.      Co. H     (Died 1863)

Benett, George H.           Co. H     (Died 1862)            KIA Malvern Hill, Va.

Bennett, William              Co. K      (1844-1902)         Also served 1st Mich. Inf. & 5th U.S. Art.

Benney, Samuel               Band

Bensler, Jacob                   Co. D     (Died 1914)            Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                  Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Benson, Adelbert            Co. A     (1842-1863)              KIA Gettysburg, Pa.

Bentley, Jonathon           Co. B      (1838-1889)

Berger, Amos                    Co. B

Berger, Samuel                 Co. Ind. (check???               Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                   Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Besemer, Charles B.       Co. D     (1830-1878)

Besinger, Antone             Co. G

Best, Benjamin                 Co. E      (Died 1864)               WIA Wilderness, Va.

Bidwell, John E.                 Co. D

Bidwell, John E.                 Co. D     (1836-1888)

Billings, Edgar M.              Co. A     (1834-1892)

Billsen, John William       Co. K      (Died 1919)               Also served 1st U.S. Lancers Mich.

Billson, Henry                    Co. K      (1837-1862)              Died of disease

Billson, William                  Co. K

Bing, John                           Co. F

Bingham, James H.          Co. Ind. (1847-1874)              Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                  Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Bird, James M.                  Co. C      (Born 1836)             Died from typhoid fever as POW                                                                                                        in Richmond, Va.

Bird, William R.                  Co. E      (1839-1910)

Birdsall, Charles S.            Co. H     (Born 1822)

Birge, William H.               Co. E      (1839-1920)

Bisbee, Charles E.            Co. A     (1842-1880)              May have also served 15th Mich. Inf.

Bisonette, Samuel           Co. A     (1830-1863)              KIA Gettysburg, Pa.

Bissell, Henry                     Co. G     (1840-1930)

Bissell, Joseph A.              Co. Ind. (Died 1882)

Bixler, Frank Miles           Co. B      (1839-1907)

Blanchard, William H.      Co. C      (1842-1921)

Blankman, George          Co. K

Blatchley, Truman R.       Co. H     (Died 1862)               KIA Malvern Hill, Va.

Bliss, Edmund                    Co. D     (1842-1897)

Blodgett, Worster            Co. K      (1831-1909)

Blowers, Martin A.          Co. F      (1836-1918)

Boag, Andrew                   Co. F

Boid, James .                      Co. F      (Died 1863)               Died in prison.

Boies, Albert H.                 Co. F      (184-1930)

Bolles, George W.            Co. E      (1829-1917)

Bolles, Seth                        (Co. E    (1837-1914)              Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                   Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Bond, Stephen C.             Co. Ind. (1839-1864)              Died of disease

Bone, Christian N.            Co. F      (Died 1900)

Boothby, Henry                Co. K

Boothe, George W.         Co. Ind. (1838-1867)

Boothe, Wesley                Co. B

Bostwick, Charles             Co. K

Boucher, Caleb T.             Co. K      (1843-1890)          Also served 14th Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                               16th Illinois Inf.

Bovee, David F.                 Co. K                                     MIA Weldon R.R. Va.; Also served 1st                                                                                                 Mich. Inf. & Re-org 4th Mich. Inf.

Bowen, Adna H.               Co. A     (1842-1917)           Also served 6 USCC, 15th Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                11th Mich. Cavalry

Bowen, George W.         Hosp.    (1838-1908)            Also served 16th Mich. Inf. & USCC

Boyd, Thomas W.             Co. D     (1844-1907)          Also served 4th U.S. Artillery

Boyle, Charles                   Co. A     (1812-1880)          May have also served 9th Mich. Cavalry

Boyles, John                       Co. H

Bradford, George W.      Co. A     (Died 1888)

Bradley, William Foster  Co. G     (Died 1889)

Bradock, Harry B.             Co. F                                    aka Brodock, Harry B.

Braman, William               Co. C      (1837-1898)

Breen, William P.              Co. I       (Born 1840)

Brewster, George L.       Co. E      (1835-1896)

Briggs, Darius H.                Co. H     (1836-1910)

Briggs, William W.            Co. H     (1840-1925)

Brigham, Jucian V.           Co. C                                     aka Brigham, Lucien

Brimmingstoll, Horace    Co. A     (1843-1925)

Brink, Joseph                     Co. H     (1843-1863)         KIA Gettysburg, Pa.

Bristol, William T.              Co. E      (1836-1910)

Britton, William H.            Co. B

Brock, David C.                  Co. E      (Died 1862)         KIA Malvern Hill, Va.

Brockway, George           Co. F      (Died 1861)           Died of typhoid fever

Brockway, Martin B.       Co. B     (1835-1903)

Brodock, Harry B.             Co. F      (1812-1896)         Also served 1st Mich. Infantry

Brodock, Henry Miran    Co. F      (1846-1921)          Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                   Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Broghan, James                Co. K                                     aka Brogan, James; Also served 1st                                                                                                     Mich. Inf. & Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Brokaw, Zackius J.            Co. F      (1838-1897)

Bronson, Edwin R.           Co. A     (Died 1910)           aka Deforrest, Robert E.

Bronson, George

Bronson, William H.         Co. I       (Died 1862)         KIA Malvern Hill, Va.

Brower, Eugene               Co. K      (Died 1863)           KIA Gettysburg, Pa.

Brown, Chauncey A.       Co. E

Brown, Cyril P.                   Co. F      (1844-1917)

Brown, David

Brown, Ezra                        Co. K      (1838-1919)

Brown, George Burton  Co. E      (1842-1925)

Brown, John                       Co. H     (Died 1863)          WIA Gettysburg, Pa.

Brown, John W.                Co. E      (1833-1898)

Brown, Joseph                  Co. A     (1835-1911)

Brown, William C.             Co. A     (1828-1897)

Brown, William Jr.            Co. A     (Died 1912)          Possible birth date 1827

Brownell, John G.            Co. F      (1839-1863)           Died from starvation in Richmond, Va.

Bryan, Herbert D.             Co. E      (1846-1929)

Bryant, Martin V.             Co. D     (1836-1908)

Bryant, William                  Co. K      (1831-1912)       Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                  Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Bryon, Joseph H.              Co. B      (Died 1939)          Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                  Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Buchanan, Charles H.     Co. Ind. (1831-1910)          Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                  Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Buck, Luman                      Co. F      (Died 1862)        KIA Shephardstown, Md.

Buck, Lyman

Bullard, George W.          Co. F      (Born 1822)

Burce, Joseph                    Co. B

Burke, Eli                             Co. E

Burnett, Chauncey          Co. E      (1840-1917)          Also served 1st Mich. Infantry

Burns, Edward Clark        Co. B      (1838-1908)        aka Burnes, Edwin

Burr, James Dewey         Co. C      (1843-1886)

Burrow, Charles                Co. I       (1838-1895)

Burt, Silas S.                        Co. H     (1844-1864)        WIA Poplar Grove Church, Va.

Burtch, Timothy B.           Co. E      (1832-1931)

Burwell, Peter Jr.             Co. I       (1844-1885)

Bush, Benjamin F.            Co. F      (1842-1917)         Also served 1st Mich. Infantry

Bush, Jay S.                         Co. Ind. (1846-1900)        Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                  Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Bush, Ransom                   Co. K      (1824-1862)         Died of disease

Busheaw, John                 Co. H

Bussius, John                     Co. A     (1839-1893)          Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                   Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Butland, Benjamin P.      Co. H                                     Died as POW

Butts, Marshall                  Co. F                                    Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                   Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.