Original Regimental Roster Last Names S-T

Sadler, Silas Wright          Co. G     (1843-1930)             Also served 30th Mich. Infantry

Saliotte, Gilbert                Co. I       (1842-1922)              Also served 8th & 11th Mich. Cavalry

Salsbury, Lester H.           Co. B      (1840-1903)

Sandbar, Joseph               Co. H     (1814-1871)

Sargent, John P.               Co. C      (1840-1920)

Saunders, John                 Co. D     (Born 1835)              Also served 182nd Ohio Inf. & 18th,                                                                                                    19th, 27th U.S. Inf.

Savery, Stephen P.          Co. K      (1841-1864)              Died of smallpox;                                                                                                                                   Also served 8th Mich. Light Art.

Sawyer, Charles E.           Co. K

Saxton, Charles                 Co. G     (Died 1862)             KIA Malvern Hill, Va.

Saxton, James                   Co. D     (1843-1894)             Also served 30th Mich. Infantry

Sayers, Frank C.                Co. D     (Died 1881)

Schaeffer, Albert             Co. C      (1841-1902)             Also served 175th Penn. Infantry

Schaffer, Lewis A.            Co. C      (1830-1861)

Schnaitter, Cornelius      Band      (1830-1919)

Schnickenburger, John  Co. F                                        MIA Spotsylvania, Va.

Scholfield, Leister T.        Co. H     (1839-1922)

Schott, Isaac W.                Co. H     (1843-1916)

Schutze, Charles L.A.N. Co. I       (Died 1862)              KIA Malvern Hill, Va.

Scott, Ezra S.                      Co. H     (1842-1905)            Also served 1st U.S.S.S.

Scott, John D.                    Co. C      (1841-1915

Scranton, Alphonso        Co. A     (1845-1927)              aka, Scranton, Alonzo Camp;                                                                                                               Also served 1st Mich. Inf.

Scranton, Robert H.        Co. D     (1842-1910)

Scriver, William                 Co. B

Scully, Andrew                  Co. I       (Died 1908)

Seage, Henry S.                Co. E      (1844-1899)             Also served 1st Mich. Infantry

Seage, John                        Chpln.   (1809-1883)            Also served Re-org 4th Mich. Infantry

Seage, Richard W.            Co. E      (1837-1908)            Also served Re-org 4th Mich. Infantry

Sebring, Norman B.         Co. B      (1841-1913)

Senter, Willard J.              Co. K      (1847-1926)           Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                  Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Severence, Morris P.      Co. F      (1840-1919)

Seward, William H.          Co. G     (1843-1889)           Also served 7th Mich. Cavalry

Shadbolt, Frank                Co. E      (1842-1869)           Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                  Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Shafer, Alexander           Co. B      (1842-1894)            Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                  Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Shafer, Alphonzo             Co. B      (1841-1917)           Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                  Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Sharp, Jonathan S.           Co. K      (died 1864)            POW Andersonville

Shaw, George                   Co. G

Shaw, Gilmore M.            Co. D

Sheets, Frederick A.       Co. D     (1819-1863)              WIA Gettysburg, Pa.

Sherman, William H.       Co. Ind.                                  Also served 1st Mich. Infantry

Sherry, Thomas                Co. K      (1843-1907)

Shick, Charles                    Co. B      (Died 1917)

Showers, Andrew J.        Co. D     (Died 1886)              Also served 1st U.S. Cavalry

Sillsbee, John O.                                                                (See Silsbee, George W.)

Silsbee, John O.                                                                 (See Silsbee, George W.)

Silsby, Frederick R.          Co. D                                       Missing from Phila. Hospital

Silsbee, George W.         Co. F      (1831-1875)              Also served Re-org 4th Mich. Infantry

Silsby, James P.                 Co. D     (1837-1893)

Simmons, Watson C.      Co. E      (1843-1870)              Also served 9th Mich. Infantry

Skirvin, Charles M.           Co. C                                      Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                   Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Skirvin, Francis M.            Co. C      (1843-1896)

Slater, John M.                  Co. G

Sloan, William H.               Co. H     (Died 1861)           Died of typhoid fever

Slocum, Jeremiah D.       Co. B      (Died 1907)

Smith, Albert                     Co. F      (Born 1842)

Smith, Austin T.                Co. K      (1840-1863)            Died from chronic diarrhea

Smith, Charles H.              Co. E      (Died 1914)            Also served 9th Mich. Cavalry (Co. M)

Smith, George                   Co. I

Smith, George W.            Co. K      (Born 1846)

Smith, Hubert D.              Co. H     (1839-1905)

Smith, Jackson                  Co. K                                       aka Colligan, Jackson;                                                                                                                           Also served U.S. Navy

Smith, James P.                Co. I

Smith, Jarvis B.                  Co. H

Smith, John                        Co. F

Smith, John                        Co. I                                        Possibly also served 65th Illinois Inf.

Smith, Joseph L.               Co. F      (1830-1882)

Smith, Julius D.                  Co. K      (1840-1918)

Smith, Lorenzo, R.           Co. G     (Died 1864)              KIA Wilderness, Va.

Smith, Marvin                    Co. F      (Died 1892)            Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                  Re-org. 4th Mich. Inf.

Smith, Nathaniel M.        Co. F      (Died 1924)              Also served 9th & 18th Mich. Infantries

Smith, Oliver S.                 Co. D     (1839-1889)             Also served 1st Mich. Inf. &                                                                                                                  123rd USCT

Smith, Olney J.                  Co. H     (1843-1928)              aka Smith, Julius;                                                                                                                                     Also served 6th Mich. Infantry

Smith, Washington I.      Co. D                                         MIA Gettysburg, Pa.

Smith, William E.               Co. I       (Died 1863)            Died of disease

Smith, William H.              Co. H     (Born 1842)            Also served 9th & 18th Mich. Inf.

Smith, William H.              Co. E      (1840-1905)

Smith, William Hayden   Co. K      (1840-1917)            Also served 1st Mich. Infantry

Snyder, Andrew C.          Co. G

Spade, Abram                   Co. H     (Died 1862)              Died after being accidently shot in                                                                                                    head

Spafford, Charles R.        Co. G     (Died 1915)

Spalding, George             Co. A     (1836-1915)              Also served 12th Tenn. Cav &                                                                                                               18th Mich. Inf.

Spath, Frederick J.           Co. A     (1840-1887)

Spellman, Frank                Co. C      (Died 1862)           KIA Malvern Hill, Va.

Spence, James K.             Co. E

Spencer, LeRoy M.          Co. K      (1846-1930)

Spencer, Tenant R.          Co. D     (1832-1862)             Died from dysentery

Sperry, Alfred E.               Co. B      (Died 1863)            Died of disease

Spies, Joseph                     Band

Spoors, Robert                  Co. D     (1835-1884)

Springer, Arnold D.          Co. I       (1846-1896)

Springer, Jerome             co. B

Springstead, Isaac            Co. B

Springstead, Joseph A.  Co. B      (1838-1900)              aka Richards, Albert D.;                                                                                                                         Also served in Detroit Prov. Guards

Stacey, George H.            Co. E      (1839-1911)              Also served U.S. Navy

Stanback, Phillip W.         Co. E      (1842-1917)            aka Stambach, Philip

Stark, Jacob H.                   Co. Ind. (1837-1892)            Also served 5th N.Y. Inf., 1st Mich. Inf.                                                                                                & Re-org 4th Mich. Inf.

Starr, Eli Lake                     Co. C      (Died 1862)           KIA Malvern Hill, Va.

Stedman, Edwin A.          Band      (1833-1906)            Also served 2nd U.S. Cavalry

Stephens, Nelson

Stephens, William H.      Co. C                                        Also served 1st Mich. Light Artillery

Stevens, Albert N.           Co. D     (1841-1916)              Also served 30th Mich. Infantry

Stevens, John W.             Co. E

Stevens, Joseph W.        Co. E      (1840-1919)              Also served 1st Mich. S.S.

Stevenson, Isaiah            Co. I       (1835-1900)

Stewart, Edwin                 Co. G

Stewart, William S.          Co. A     (1838-1909)

Stiles, George                    Unasg.  (Born 1839)

Stillson, Melvin                 Co. G     (Born 1831)            Also served 3rd Mich. Cavalry

Stillwell, James I.              Co. H     (Died 1920)            Also served 11th Mich. Infantry

Stoddard, Edgar C.           Co. A

Stoddard, Herbert L.       Co. A     (Born 1841)

Stoddard, Nolton F.        Co. I       (1834-1895)

Stoddard, William H.       Co. I       (Born 1839)

Stone, Henry C.                Co. B      (1839-1923)

Stone, Oliver P.                 Co. E      (1843-1899)            Also served 2nd U.S. Cavalry

Storms, Abram W.           Co. K      (1843-1924)

Storms, James H.             Co. C      (1834-1907)

Stott, Mark                         Co. I       (Died 1896)

Stout, Amos W.                Co. G

Stout, William                    Co. I       (1841-1899)

Strang, Edward                 Band      (1824-1905)

Strong, Amos                     Co. E      (Died 1871)

Strong, Edward

Strong, Henry N.              Chpln.   (1826-1886)

Stuart, Edwin

Stutson, Joseph F.           Co. F      (Died 1863)              Died of disease

Sullinger, Asa                     Co. F      (1828-1911)

Sumner, Edward              Co. A     (1839-1918)

Sutherland, William H.   Co. H     (1833-1886)

Suzor, Joseph                    Co. A     (Died 1920)

Swarthout, Thomas        Co. A     (Died 1862)              KIA Malvern Hill, Va.

Sweet, William H.             Co. D     (1827-1914)            Also served 9th Mich. Cavalry


Tarsney, James                 co. E       (1838-1864)            KIA Wilderness, Va.

Tarsney, John C.               Co. E(1845-1920)

Tarsney, Thomas J.          Co. E      (1842-1902)             Also served 9th Indiana Inf. &                                                                                                             1st Mich. Inf.

Tasker, Richard                 Co. B      (Died 1864)

Taylor, Addison A.           co. A      (1842-1923)

Taylor, David                      Co. B      (1841-1915)          Also served 2nd U.S. Cavalry

Taylor, Edward H.             Co. A     (1840-1905)

Taylor, Edward M.           Co. E      (1843-1919)

Taylor, John W.

Taylor, Levi S.                     co. G      (1838-1918)

Taylor, Mark W.                Co. E      (1841-1907)

Taylor, Samuel                  Co. H     (Died 1862)

Taylor William J.                Co. D     (1841-1863)

Teachout, Charles            Co. A     (Died 1862)             KIA Malvern Hill, Va.

Teachout, George W.     Co. Ind. (1839-1864)              KIA Near North Anna River

Ten Eyck, Mosley, S.       Co. H     (1843-1920)

Tenbrook, William L.       Co. B      (1839-1899)           Also served 1st Mich. Infantry

Terpeney, William H.     Co. F      (1828-1913)             WIA Wilderness, Va.

Terpening, William H.     Co. F      (1840-1914)           WIA Malvern Hill, Va.

Terwilliger, James            Co. E      (Died 1864)            KIA Wilderness, Va.

Terwilliger, Thomas         Co. E      (1825-1917)

Theill, William H.               Co. E      (1842-1901)

Thomas, Asahael              Co. Ind. (1818-1897)            Also served 1st Mich. Infantry

Thomas, John J.                Co. C      (1839-1918)            Also served 20th USCT, 8th NYHA &                                                                                                     147th Ill. Inf.

Thompson, H.                    Co. G

Thompson, James A.      Co. E      (Died 1862)              KIA Fredericksburg, Va.

Thompson, Wesley J.     co. D                                         Assumed “Sultana” victim

Thrig, William G.               Co. K      (Died 1862)          KIA Gaines’ Mill, Va.

Thurlack, Charles              Co. A     (Died 1863)           KIA Gettysburg, Pa.

Thurston, Epaminondas Co. C     (1841-1923)

Thwing, Heman Sp.         Co. Ind. (1845-1864)            WIA North Anna River, Va.

Tice, Peter G.                     Co. D     (1839-1916)            Also served 1st Mich. Infantry

Tichnor, Henry                  Co. B

Tillotson, George             Co. B      (Died 1865)            KIA Hatchers Run, Va.

Todd, Artemus C.             Co. E      (1842-1862)

Todd, Elam J.                      Co. H     (Died 1862)          Died of disease

Tolford, Henry

Tolford, William H.           Co. F      (1830-1864)         KIA Wilderness, Va.

Tomlinson, Charles          Co. G     (Died 1864)           KIA Cold Harbor, Va.

Tompkins, Joseph W.     Co. C      (1830-1907)            Possibly also served 2nd Mich. Infantry

Tompson, James H.         Co. C

Torpy, Silvanus E.             Co. K      (Born 1831)

Totten, Joseph H.            Co. G     (1842-1919)             Also served 30th Mich. Infantry

Toupance, J. Chester      Co. C      (Born 1843)

Tracy, George H.              Co. K      (1837-1918)

Train, Henry                       Co. H

Tripp, Edwin G.                 Co. H     (Died 1863)          WIA Gettysburg, Pa.

Tripp, Sylvester S.            Co. G     (Died 1896)

Trombly, Richard              Co. I

Truair, Franklin                  Co. D     (1834-1897)

Tucker, John M.                Co. K      (1840-1924)

Tuffs, John                          Co. K      (1842-1913)         Also served Batt. D 5th U.S. Artillery

Tuffs, Richard W.              Co. K      (1840-1917)         Also served 4th U.S. Cav. & 5th U.S. Art.

Tullinger, Asa                     Co. F      (Born 1828)

Tunnicliff, Joseph W.      Surg.      (1818-1881)

Turner, James H.              Co. A     (1841-1892)

Turping, William H.          Co. F

Tuttle, James G.               Co. F      (1839-1906)           Also served 2nd & 17th Mich. Infantries

Tuttle, Moses Sm.           Co. K      (1835-1915)

Twing, Edwin                     Co. I       (Died 1861)        Died of typhoid fever

Tyler, Samuel     Co. H     (Died 1862)         Died when accidently wounded at Fairfax, Va.