Original Regimental Roster Last Names I-M

Ide, Brainard T.                 Co. K      (Died 1861)            Died of disease

Iliff, Elias David                  Co. E      (1843-1862)          WIA Malvern Hill, Va.

Iling, William G.                 Co. K                                     (See Thrig, William G.)

Ingall, Henry E.                  Co. F

Irish, Alfred A.                   Co. Ind. (1843-1871)

Irish, John Newton          Co. Ind. (1846-1940)             Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                   Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Irwin, James M.                Co. G     (1838-1927)

Itzkins, George F.             Co. C      (1841-1907)             aka Gates, Charles;  Also served                                                                                                          4th U.S. Art, 20 & 31 U.S. Inf.


Jackson, John W.              Co. G     (Died 1865)              Died of heart disease;                                                                                                                           Also served 1st Mich. Inf.

Jackson, Joseph J.            Co. D     (1822-1861)              Died of typhoid fever

Jackson, William H.          Co. I       (Died 1863)            KIA Gettysburg, Pa.

Jagger, Joseph Henry     Co. E      (1840-1930)              Also served 10th Indiana Infantry

Janes, Oscar Albartus     Co. Ind. (1843-1933)              Also served 1st Mich. Infantry

Jeffers, Charles T.            Co. H     (1837-1924)              Also served 27th Mich. & 8th U.S.C.H.A.

Jeffers, George W.          Co. H.    (1839-1930)               Also served 1st Mich. Light Artillery

Jeffords, Harrison H.       Col.        (1834-1863)            KIA Gettysburg, Pa.

Jeffries, Charles T.           Co. H

Jehu, David                         Co. I       (Died 1863)           Fell from Railroad car near                                                                                                                   Baltimore, Md.

Jennison, Sewell A.         Co. E      (1838-1863)             Died from Dropsy (edema)

Jewett, George                Co. K

Jewitt, Henry                     Un.

Johnson, Freeman          Co. F      (1835-1910)

Johnson, James H.           Co. H     (1841-1862)             Died of typhoid fever

Johnson, Orrin                  Co. I       (Died 1862)            Died of typhoid fever

Johnson, Thomas A.       Co. F

Johnston, James B.         Co. K      (1846-1876)

Jones, Abiathar H. M.     Co. I       (1830-1898)             Also served U.S. Navy

Jones, Edward                   Un.

Jones, George                   Un.

Jones, Jonathan B.          Co. Ind. (Died 1886)              Also served 1st Mich. Infantry

Jones, Miles L.                   Co. H     (1843-1898)

Jones, Thomas D.             Co. B      (Died 1862)            WIA Gaines’ Mill, Va.

Jones, Timothy T.             Co. B      (1841-1914)

Judson, Thomas H.          Co. F      (Died 1864)            KIA Wilderness, Va.


Kaizer, Andrew J.             Co. C      (1841-1902)

Kane, Morris                      Co. K      (Born 1825)

Keedle, James                   Co. D     (Died 1866)            aka Keidel, James;                                                                                                                                   Also served 1st Mich. Infantry

Keeler, Lewis W.              Co. D                                     Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                  Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Kelley, Emery B.               Co. I       (1846-1864)          KIA Wilderness, Va.

Kelley, Robert W.             Co. K      (1843-1907)

Kelley, William H.             Co. G     (1819-1898)         Also served 67th Ohio Infantry

Kellogg, E. Lyman             Co. K      (Died 1918)

Kelly, Edwin C.                   Co. G     (Born 1841)

Kelser, George J.              Co. Ind. (Died 1922)           Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                  Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Kemery, Absalom            Co. B      (1832-1919)

Kempf, Godfred               Co. A     (1837-1916)

Kendal, Harrington          Co. A     (1842-1861)         Died of typhoid fever at Miner’s Hill, Va.

Kendall, Harry                    Co. A

Kennedy, John W.           Co. C      (1834-1912)           Also served 1st Mich. Light Artillery

Kenyon, Lewis L.              Co. F      (Died 1862)         KIA Malvern Hill, Va.

Kesserling, Jacob              Co. I       (1839-1904)

Ketchum, Alvah H.           Co. C      (1842-1904)

Keyes, William L.              Co. I

Kidder, Samuel M.           Co. A     (Died 1907)          Also served 18th Michigan

Kidney, John P.                 Co. C      (1838-1924)          Also served 9th Michigan Infantry

Kilian, John                         Un.

Kiler, Alonzo                       Co. C      (1833-1908)

Kimball, Duane C.             Co. B      (Died 1863)        WIA Gettysburg, Pa.

King, Lawrence                 Co. Ind.                              Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                    Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

King, Martin                       Co. Ind. (1842-1901)        aka Heath, Monta; Also served                                                                                                            25th Ohio Inf. & 1st Mich. Inf.

King, Norman                    Co. D     (1839-1863)         KIA Gettysburg, Pa.

King, Thomas, Jr.              Co. Ind. (Died 1864)          Also served 1st Mich. Infantry

King, Wallace                     Co. G     (Died 1919)          Also served 7th Rhode Island Cavalry

Kingsley, Andrew J.         Co. B

Kinney, George H.           Co. H     (1840-1904)

Kittle, Jesse                        Co. A     (1839-1862)           KIA Malvern Hill, Va.

Knaggs, John Wesley      Co. A     (1839-1925)

Knape, August                  Co. A     (1836-1862)           KIA Malvern Hill, Va.

Knowing, Edward             Co. I       (Died 1861)         Died of typhoid fever

Kreiger, Christian B.        Co. I       (1841-1873)

Kronbach, Adam G.         Co. A     (1833-1911)

Kuhmann, Augustus       Band      (1827-1893)          Also served 107th Ohio Infantry

Kydd, John H.                    Co. I       (1843-1863)          KIA Gettysburg, Pa.


Ladd, Charles H.                Co. A     (1838-1863)              KIA Gettysburg, Pa.

Lafleur, Asher B.               Co. H     (1841-1906)              Also served 1st Mich. Infantry

Lafountain, Paul               Co. I       (1842-1861)              Died of consumption

Laird, David C.                    Co. A     (1842-1863)              WIA Gettysburg, Pa.

Lake, Aon C.                       Co. E      (1840-1864)              WIA Wilderness

Lampman, Amasa            Co. K      (1837-1909)              Also served 22nd Mich. Infantry

Lampman, Lawson W.    Co. K      (Died 1863)               KIA Gettysburg, Pa.

Lamson, Alvan Conner   Co. K      (1839-1880)

Lane, James T.                   Co. G     (1835-1914)              Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                  Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Langford, Daniel W.        Co. B      (1844-1864)              Died of yellow fever

Lapham, George              Co. I       (Died 1863)               KIA Gettysburg, Pa.

Lapham, William B.          Co. I       (1838-1925)

Larzaleer, William F.        Co. G     (1842-1923)

Larzelere, George            Co. H     (1822-1885)

Lassey, John Graham     Co. A     (1835-1912)              Also served 1st Mich. Infantry

Lassey, Richard R.            Co. A     (1832-1863)              Died from tonsillitis as a POW

Lassey, William, Jr.           Co. A     (1841-1915)

Latta, Martin M.               Co. C      (1842-1862)              Died of disease

Laughlin, Patrick               Co. K                                       Also served 5th & 8th U.S. Artillery

Laverty, Elijah                    Co. H     (Died 1863)              Died of disease

Law, Charles E.                  Co. C

Lawrence, Henry S.         Co. F      (Died 1863)               WIA Chancellorsville, Va.

Lawson, George C.          Co. F      (1833-1861)              Accidently killed by Lucius Hammond

LeBarron, Robert             Staff      (1838-1926)

Lee, Andrew J.                  Co. G     (1839-1889)

Lee, George H.                  Co. C      (1838-1863)

Leighton, Phillip                Co. I       (Died 1862)               KIA Fredericksburg, Va.

Leming, Henry A.             Co. I       (1843-1901)              Also served 24th Mich. Infantry

Leonard, Freeman           Co. A     (Died 1862)               Died of typhoid fever

Leonard, John                   Co. A     (Died 1863)               Died of disease

Lewis, Alonzo                    Co. B      (1837-1917)              Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                  Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Lewis, Edward                   Co. B      (1842-1863)              KIA Gettysburg, Pa.                                                                                                                                 Also served 3rd Mich. Cav.

Lewis, George W.            Co. F      (Born 1836)

Lewis, Harvey                    Co. F      (1839-1918)              Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                  Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Lewis, John                         Un.

Libey, George W.             Co. G     (1834-1909)

Limbarker, William E.      Co. F      (1829-1863)              Killed by guard as a POW

Lindenbower, Wheeler Co. C      (1841-1925)

Lindsey, William                Co. H

Lindsley, William L.          Co. G     (1840-1900)              Also served 1st Mich. S.S. &                                                                                                                  5th U.S. Artillery

Livingston, James F.        Co. C

Lockwood, Elias                Co. B      (1835-1911)              Also served U.S. Navy & 1st N.Y. Cav.

Long, William                     Co. Ind.                                   Also served 1st, Re-org 4th, &                                                                                                                15th Mich. Infantries

Loss, Charles P.                 Co. I

Lossing, Jehial P.               Co. F      (1843-1864)              Died one year after being                                                                                                                     discharged for disability (1/1863)

Lourim, John                      Co. I       (1844-1875)

Loveland, William H.       Co. D     (1840-1864)              WIA Wilderness, Va.

Lovett, George E.             Co. I       (1840-1916)

Low, David R.                     Co. D     (1830-1864)              KIA Spotsylvania, Va.

Low, Henry                         Co. C      (Died 1862)               WIA Malvern Hill, Va.

Lowe, Robert                     Co. K

Luce, Constant                  Co. A     (1820-1903)              Also served 17th Mich. Infantry

Luce, Moses A.                 Co. E      (1842-1933)

Lull, Leonard                      Co. Ind.                                   Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                    Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Lull, Leonard D.                 Co. K      (Died 1862)             KIA Malvern Hill, Va.

Lumbard, Francis M.       Co. I       (1833-1899)              Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                   Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Lumbard, George            Staff      (1831-1864)                KIA Wilderness, Va.

Lumbard, Horatio G.       Co. K      (Born 1822)              Died pre-1880

Lynch, William                   Co. D                                       MIA Gettysburg, Pa.

Lyon, Lyman Josiah         Co. Ind. (1817-1898)              Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                   Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.


Mackey, John H.               Co. G                                          Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                  Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Macoy, Justus                   Co. Ind. (1821-1864)                Died from chronic diarrhea

Magee, Henry Wells       Co. E      (1840-1931)

Mallison, John M.            Co. G     (Died 1861)

Mallory, Stephen H.        Co. E      (1839-1917)              aka Mallery, Stephen

Maltz, George L.               Co. I       (1842-1910)

Mangus, James                 Co. G     (1835-1862)              Died from chronic diarrhea

Mann, Chauncey L.         Co. C      (1840-1932)

Mann, Harlow S.               Co. K      (1841-1915)

Maples, Andrew L.          Co. B      (1840-1905)              Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                  Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Marcey, Lyman W.          Co. G     (1836-1872)

Marks, William H.             Co. C      (1841-1920)            Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                  Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Marsh, William H.             Co. H     (1842-1890)            Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                  Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Marshall, David D.            Co. G     (1825-1886)             Also served 30th Michigan Infantry

Marshall, George E.        Co. D     (1829-1863)               Assumed died as POW, Richmond, Va.

Martin, Culwell, Co. K     (1829-1911)                            Also served 1st Mich. Eng. & Mech.

Martin, James                   Co. I                                         Also served 2nd U.S. Cavalry

Martin, Richard                 Co. I

Marvin, Charles N.           co. E       (1839-1895)

Mason, Miles T.                Co. D     (1840-1921)

Mather, William                Co. G     (Died 1861)

Mathews, William            Co. G

McAfee, John                    Co. C      (Died 1887)

McBridge, John Q.           Co. B      (Died 1861)

McCann, James E.            Co. I       (1836-1913)

McCarthy, Alexander A.                Co. I

McCarty, William F. D.    Co. E

McCaussey, Charles A.  Co. K      (1840-1924)

McClurg, William K.         Co. I       (1840-1910)            Also served 1st Delaware Infantry

McCollister, Charles E.   Co. C      (1837-1902)              Also served 25th Michigan Infantry

McConnell, Martin          Co. H     (Died 1862)              Died of disease

McConnell, William H.    Co. H     (Died 1872)

McCormick, Charles        Co. D     (1842-1877)

McDermott, James         Co. G     (1839-1892)               Also served 1st Mich. Infantry

McDonald, Charles          Co. I

McDonald, Robert S.      Co. I       (1839-1902)

McDonough, Michael     Co. C      (1829-1897)

McDougall, James            Co. B      (Died 1862)               Died of disease at Miner’s Hill, Va.

McDougall, John A.         Co. I

McDougall, William M.   Co. B      (Died 1862)

McEvoy, John                    Co. I

McFadden, Michael        Co. D     (Died 1925)               Also served 1st Mich. Infantry

McFarland, John               Co. I

McIver, Robert                 Co. H     (1843-1916)

McKenzie, William           Co. D

McKeown, James            Co. G     (Died 1861)               Died of disease

McKinstry, Walter            Co. H

McKnight, George           Co. I       (1834-1861)              aka Brown, George;                                                                                                                                Suicide at Fort Woodbury

McLean, James B.            Co. K      (1833-1876)

Mead, LeRoy                     Co. G     (1831-1883)

Mead, Martin L.                Co. A     (1834-1899)

Meech, Frederick W.      Co. B      (Died 1862)              KIA Gaines’ Mill, Va.

Meek, David                      Co. B                                       Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                   Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Melville, William H.          Co. C      (1842-1924)

Merrifield, Marc A.          Co. E      (1840-1909)

Merritt, Billings B.            Co. E      (1837-1913)

Metty, Eli                             Co. E      (1819-1874)           Also served 9th Mich. Cavalry

Meyer, George                 Co. B      (1847-1865)             WIA Fredericksburg, Va.;                                                                                                                     Also served 1st Mich. Inf.

Miliken, John                     Co. F

Millard, Melancthon       Co. G     (1844-1917)

Millens, Cyrus                    Co. B      (Died 1889)

Millens, George W.         Co. B      (1839-1864)

Miller, Burzilia S.               Co. Ind. (1846-1939)           Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                  Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Miller, Frank                       Band      (Born 1839)

Miller, Fred                         Band

Miller, Ira G.                       Co. Ind.                                  Also served 1st Mich. Infantry

Miller, John                        Co. K

Miller, John Milton          Co. I       (1838-1862)             WIA Gaines’ Mill, Va.

Miller, Michael                  Co. H     (1842-1899)

Miller, Riley                        Co. B      (1843-1893)

Millions, John                    Co. H     (Died 1862)             KIA Gaines’ Mill, Va.

Mills, Almyron                   Co. C      (1842-1905)

Mills, Charles H.                Co. C

Miner, Austin D.               Co. F      (1840-1863)             KIA Chancelorsville, Va.

Miner, Ervin S.                   Co. F      (1838-1917)           Also served Re-org. 4th Mich. Infantry

Miner, John C.                   Co. G     (Died 1862)

Minor, John                        Co. K

Mitchell, Luther E.           Un.

Mockimer, Adam             Co. F      (1810-1882)             Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                   Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Mohorter, Charles           Co. C

Monroe, Calvin                 Co. G     (1840-1862)             KIA Malvern Hill, Va.

Montieth, George           Co. G     (1839-1904)

Montoyne, Sidney B.     Co. G     (1839-1874)               Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                   Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Moodie, Robert                Co. K      (1839-1863)             WIA Gettysburg, Pa.

Moon, George                  Co. E

Mooney, John                   Co. I

Moore, John H.                 Un.

Moore, John Ransom     Co. I       (1828-1863)              KIA Gettysburg, Pa.

Morehouse, Henry L.     Co. H     (Died 1862)               KIA Malvern Hill, Va.

Morehouse, William M. Co. H     (1842-1915)

Morgan, Moses                Co. G                                        Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                   Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Morhut, Michael              Co. D     (Died 1863)

Morse, Birdsey H.            Co. D     (1838-1874)             Also served 2nd U.S. Cav &                                                                                                                     12th Mich. Inf.

Morse, Sanford                Co. B      (1842-1911)             Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                   Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Morsman, Albert L.         Co. G     (Died 1930)

Mosher, Aaron                 Co. A     (Died 1862)              WIA Malvern Hill, Va.

Mosher, Abraham           Co. H     (1833-1916)

Mosher, Nathaniel          co. H      (1840-1900)             Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                   Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Mosier, Isaac                     Co. A     (1819-1887)             Also served 11th Mich. Infantry

Mott, Charles                    Co. F      (Died 1862)

Mott, Sylvanus, Jr.           Co. I       (Died 1862)

Mowry, Granville G.       Co. D     (1837-1903)

Mulloy, James                   Co. K

Munger, Thomas J.         co. B      (Died 1862)               KIA Gaines’ Mill, Va.

Murdock, Ira                      Co. H     (1837-1909)

Murphy, Edward H.         Co. K

Murphy, Edwin H.            Co. K      (Died 1861)            Died from lung inflammation

Murphy, James H.           Co. D     (1839-1889)              Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                   Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Murry, Charles                  Co. G

Myer, John                         Co. B