Re-Org. Regimental Roster Last Names S-T

Sailes, John                     Co. H     (1848-1921)

Sauter, Nicholas            Co. G

Sawyer, William            Co. E      (Died 1918)

Saxton, Byron G.            Co. A     (1834-1900)      Also served 13th Mich. Inf.

Sayles, Chancy               Co. F      (Died 1865)       Died of disease

Schiller, Ernest              Co. E

Schnider, William A

Schriner, Frederick Jr. Co. I       (1829-1901)

Schriner, Frederick K. Co. I       (1825-1907)      Frederick K. 2nd

Schuler, Jacob H.          Co. E      (1849-1928)      Also served U.S. Navy

Scoby, John                    Co. F      (Died 1925)       Also served 27th Mich. Inf.

Scott, Amasa T.              Co. H     (1829-1899)

Scott, Amos N.               Co. H

Scott, Charles                Co. E

Scott, Douglass              Co. I       (1842-1895)      Also served 2nd Mich. Cav. & 3rd Mich. Inf.

Scudder, David F.         Co. I

Seamens, Benjamin C. Co. D     (Died 1865)       Died of disease

Sebry, William              Co. G     (1834-1900)

Seeley, Patrick               Co. A

Seeley, Robert                Co. A     (1839-1916)

Seward, Darius E.         Co. E

Sharpe, James                Co. G     (1832-1916)

Shaw, Edward c.           Co. B      (1843-1922)

Shaw, Jacob P.               Co. G      (1814-1905)

Shaw, James                  Co. E

Shepherd, Henry         Co. E

Sherman, Elmer          Co. D                                   Also served 26th N.Y. Inf.

Sherman, John D.        Co. I       (1847-1934)

Sherman, Paul             Co. E

Sherwood, Nathan B. Co. D     (1838-1917)

Sholes, Daniel A.         Co. I       (1832-1897)      Also served 3rd Mich. Inf.

Short, Charles              Co. E      (Died 1865)

Shovan, Leander         Co. I       (1826-1922)

Shurtliff, Nathaniel     Co. F      (Died 1910)

Sider, Adam                  Co. G     (1828-1903)      Also served 30th Mich. Inf.

Sigler, John L.               Co. D     (1844-1930)

Sillsbee, George W.      Co. B      (1831-1875)      Also served original 4th Mich. Inf.

Sion, Peter                     Co. D     (1844-1865)

Skinner, Amos              Co. F      (Died 1865)       Died of pneumonia

Later, Walter                Co. E      (1821-1908)

Smith, Adam                 Co. H     (1827-1886)

Smith, Ansel                  Co. B      (1843-1910)

Smith, Augustus A.       Co. H     (1835-1921)

Smith, Benjamin E.       Co. H     (Died 1928)

Smith, Cessna                 Co. E      (Died 1910)

Smith, Charles E.           Co. B

Smith, Chauncy             Co. B      (1826-1912)

Smith, Edward G.          Co. H     (Born 1847)

Smith, Eldad                   Co. H     (Born 1834)

Smith, Ernest C.             Co. I       (1840-1897)      Also served 5th Mich. Inf.

Smith, Flavel J.               Co. H     (1845-1935)      Also served Sp. Am. War

Smith, Frank M.             Co. E      (Died 1928)

Smith, Frederick A.       Co. I       (1832-1895)

Smith, Garrison, E.        Co. H     (Died 1935)

Smith, George W.           Co. F

Smith, John                     Co. F      (1842-1910)

Smith, John                     Co. F

Smith, John B.                 Co. B      (1828-1918)

Smith, Joseph D.             Co. I

Smith, Michael               Co. A

Smith, Miles W.              Co. B      (1849-1932)

Smith, Minor W.            Co. D

Smith, Nathan N.          Co. B      (1820-1865)      Died of typhoid fever

Smith, Robert                Unasg

Smith, Samuel S.           Co. E      (1843-1905)

Smith, Silas B.                Co. D      (Died 1914)

Smith, Thomas              Co. F

Smith, True                    Co. I       (1850-1865)      Died of disease

Smith, Warren               Co. D     (Died 1925)

Smith, William              Unasg

Smith, William E.          Co. I       (1842-1931)

Smith, William H.         Co. D     (Born 1845)

Smith, William W.        Co. D     (Born 1843)       Also served 24th Mich. Inf.

Smith, Winfield T.        Co. E

Snyder, Henry              Co. G      (Died 1865)       Died of typhoid fever

Soles, Sylvanus             Co. B      (1845-1915)

Soles, Thomas B.          Co. B      (1836-1925)

Southard, William D.  Co. B

Southwick, George H. Co. D     (1847-1918)

Southworth, George    Co. F      (1831-1918)

Spademan, Charles      Co. I       (1823-1904)      aka Spademan, Carl F.

Spaulding, Henry         Co. D

Spear, John W.              Co. F                                    Also served 18th Mich. Inf. & 12th Tenn. Cav.

Spencer, Samuel B.      Co. F      (1849-1939)

Spender, George           Co. E

Sperry, Arthur A.          Co. H     (Died 1865)       Died of typhoid fever

Spicer, Daniel A.           Surg.      (1828-1886)      Also served 10th Mich. Inf. & 2nd Mich. Cav.

Spicer, William B.         Co. I

Squier, Russell L.          Co. B      (Died 1919)       Last name possibly Squires

Stall, John                       Co. B      (Died 1865)       Died of disease

Staninger, Daniel          Co. F      (1844-1917)

Steely, Philip                  Co. B

Stephens, Joel R.           Co. H

Sterling, Thomas          Co. I       (1845-1920)

Stevens, William G.      Co. B      (Died 1873)

Stipe, George                 Co. H

Stoflet, Henry L.            Co. D     (1842-1907)

Stone, Silas W.               Co. H     (1838-1921)

Stors, Archibald            Co. A     (1842-1927)      Also served 1st USSS

Storms, Charles             Co. A     (1837-1918)      Also served 7th Penn. Reserves

Storms, Frederick L.     Co. A     (1846-1917)

Stortz, John G.                Co. B      (Died 1899)

Straight, William G.      Co. B      (Died 1865)       Died of small pox

Stroud, David R.            Co. B      (1823-1884)

Stroud, Joseph W.          Co. A

Strunk, Crawford          Co. A     (1846-1902)

Sumners, John               Co. G

Sunderland, Thomas    Co. E

Sutton, Jeremiah A.       Co. I       (1844-1909)

Sutton, Stephen              Co. G

Sweeny, Johnb                Co. G

Sweet, Aaron                  Co. H

Sweet, Edgar                  Co. D

Sweetland, Edgar          Co. D     (Died 1931)

Swift, Marcus G.            Co. E      (1848-1902)


Tayer, Franklin             Co. B      (1832-1904)

Taylor, Chauncey B.     Co. I                                     Also served 3rd Mich. Inf.

Taylor, Cicero S.            Co. A     (1844-1865)      Died from chronic diarrhea

Taylor, David M.           Co. G                                   Also served 30th Mich. Inf. & 1st U.S. Cav.?

Taylor, Edward F.         Co. I

Taylor, Henry B.            Co. B      (1844-1906)

Taylor, Joseph M.          Co. D     (Died 1864)       WIA Decatur, Ala.

Taylor, Lawson             Co. D

Taylor, Reeves E.          Co. A

Taylor, Wallace .          Co. G     (Died 1922)

Taylor, William            Co. E

Teed, Alanson S.           Co. B      (1826-1902)

Thiell, James H.            Co. A     (Died 1906)       Also served 18th Mich. Inf.

Thomas, Floyd              Co. A     (Died 1864)       Died of disease

Thomas, Harry             Unasg

Thomas, William         Co. A

Thompson, James H.   Co. A     (1845-1909)

Thompson, John M.     Co. H     (1842-1910)

Thompson, William W. Co. F      (Died 1930)

Thurber, Barton           Co. B      (1828-1899)

Tigchon, Hendrick       Co. H     (1823-1906)

Tigchon, Leonard A.    Co. I       (1847-1901)      Possible DOD 1900

Tindall, Andrew I.        Co. E      (Died 1865)

Tinney, Robert              Co. B      (Died 1865)       Died of chronic diarrhea

Tobias, Wilson M.        Co. E      (1846-1922)

Torrey, George D.         Co. A     (1846-1865)      Died of disease

Town, Charles H.          Co. F      (Died 1865)

Townsend, Alfred S.     Co. F      (1845-1876)

Townsend, John            Co. F      (1847-1911)

Treat, Hamblin              Co. A     (1847-1865)

Trent, Aaron G.              Co. E

Truax, Abram                 Co. H     (1827-1892)

Trumball, Robert           Co. G                                   aka Irwin, John

Tunison, Hamilton C.    Co. D     (1486-1864)      Died of disease

Turner, Eugene              Co. D     (1844-1865)      Died of pneumonia

Turner, Otis                    Co. D     (1826-1865)

Turner, William G.        Co. F      (Died 1925)       aka Purdue, William G.

Turrell, James H.            Co. E

Tuthill, William I.           Co. E      (Died 1931)

Tuthill, Charles                  Co. G     (1846-1936)