Original Regimental Roster Last Names C-E

Cahoon, Charles H.          Co. F

Calhoun, Charles              Co. F

Campau, Clode                 Co. I       (1842-1894)

Campbell, John E.            Co. B      (1820-1911)

Campell, Robert H.          Co. E      (1835-1922)

Canfield, Albert                Co. B

Canfield, Alfred E.            Co. B

Carl, William                       Band

Carnes, Charles F.            Co. C                                            Also served 12th Michigan

Carney, Simon B.              Co. A     (1837-1863)              Died of disease

Carpenter, Addison J.    Co. C

Carpenter, Albert            Co. F      (1838-1906)              Also served 1st Mich. Infantry

Carpenter, Eastman G.  Co. K      (1841-1921)              Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &

Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Carpenter, Phillip             Co. I       (1842-1864)              WIA Cold Harbor, Va.

Carpenter, Washington W.          Co. B                            (1840-1894)

Carrier, William C.            Co. G     (1844-1946)

Carseney, John                 Unasg.

Carson, Darius H.              Co. I       (1846-1916)

Carter, John                       Co. B      (Died 1898)

Carver, Lewis Orville       Co. B      (1843-1920)

Case, Charles C.                Co. F      (Died 1862)               aka Wheaton, Benjamin H.; Died of typhoid fever

Case, Henry L.                   Co. H     (1839-1867)              Also served 1st Mich. Infantry

Cassady, James H.           Co. G     (1841-1901)

Caswell, Andrew D.         Co. B      (Born 1836)               Also served 11th Michigan

Cauchie, William               Co. A     (1831-1899)

Chamberlin, David P.      Co. A     (1825-1900)

Champion, Henry B.        Co. F      (1831-1907)              Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &

Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Champlin, Warren W.     Co. F      (1822-1892)              Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &

Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Chandler, George A.       Co. C                                            Also served 1st Mich. Infantry

Chapin, Marshall W.        Co. I       (1831-1873)              Also served 23rd Mich. Infantry

Chapman, Henry A.         Co. Ind. (Died 1865)               Died of chronic diarrhea

Chapman, Jonathan        Co. A     (1841-1920)              Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &

Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Charter, Jackson               Co. A     (1840-1907)

Charter, Warren F.          Co. A     (1844-1902)              Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &

Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Chase, Isaac M.                 Co. E      (1844-1911)              Also served 24th & 27th Mich. Inf.

Chase, James F.                Co. A     (1841-1906)

Chase, William Henry     Co. C      (Died 1894)

Cherry, William                 Co. C      (Died 1904)

Childs, Jonathan W.        Staff      (1834-1896)              Also served 2nd U.S.C.I.

Choates, George              Co. A     (Died 1906)

Choote, George               Co. A

Cicott, Elvi                           Co. A     (Died 1908)

Cisco, Lorenzo                   Co. A

Clago, James E.                 Co. I       (Died 1862)               KIA Mechanicsville, Va.

Clark, Frank F.                    Co. F      (1841-1896)

Clark, James E.                  Co. D     (Died 1862)               KIA Fredericksburg, Va.

Clark, John                          Unasg.

Clark, John                          Co. C

Clark, John                          Co. K

Clark, William Edwin        Surg.      (1819-1898)              Also Surgeon 19th Mich. Infantry

Clarke, Horace A.             Co. I       (Died 1862)               KIA Mechanicsville, Va.

Clarke, Joseph Dennis    Co. I       (1843-1889)

Clay, Samuel                      Co. C

Clegg, John A.                    Co. G     (1838-1897)              Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &

Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Clegg, Richard J.                Co. G     (1842-1863)

Clements, Arthur             Co. G     (Died 1895)

Cobb, David T.                   Co. H     (1839-1923)

Cobb, Cyrus P.                   Co. Ind. (Died 1865)               WIA 4/31/1865, Also served

1st Mich. Inf. & Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Coffin, George W.           Co. E      (Died 1913)

Coffin, Seth D.                   Co. E      (1842-1863)              KIA Gettysburg, Pa.

Cogswell, John H.             Co. F                                            aka Cogsdell, John H.; Also served 8th & 11th Mich. Cavalry

Cole, Albert V.                   Co. C      (1842-1932)              Also served 6th Mich. Cavalry

Cole, Ambrose                  Co. Ind. (1844-1864)              Died of gunshot wound; Also served

1st Mich. Infantry

Cole, Byron A.                   Co. H     (1842-1930)              Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &

Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Cole, James h.                   Co. B      (1836-1914)

Cole, Marcus H.                Co. Ind. (1839-1907)

Coleman, Isaac                  Co. H     (Died 1862)               Died of typhoid fever

Coleman, John                  Co. H     (Died 1894)               Also served 11th Mich. Infantry

Coleman, Levi B.               Co. G     (Died 1908)               Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &

Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Collins, George                 Co. C

Collins, John                       Co. K

Comfort, George W.       Co. E      (1839-1865)

Comstock, Chester W.   Co. D     (1840-1887)              Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &

Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Comstock, Ellis B.             Co. D     (Died 1863)               KIA Gettysburg, Pa.

Comstock, Harrison         Co. F      (Died 1889)

Comstock, John W.         Co. D     (1836-1914)

Conant, John Stoughton               Co. H                           (1837-1897)

Conkey, James B.             Co. K      (1825-1914)              Also served 1st Mich. Infantry

Conklin, Wesley R.           Co. G     (1840-1874)

Conlin, John A.                  Co. A     (Died 1921)

Connor, John                     Co. F

Conture, Samuel S.         Co. A     (1831-1904)              aka Coutre, Samuel

Converse, Orrin Morris  Co. K      (1836-1868)              Also served 11th Mich. Cavalry

Cook, Albert N.                 Co. H     (1840-1898)              Also served 3rd Mich. Infantry

Cook, Andrew Jackson  Co. C      (1845-1922)              Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &

Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Cook, Byron H.                  Co. H     (1845-1862)              KIA Turkey Bend

Cook, George                    Co. C      (1841-1904)

Cook, Harrison P.             Co. K      (1842-1909)

Cook, Jacob F.                   Co. D     (Died 1864)               Died of chronic diarrhea; Also served

1st Mich. Infantry

Cooley, Charles                 Co. H     (1837-1916)              Also served 2nd & 17th Mich. Inf.

Cooper, William V.           Co. C      (1843-1907)

Cooper, John F.                Co. I       (1833-1897)

Coopins, Charles              Co. B      (1835-1915)

Cornell, David G.              Co. I       (1836-1919)

Corser, George W.          Co. A     (1840-1924)

Cortright, Levi J.                Co. E      (1823-1861)              Shot while on picket duty

Cotrell, Dion H.                  Co. F      (1842-1868)              Died of dropsy (edema); Also served

11th & 8th Mich. Cavalry

Coulan, John                      Co. A

Couse, Edward G.            Co. I       (Died 1896)               Also served 27th Mich. Infantry

Coutre, Samuel S.            Co. A

Coville, Andrew                Co. F      (Born 1837)               MIA Gettysburg, Pa.

Cowgill, Cyrenius C.         Co. C      (Died 1864)               Died from pneumonia while POW

Craig, Orlando                   Co. I       (Died 1862)               WIA Fredericksburg, Va.

Crain, John F.                     Co. C      (Died 1901)               Also served 1st Mich. Infantry

Crain, Samuel                    Co. C

Cramell, William C.

Cramer, Richard L.           Co. I       (1843-1894)              Also served 1st Mich. Cavalry

Crane, Alexander B.        Co. K      (1837-1873)

Crane, Alexander Dallas                Co. K                            (1809-1893)

Crane, George                  Co. K      (Born 1837)

Crane, Martin L.                Co. K      (Died 1896)

Cranell, William W.          Co. D

Cranston, Robert H.        Co. D     (Died 1910)               Also served 1st N.Y. Light Artillery

Cranston, William             Co. K                                            Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &

Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Crawford Quimby H.       Co. D     (Died 1905)

Cressey, Noah                   Co. F      (1809-1872)

Crisler, Joseph                   Co. E      (1842-1932)              Also served 1st Mich. Infantry

Critchfield, Jesse D.         Co. D                                           Also served 17th Mich. Infantry

Crocket, Leroy                   Co. B      (Died 1861)               Died of remittent fever

Croghan, George             Co. K                                            Also served 8th U.S. Artillery &

4th U.S. Infantry

Cronewill, William N.      Co. D     (1836-1901)

Cronk, David                      Co. F      (Died 1861)               Died of fever

Cross, Lorenzo                  Co. I

Croxton, Lafayette J.      Co. B      (1840-1877)

Culver, Adelbert D.         Co. B      (Died 1897)

Cummings, William          Co. C      (Died 1862)               Died of disease

Cunningham, Henry C.   Co. I       (1842-1900)              Also served 9th Mich. Cavalry

Cunningham, William J. Co. K      (1839-1864)              KIA Wilderness, Va.

Curtis, Thomas J.              Co. Ind. (1842-1930)              Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &

Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Curtiss, Abrose Birney   Co. G     (Died 1881)               Also served 8th U.S. Cavalry

Curtiss, Benjamin F.        Co. A     (1842-1929)


Daley, Lorenzo                  Co. F      (1837-1915)

Daley, Michael                  Co. B      (Died 1915)

Daniels, Harrison C.         Co. G     (1836-1927)

Daniels, Montross           Co. H     (Died 1928)               Also served Arnold’s Light Art.

Dann, Reuben                   Co. F

Darrow, Joseph C.           Co. C      (1834-1893)

Dates, John Julius            Co. D     (1819-1911)              Also served 10th Mich. Infantry

David, Orson                      Co. C      (Died 1863)               Supposedly KIA

Davidson, Augustus        Co. A                                           POW 9/8/1864 Weldon R.R., Va.

Davidson, William            Co. Ind. (Died 1865)               Also served 1st Mich. Infantry

Davis, Enoch                       Co. B      (Died 1864)               KIA Wilderness, Va.

Davis, Hiram H.                  Co. D     (1843-1910)

Davis, James                      Co. I                                             Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &

Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Davis, Lafayette M.         Co. F      (Died 1864)               WIA Wilderness, Va.

Davis, Orson                       Co. C

Davis, William                    Co. H

Davis, Wilson                     Co. G     (Died 1861)               Died of disease

Day, Adelbert F.               Co. B      (1845-1914)              Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &

Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Day, Liberty                        Co. Ind. (Born 1840)               Also served 1st Mich. Infantry

Day, Robert R.                   Unasg.

Dean, Charles B.               Co. D                                           Also served 4th U.S. Artillery

Dean, Eli H.                         Co. D     (Died 1862)               KIA Malvern Hill, Va.

Dean, John                         Co. H     (1833-1912)              Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &

Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Decker, Charles W.          Co. E                                            Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &

Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

DeGolyer, Samuel           Co. F      (Died 1863)               WIA Vicksburg, Miss.; Also served

1st Mich. Light Artillery

DeLamater, Adelbert G.                Co. Ind.                      (1847-1922)                  Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &

Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

DeLamater, Samuel A.   Co. Ind. (1843-1898)              Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &

Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Delaney, John                   Co. F      (1840-1883)              Also served 8th & 11st Cavalry

Demming, Benjamin O. Co. K                                            POW as of July 30, 1864

Denman, William J.          Co. D     (1839-1901)

DePuy, Richard G.            Co. D     (Died 1862)               KIA Gaines’ Mill, Va.

Deuel, Frederick P.          Co. G     (Died 1911)

Dewey, George H.           Co. H     (1841-1915)

Dexter, Flavius J.              Co. D     (1840-1865)              KIA Petersburg, Va.; Possibly also served in

Hall’s Ind. S.S. & 1st Mich. S.S. & KIA 1865

Dickerson, James B.        Co. F      (1827-1905)              Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &

Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Dickinson, John E.            Co. G     (Died 1887)

Dickinson, John R.            Co. A     (1835-1915)

Diehl, Aaron J.                   Co. I       (1830-1908)

Diffenbaugh, Isaac          Band

Dildine, William H.            Co. E      (1836-1904)

Dillon, John A.                   Co. F      (1845-1927)              Also served 1st Mich. Infantry

Dillon, Luman H.               Co. Ind. (1846-1926)

Dillon, William B.               Co. F      (1843-1863)

Disher, John                       Co. A     (1839-1916)              Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &

Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Divelbess, George W.    Co. B      (1840-1925)

Dodge, Alvin                      Co. H

Dodge, William Hiram     Co. H     (1837-1926)

Dolph, Alford H.                Co. E      (1840-1862)              KIA Malvern Hill, Va.

Donelly, Giles G.               Co. K      (Died 1906)

Donnelly, Alexander       Co. D

Doolittle, Charles Camp Co. H     (1832-1903)              Also served 18th Mich. Infantry

Dorn, John James            Co. K      (1838-1862)

Doty, Orasmus M.           Co. F      (1841-1918)

Dover, William C.              Co. H

Downer, Jacob R.             Co. K                                            Also possibly served 7th Mich. Cavalry

Downing, Christopher    Co. A     (1840-1876)

Doyle, Cornelius               Co. I       (1841-1872)              Died when hit by train at work

Drake, Charles M.            Co. E      (Died 1919)

Drake, Franklin                  Co. B      (Died 1862)               KIA New Bridge, Va.

Draper, David M.              Co. Ind. (1833-1889)

Dreher, Anton                   Band      (1836-1915)

Drew, William Simeon    Co. K      (1837-1917)              Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &

Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Dudley, David F.               Co. C      (1838-1912)

Duffield, Johnson            Co. A     (1840-1910)

Duffield, William M.        Co. A     (1839-1962)              KIA Antietam; Also served 17th Mich. Inf.

Duffield, William W.        Staff      (1823-1907)

Dugan, John F.                  Co. E

Duncan, Charles S.           Co. B      (1838-1924)

Dunphey, Addison W.    Co. G     (1844-1904)

Dupont, Charles T.           Co. K      (1844-1901)              Also served 13th Batt. Mich. Lt. Art.

Duryea, James H.             Co. F      (1843-1910)              Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &

Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Duryea, Warren F.           Aid         (Died 1932)

Duryea, William Byron   Co. F      (1848-1886                Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &

Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Duryee, George               Co. Ind. (1820-1865)              Died from Meningitis; Also served

1st Mich. Infantry

Dutton, Henry                   Co. D


Earle, Francis Sobieski    Co. I       (1836-1901)              Also Major / U.S. Volunteers

Eastlick, Newman A.       Co. G     (Died 1865)               Died during Sultana explosion

Eastlick, William                Co. B      (1829-1899)              Also served 15th Mich. Infantry

Eastman, Norris                Co. I       (1844-1926)              Also served 2nd U.S. Cavalry &

188th N.Y. Infantry

Easton, Ambrose J.         Co. K      (1832-1862)              KIA Malvern Hill, Va.

Eaton, William H.              Co. A     (Died 1862)               KIA Malvern Hill, Va.

Ebert, John                         Co. A     (Died 1862                 Died from dysentery

Elmer, Elliot                        Co. I       (1819-1918)

Emerson, Josiah D.          Co. D     (1840-1915)

English, Amos H.               Co. Ind. (1842-1919)              Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &

Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

English, Seth                      Co. Ind. (Died 1864)

Enos, Lewis N.                   Co. I       (Died 1865)               Died of wounds; Also served

1st Mich. Infantry

Enos, Merritt                     Co. C

Eskridge, George             Co. F      (1826-1903)

Evans, Heman D.              Co. K      (1842-1915)              Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &

Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Evans, James                     Co. B      (Died 1862)               Died of typhoid fever

Everett, Robert A.           Hosp.    (1839-1897)