Re-Org. Regimental Roster Last Names A-B

Abbott, Nelson F.           Co. A     (1820-1865)      Died of chronic diarrhea

Aberle, Chester              Co. A

Aberlee, Christian         Co. A

Ackerman, Elihu            Co. H     (1828-1916)      Also served 10th Mich. Infantry

Ackley, Welcome            Co. F      (Died 1890)

Adair, Alexander           Co. A

Adams, Daniel E.            Co. G     (1832-1906)      Also served in the Mexican War

Adamson, John S.           Co. A

Ainsworth, Alanson D.  Co. F      (1810-1886)

Akred, George S.             Co. I       (1831-1906)      Also served 30th Mich. Infantry

Aldrich, Amos                 Co. E      (1829-1865)

Allen, Benjamin             Co. H     (1844-1865)      Died of disease

Allen, George W.            Co. E

Allen, Isaac Wadell        Co. D     (1840-1894)

Allen, James                    Co. B

Allen, William F.            Co. I       (1822-1889)

Allington, George W.     Co. E

Allis, Ansel                      Co. B

Allis, Anson                    Co. B

Allis, Lewis                     Co. G                                   Also served 13th Mich. Infantry

Alverson, Lafayette      Co. H     (1830-1907)

Alverson, William        Co. H     (Died 1865)       Died of typhoid fever

Ames, Lorenzo              Co. F      (Died 1881)       Also possibly served in 9th Mich. Battery

Amsden, Lenzer M.      Co. H     (1832-1894)

Anderson, William       Co. D     (1832-1917)

Anderson, John             Co. E

Armstrong, William     Co. E

Arnold, John                  Co. E      (1840-1927)

Ash, Jonathan               Co. G     (1825-1866)

Atwood, John                Co. B

Austin, George E.          Co. A     (1838-1865)

Avery, Dexter C.            Co. A     (1845-1914)      Also served 11th Mich. Inf (Co. B)

Ayler, Peter                    Co. E

Aylesworth, Edwin R.  Co. B      (1842-1897)


Babcock, William H.    Co. D     (1848-1917)

Baggerly, John W.         Co. A     (Died 1870)

Baker, Charles              Co. A

Baker, Frank E.            Co. E

Baker, George              Co. G

Baker, James                Co. I

Baker, Joseph               Co. A     (Died 1890)       DOD is tentative

Baker, Solomon M.      Co. D     (Born 1824)       Also served 11th Mich. Infantry

Banfill, James H.          Co. H     (1837-1904)

Banghart, Andrew      Co. H

Barber, Francis F.       Co. H     (1820-1914)

Barber, George            Co. G     (1843-1918)

Barber, Hiram A.        Co. I       (1843-1916)

Barber, James              Co. B      (1823-1895)

Barber, Mason J.         Co. D     (Died 1865)       Died of disease

Barclay, Robert R.       Co. A     (1844-1918)

Barden, James             Co. I       (Died 1865)       aka Beardon, James; Died of  chronic diarrhea;                                                                                                                   Also served 22nd Mich. Inf.

Barnes, Corydon J.      Co. A     (Died 1910)

Barnes, Henry S.         Co. B      (1846-1919)

Barrett, William H.     Co. A     (Died 1913)       Also served 2nd Mich. Cav (Co. B)

Barrows, Nelson J.      Co. E      (1848-1917)

Barry, John 1st             Co. E

Barry, John 2nd           Co. E      (Died 1880)

Barton, John                Co. E

Bates, Zoar H.              Co. I       (Died 1895)

Baxter, Andrew A.      Co. F      (Born 1840)       Also served 2nd Mich. Inf.

Baxter, Francis            Co. B      (1839-1920)

Baxter, John                 Co. E

Bayon, John E.             Co. B      (Died 1865)       Died of measles

Beach, James M.          Co. B      (Died 1913)

Beach, Loyal                 Co. B

Beardsley, Marcus A.  Co. G     (Died 1905)

Beckett, William          Co. G     (Died 1910)

Beckwith, Mathias O.  Co. G     (1832-1889)      Also served 30th Mich. Inf.

Beem, John                    Co. A     (1840-1912)

Bell, Alvay                                    (1838-1865)

Bell, Charles                  Co. G

Bellamy, James H.        Co. A     (Died 1915)

Bellenier, Henry C.      Co. D     (1842-1926)      aka Belkenier, Henry C.

Bellow, Charles            Co. I       (Died 1926)

Belnap, Jessie H.          Co. I       (1846-1854)      Died of disease

Benedict, Jewett          Co. I

Bertnel, Thomas         Co. G

Bevens, Samuel S.      Co. G     (1825-1903)

Bigler, Andrew J.        Co. G     (Died 1865)       Died of disease

Bigler, Pliney               Co. G     (1838-1902)

Bishop, Thomas E.      Co. A     (1838-1916)

Black, William             Co. I       (1821-1895)

Blackman, Hubert W. Co. D     (1846-1942)

Blair, Edward S.           Co. F

Blair, Henry J.               Co. E

Blake, George                Co. E

Blanchard, Isaiah         Co. F

Blanks, James                Co. A     (1842-1902)

Blurton, Augustus         Co. B      (Died 1923)

Blurton, Jonathan         Co. B      (1843-1921)

Boelsen, Baelke             Co. B      (Died 1865)       Died of sunstroke; aka Boelsen, Balke

Bohnsach, Joseph         Co. G     (1832-1901)

Bole, David                    Co. E

Boliviss, John                Co. G                                   Also served 3rd Mich. Inf.

Bolster, George W.       Co. D     (1847-1926)

Bolster, Thomas E.       Co. D     (Born 1847)

Bonney, Samuel B.       Co. A     (1844-1865)      Died of disease

Boodry, John M.            Co. D     (1837-1873)

Bouck, Andrew J.         Co. B      (Died 1909)

Boughat, Andrew        Co. G     (Died 1865)       Died of typhoid fever

Bowen, Newell H.        Co. H     (1842-1917)      Also served 30th Mich. Inf.

Bower, William           Co. B      (Died 1865)       Died of typhoid fever

Bowman, George H.   Co. I       (1847-1877)

Bradish, George C.      Co. E      (1846-1935)      aka Bradson, George

Bradley, Albert A.       Co. E

Bradley, John B.          Co. E

Brado, Charles            Co. E

Bradshaw, George      Co. E

Bradshaw, Martin      Co. B

Brainard, Freeman    Co. D     (1837-1889)

Breece, Garrett           Co. D     (Died 1865)       Died of disease

Brein, George              Co. D

Briggs, Frank               Co. H     (1840-1919)

Britton, Lewis              Co. B      (1836-1892)      Also served 11th Mich. Inf.

Brodock, Myers           Co. A     (1842-1911)

Brooks, Willet D.         Co. E

Brooks, William          Co. F

Brophy, John B.           Co. E      (Died 1910)

Brower, Robert           Co. E

Brown, Frank W.        Co. D     (1843-1868)

Brown, George            Co. B      (1822-1874)

Brown, Henry             Co. I

Brown, James              Co. D

Brown, James              Co. F

Brown, James              Co. F

Brown, James              Unasg

Brown, James G.         Co. I

Brown, John E.            Co. A

Brown, Leroy              Co. A     (1841-1905)

Brown, Morris            Co. A     (Born 1842)

Brown, Noah               Co. B      (Died 1905)

Brown, William A.     Co. D     (1824-1902)      Also served in Mexican War

Brownell, Charles W. Co. E      (1845-1934)

Buchong, David R.      Co. A

Buck, Edmund            Co. A     (1844-1928)      Tombstone reads 1845 DOB

Buckley, Thomas        Co. A

Bullard, Henry           Co. E

Bunnell, Albert D.      Co. D

Burch, Henry W.        Co. G     (1843-1908)

Burch, William          Co. A     (Born 1841)

Burger, Amos             Co. B      (Died 1865)       Died of typhoid fever

Burke, William W.     Co. H     (1844-1920)

Burnham, Henry       Co. I

Burroughs, Martin    Co. D     (1834-1919)

Burtch, Lyman           Co. I

Burton, Russell D.      Co. D

Bushaw, Martin          Co. B

Butler, Daniel              Co. G     (Born 1839)

Butler, Jonathan L.     Co. D     (Died 1922)

Byron, Bernard C.       Unasg

Byron, Thomas                  Co. E