Henry Stark Seage


Color Sgt. Henry S. Seage

Henry Stark Seage (1844-1899), Hillsdale County. Enlisted in Co. E, 4th Michigan Infantry, 27 September 1861, at Hudson, for three years. Mustered 8 October 1861. On detached service with Co. K, 1st Infantry, by order, 6 July 1864, Petersburg, Va., Sergeant. Discharged at expiration of term of service near Petersburg, Va., on 10 September 1864.

Also serving with Henry was his brother, Seage, Richard (“Dick”) Watson Seage and their father, John Seage. Dick enlisted in Co. E, 4th Michigan Infantry, as Corporal, on 20 June 1861, at Adrian, for 3 years, age 23. Dick was promoted to sergeant before being wounded in action at the Battle of Malvern Hill on 1 July 1862. He was promoted to Sergeant Major and commissioned a 2d Lieutenant of Co. I on 1 April 1863. Mustered to date May 22, 1863. He was honorably discharged on 31 December 1863 for disability on account of wounds received in action at Gettysburg on 2 July 1863. He reentered the service as Regimental Quartermaster of the reorganized 4th Infantry on 2 August 1864. Commissioned to date July 26, 1864. Mustered Aug. 31, 1864. Discharged for disability March 6, 1865 by S.O. No. 59, War Department. Brevet Captain U.S. Volunteers, March 13, 1865, for gallant and meritorious service during the war.

John Seage, of White Pigeon, Michigan, entered the service in the 4th Michigan Infantry as its Chaplain on 10 July 1862, at Falmouth, Virginia, for three years, age 45. Mustered July 10, 1862. Commissioned July 20, 1862. Mustered July 20, 1862. He was wounded by guerrillas on 8 June 1863 but recovered and mustered out at the expiration of the term of service at Detroit on 29 June 1864. Enlisted in Co. F, 4th Michigan Infantry, Aug. 28, 1864, at Adrian for three years. Mustered Aug. 28, 1864. Commissioned Chaplain of the Reorganized 4th Infantry to date July 26, 1864. Mustered out Oct. 14, 1864. Mustered out at Detroit, Mich. May 26, 1866.

The two diaries presented here were written by Henry Stark Seage during his service with the 4th Michigan Infantry. It is presented here by permission of Steve Roberts. Any further publication is prohibited without his consent.

First Diary of Henry S. Seage

September 26, 1861 – September 19, 1862

This book should be returned to Mrs. John Seage, Coldwater, Branch Co., Michigan
Henry S. Seage

Copy E. 4th Michigan

Pvt. Henry S. Seage enlisted Sept. 26, 1861 on Friday. When left Hudson weighed 145½ lbs.


Oct 8 –Left Hudson for Washington & arrived in Washington D. C. on Oct. 10th 1861.

Oct 11 — Sick. Dr. to .50

Oct 12 — Wrote to Father.

Oct 13 — Went to service & wrote to Rate. Was called to separate into the company. I went in Co. E.

Mon Oct 14 — Rose at roll call with a headache. Went shooting at a mark. 3 P.M. Drilled with arms for the first time & was excused because I was unwell. The Battery threw some shells among the Rebels.

Tues Oct 15 1861 — Very fair. 9 A.M. Drilled 3 hours wrote to Fidelia. 3 P.M. Drilled 2 hours & wrote to Nellie. Shelled the secesh. I rec’d a white blanket.

Wed Oct 16 1861 — 9 AM drilled with guns. Rec’d 1 pair socks, Cap, undershirt & shoes & an old rusty musket. Knapsack.

Thur Oct 17 1861 — 9 AM Drilled 2 hours. Cleaned old gun. Took all day to do it. 2 P.M. drilled 3 hours. [My brother] Dick gave me 4 tickets on sutler (1.00). Fixed my cash account. Dick wrote to Ed. Wrote to Ed myself.

Fri Oct 18th 1861 — The boys shot off a bomb shell close to our tent. Hurt one boy — cut his head. Drilled 2 hours. Rec’d cartridge box & sheath. Was examined. Age, hight, &c. Bought of “Sutler” cakes &c. 30 cts. The orderly numbers our “tent” No. 21.

Sat Oct 19 1861 — Wrote to Father. Drilled in the mud. Let Dick have ticket on sutler .15. All the Regt went on picket except 3 comp’s. Went to bed early.

Sun Oct 20 1861 — Wrote to “Emory.” No church. 3 P.M. Charley & I went to Falls Church — the place where Washington used to go to Meeting. “Was married in the old Church.” Got home after supper.

Mon Oct 21 1861 — Dick fried some bread for us. Slept all alone last night. All the boys went on guard. Went after boughs. Drilled with & without guns. Rec’d a letter from Father.

Tues Oct 22 1861 — Was called out at 4 o’clock AM to prepare to march to Leesburg 15 miles. Rained hard all the morn. Rec’d Straps for knapsack. Rained hard all day. Boys did not go.

Wed Oct 23 1861 — Wat[son] & I went after water. Drilled with manual [of arms]. Sent Letter to Fidelia dated 15. Mark on guard. Slept 4 in the tent.

Thur Oct 24 1861 — Drilled Bat 1½ hours. Knapsack drill 1 hour. 2 P.M. Rec’d coat & letter E. Boys rec’d overcoats. Rec’d pants — too large. Drilled in manual. Boys rec’d white blankets.

Fri Oct 25 1861 — Drilled Bat from 7 till 9 AM. Rec’d two pair drawers. Was excused from drill. Wrote to “Relta.” Dick wrote also. Put on white shirt. Rec’d a letter from Rate.

Sat Oct 26 1861 — Regt went on Grand Review. Did not go. Col’s wife visited the camp. Raised signal flags on observatory. Wrote to Mary Dean.

Sun Oct 27 1861 — Knapsack examined &c. Wrote to Rate. Had dinner & supper together. Attended service. Went cramping after supper with Chars, Dick, Mark. got 15 cabbages.

Mon Oct 28 1861 — Chopped. Drilled bat. Had good dinner. Rec’d letter from Emory with 5 Stamps. Put pockets in coat.

Tues Oct 29 1861 — Drilled 10 to 12. Rec’d pants. Brig drill, Comp drill. Rec’d two papers from Emory. Wrote to Emory. Charley rec’d 5 lbs of tobacco from Oscar.

Wed Oct 30 1861 — Bag drill. Bat Drill was excused Brig drill. Dress.

Thurs Oct 31 1861 — No Brig. drill. Was mustered in for pay (11 AM till 2½ PM) Bat & Dress.

Fri Nov 1 1861 — Brig. drill. Bat Drill. Beans Brig Drill. Rained. No Roll call. Rec’d letter from home.

Sat Nov 2 1861 — Rose & found blankets wet. Coffee for breakfast. No drill. Rained all day Rec’d paper (Ledger) from Emory. Wrote to Fidelia & Father. Cooked our own meals. Rec’d Over Coat.

Sun Nov 3 1861 — Cleaned gun. Went to church. Dick, Wat & I went after Potatoes. Got ½ bushel .50 cts. Got some turnips. Had potatoes, coffee & beef. Bread for supper. Amon & Mark on guard.

Mon Nov 4 1861 — Wrote to Frank in Charley’s letter. Drill Brigade. Wrote to Thompson. Brigade Drill and Dress Parade togather.

Tues — Drill manual. News came of the burning of Charleston & the Stars & Stripes floating over Ft. Sumter. 2 P.M. Drill Bat & Dress Parade together.

Wed Nov 6 1861 — Rain. Drill. Went on guard. Police post.

Thur Nov 7 1861 — Came off guard 9 A.M. Slept all day.

Fri Nov 8 1861 — Drill Comp. 2 P.M. Drill Bat. Companies H & E were called out on double quick. Took 4 prisoners. Rec’d letters from home & Fidelia. Chas. Marvin was here.

Sat Nov 9 1861 — 12½ Grand Review. Rained. Had bully time coming home.

Sun Nov 10 1861 — Built log shanty under the tent. Rec’d letter from Rate.

Mon Nov 11 1861 — Put bunks in shanty. Rec’d letter from Frank.

Tues Nov 12 1861 — Went on picket with Wat, Amon, & Mark about 2 miles from camp. Wat & I on post together.

Wed Nov 13 1861 — On picket yet. Took one prisoner & chased two more. Wrote to Franc. Bought 1 pt of milk. Tasted good .05 cts.

Thur Nov 14 1861 — Was relieved about 12 o’clock by a part of Stockton’s & the 17 N.Y. Regt. Dick & Charley quite unwell. Rain in the eve. Directed letter to Franc.

Fri Nov 15 1861 — Rain. Cleaned gun. Went after brick & built fireplace in tent.

Sat Nov 16 1861 — Windy. Fireplace would not go. Rec’d box from home. Rec’d letter from Mary & Rube, also from home. Found box all broken, but things alright.

Sun Nov 17 1861 — Inspection. No service. On guard. Rec’d undershirt.

Mon Nov 18 1861 — No Drill. Put fireplace in the other side of tent. Changed bunk. Wrote to Father. Gave Charley McCake.

Tues Nov 19 1861 — Bat Drill. Wrote to Mary. Rec’d pay 14.78. Bought 1 qt of oysters. Had oyster stew for supper.

Wed Nov 20 1861 — Rose at 5 oclock. Grand Review. 100,000 soldiers before Gen’l McClellan & Abe Lincoln. Was give out when I came back. Went to Bailey’s crossroads.

Thur Nov 21 1861 — Rose at roll call with a headache.

Fri Nov 22 1861 — Guard No. 12 shot Guard No. 13. Sick fever.

Sat Nov 23 1861 — Sick.

Sun Nov 24 1861 — Sick fever.

Mon Nov 25 1861 — Sick. Cavalry brought in two secesh prisoners. They were ragged. One had a boot & shoe, no coat, no stockings on.

Tues Nov 26 1861 — Sick, but getting better.

Wed Nov 27 1861 — Sick. Excused from drill.

Thur Nov 28 1861 — Sick. Getting better.

Fri Nov 29 1861 — Sick. Rec’d a letter from home.

Sat Nov 30 1861 — Sick. Amon & Merrifield went on picket. Dick in hospital in place of Jim Hollinger.

Sun Dec 1 1861 — Sick. Getting better.

Mon Dec 2 1861 — Sick. About the same.

Tues Dec 3 1861 — Sick. Doctor offered me a situation in hospital [for] 20 dollars a month.

Wed Dec 4 1861 — Sick. Getting better. Could not get doctor’s offer.

Thur Dec 5 1861 — Sick. Excused.

Fri Dec 6 1861 — Sick Excused from drill.

Sat Dec 7 1861 — Sick. Wrote to Dan Drusbach. Sent him two dollars.

Sun Dec 8 1861 — Sick. Wrote to Emory. Sent him 1.00.

Mon Dec 9 1861 — Sick. Excused.

Tues Dec 10 1861 — Sick. Sent picture of Gen. McClellan home to Father .50.

Wed Dec 11 1861 — Did not go to doctor but was excused from drill.

Thur Dec 12 1861 — Gen’l excuse from drill. Fixed vest.

Fri Dec 13 1861 — Doctor excused me for a week.

Sat Dec 14 1861 — Raised the “Brazen Rooster.” Went after water. Rec’d a letter from Mary. Wrote to Mary.

Sun Dec 15 1861 — Went on Guard Mounting for Charley. Wrote to Father.

Mon Dec 16 1861 — Rec’d a letter from home.

Tues Dec 17 1861 — Our Brigade had a show [sham] fight. Rec’d a letter from William & Emory. Wrote to Father.

Wed Dec 18 1861 — Laid around camp. Done nothing except to go after wood & water. Wrote to Emory & Wm.

Thur Dec 19 1861 — Brig had show [sham] fight. Wrote to Fidelia. Rec’d paper Emory.

Fri Dec 20 1861 — Sent Cal paper to Ed. Bought diary for 1862 — 30 cts.

Sat Dec 21 1861 — Review of divisions. Did not go. Charley Mc. went home. Cleaned and muddied up tent.

Sun Dec 22 1861 — Dr. Strong preached Randal’s funeral sermon. Wat & I went down to house and had stew. Wrote to Rate.

Mon Dec 23 1861 — Rain, snow & hail. Cold & very windy.

Tues Dec 24 1861 — Fixed arch for street.

Wed Dec 25 1861 — Raised arch. Company C. tight. Oysters for Christmas dinner. One pint to each home.

Thur Dec 26 1861 — Wat & Charley went to the city. Rec’d a letter from Ed. Wrote to Ed.

Fri Dec 27 1861 — The boy’s got back tonight.

Sat Dec 28 1861 — No drill.

Sun Dec 29 1861 — Attended service. Wrote home.

Mon Dec 30 1861 — Boys went on picket. Did not go.

Tues Dec 31 1861 — Went out to take bread to boys on picket. Mustered for pay.


Wed Jan 1 1862 — Wrote to Father. Boys came in from picket about noon.

Thur Jan 2 1862 — 9 AM boys on picket. Mustered in for pay. Mustering officer did not come so were not mustered.

Fri Jan 3 1862 — No drill. Guns taken away from the flanking companies. Boys were mustered for pay.

Sat Jan 4 1862 — Wrote letter to Ed Foster. No drill. Bought two candles.

Sun Jan 5 1862 — Changed clothes. No Divine Service. Fixed seat of pants.

Mon Jan 6 1862 — Began to drill. Went target shooting. Rec’d letter from home and Wm Austin.

Tues Jan 7 1862 — Company skirmish drill. Signed sutler’s bill 1.00. Company Drill.

Wed Jan 8 1862 — Company Drill. Wrote to Wm. Bat Drill. Rec’d letter & paper from Emory.

Thur Jan 9 1862 — No drill. Very wet & muddy. Rec’d new guns — the Springfield rifled muskets.

Fri Jan 10 1862 — Rained. No Roll Call. Wrote to Emory. Went target shooting. I was third best & Wat 1st. Rec’d paper from Emory.

Sat Jan 11 1862 — No Roll Call. Lake, Smith & I on guard. Rec’d a letter from home.

Sun Jan 12 1862 — Muddy. No Service.

Mon Jan 13 1862 — Completed a letter home. Drill Bayonette

Tues Jan 14 1862 — Snow on ground 2 inches. Bat Drill & Dress. No Company Drill. Dick
promoted Sergeant. Charley to Corporal.

Wed Jan 15 1862 — Rain. No Drill. Went after wood. John Pricked Dick’s arm.

Thur Jan 16 1862 — Wet. No Drill. Charley & I were vaccinated. Dick rec’d letter from Jennie. Dress Parade.

Fri Jan 17 1862 — Skirmish Drill. Bat Drill & Dress Parade. Dick rec’d letter Jenny.

Sat Jan 18 1862 — Rain. No Drill. Rec’d two papers of Emory. Charley on guard.

Sun Jan 19 1862 — Rain. Very muddy. No service.

Mon Jan 20 1862 — Muddy. No drill.

Tues Jan 21 1862 — Rain. Wat & I on guard.

Wed Jan 22 1862 — No Drill. Cold & cloudy.

Thur Jan 23 1862 — Our Regt. went on picket. Fair but cool. Borrowed .25 cts for Parsons.

Fri Jan 24 1862 — Hail & rain. Wat & Mark came out on picket. Frank Wallar came home. Did not stand at night. Felt unwell.

Sat Jan 25 1862 — Was relieved about 10 by the 83 Penn Regt.

Sun Jan 26 1862 — Inspection. No Service.

Mon Jan 27 1862 — Cold. No Drill. Lawrence Wright under arrest for shooting a cow on picket. Rec’d a letter from Rate.

Tues Jan 28 1862 Rain. — Rec’d our pay. Wrote to Rate.

Wed Jan 29 1862 — Muddy. Rec’d a letter from home. Felt quite unwell. Bought ½ Pie, pencil, paper &c.

Thur Jan 30 1862 — Muddy. Felt unwell. No Drill.

Fri Jan 31 1862 — Roll call. Muddy. Unwell. Dress Parade orders read for target shooting.

Sat Feb 1 1862 — Snow. Charley, Drake & Stacey on (Bar?). Went after wood. Wrote home.

Sun Feb 2 1862 — Inspection. Attended service. Bought 1 lb. butter .30 cts. Dick & I sent home $5.00 each. Row down at the grocery between three of Co H. & 9th Mass.  Co H boys hurt pretty bad & got licked.

Mon Feb 3 1862 — No Drill. Took medicine at hospital 3 times.

Tues Feb 4 1862 — Heavy Snow. No drill. Rec’d letter & paper from Em. Borne 1st Mich came to visit us.

Wed Feb 5 1862 — Very nice Day. Target shooting. Had fun snow balling the boys.

Thur Feb 6 1862 — On Guard. Police at Quarter M.’s tent. Rain.

Fri Feb 7 1862 — Target shooting. Rec’d letter from home. Rec’d one pair socks. David Fox and Sam’l Wilder came over to see us from the Michigan 1st. Slept in Dick’s bed & Dick went down to the hospital and slept.

Sat Feb 8 1862 — Had cakes & fresh pork for breakfast. Bat Drill & Dress Parade just after guard mounting. Dave & Sam went back.

Sun Feb 9 1862 — Dress Parade & Bat Drill in the morn. Inspection. Attended service. Dress Parade. Wat on guard & sick. Did not stand. Wrote home. Sent home $5.00.

Mon Feb 10 1862 — Bat Drill & Dress Parade. Went target shooting. Frank Waller & I had good oyster supper at Bat. Sutler’s.

Tues Feb 11 1862 — Snow. Bat Drill. Dick went to the city. Dick & I bought a large tin cup each. Went target shooting. Rec’d paper from Emory.

Wed Feb 12 1862 — Drill in bayonet exercise. Went target shooting. Mark on guard. Bought 10 cts worth of oysters for my supper.

Thur Feb 13 1862 — Went shooting. Dick came home & brot me 1½ lbs tobacco. Rec’d letter from Ed.

Fri Feb 14 1862 — Rose at 5 o’clock & went scouting out as far as Vienna. Saw no Secesh. No Roll call.

Sat Feb 15 1862 — Rec’d letter from home with pictures. Snowed all day. Rec’d paper from Emory.

Sun Feb 16 1862 — Went on picket. Charley & Wat did not go. Was on 2nd relief. Dick was Sergeant.

Mon Feb 17 1862 — Spoke for breakfast but could not get it. Dick & I got good dinner 30 cts. Old Sanbar treated Dick to a cigar & he gave it to me.

Tues Feb 18 1862 — Was Relieved by 83rd Penn Regt. Got in camp about 2 o’clock. Went after wood. No Roll Call.

Wed Feb 19 1862 — Rained all day. Had potatoes for dinner. No drill.

Thur Feb 20 1862 — Fair & pleasant. Drill in the bayonet exercise. Got up a lot of wood. Dress Parade. Potatoes & beef for dinner.

Fri Feb 21 1862 — Fair. Drill in bayonet exercise. Began cook shantee. Bayonet drill in afternoon. Dress Parade before Gen’l Porter. Had a dish of raw oysters at Battery Sutler’s.

Sat Feb 22 1862 — Rain a little. Washington’s Birthday and how I celebrated it. Was on Guard. The Regt. formed square in 4 ranks & had reading [of] the Farewell address of Washington. Speeches by Lieut Col. Major and others & 9 good cheers for the flag proposed by the adjutant.

Sun Feb 23 1862 — No service. Charley on guard. Took gun apart & cleaned it nice.

Mon Feb 24 1862 — No drill. A very hard gale blew down all the tents. Tore ours very bad. Rec’d Letter from home & paper from Emory.

Tues Feb 25 1862 — No Drill. Mark went to the city. Blew quite hard.

Wed Feb 26 1862 — Blew. Rain. Dress Parade & Bat Drill by Major. Mark came home.

Thur Feb 27 1862 — Wrote home. Was called at 4 AM to pack knapsacks & take two days rations in haversack but did not go. Col. arrived home.

Fri Feb 28 1862 — No drill. Was mustered for pay. Blew hard.

Sat March 1 1862 — Went to doctor. Could not speak loud. Rec’d blue pants.

Sun March 2 1862 — Was excused from duty. No drill Dress Parade. Wrote to Frank Cloyes. No service.

Mon March 3 1862 — Rain. No drill. Rec’d a letter from Wm. Rec’d letter from home.

Tues March 4 1862 — Fair. No Drill. Wrote home.

Wed March 5 1862 — Bayonet Drill. Wrote to Wm. Rec’d a letter from Fidelia. Rec’d 60 rounds of cartridges. Dress Parade.

Thur March 6 1862 — Bayonet Drill. Wrote to Fidelia. Dress Parade. Jerry Hall fixed pants.

Fri Mar 7 1862 — Drill in bayonet exercise. Dress Parade. Wrote to Ed. Cold and windy.

Sat Mar 8 1862 — Fair. bayonet drill. Bat. drill and Dress parade. The boys had a dance in the street in eve.

Sun Mar 9 1862 — Went to Vienna. Was reinforced. Worked on R.R.

Mon Mar 10 1862 — Came in from Vienna about 12 o’clock. Marched for Fairfax at 1½. Camped about two miles from Fairfax at night. Tired entirely out.

Tues Mar 11 1862 — Rose and started at daylight. Arrived in Fairfax at 8 o’clock. Found it full of troops. Drill in the afternoon.

Wed Mar 12 1862 — Wrote home. Bat drill. Dress Parade.

Thur Mar 13 1862 — Went guard mounting for W. Abbott. Inspection, Bat drill. Brigade dress parade. On Parade. Gen’l McClellan & staff came by.

Fri Mar 14 1862 — Wrote Home. Bayonet drill. Bat. drill. Mark went scouting. Brought in a calf on guard.

Sat Mar 15 1862 — Started for Alexandria at 6 a.m. Marched in rain. Stayed at night in the old camp of the 64th NY — long to be remembered.

Sun Mar 16 1862 — Inspection arms. Pres. Fairfield came to see us. Wat came up from Alex.

Mon Mar 17 1862 — Moved out in the grubs. Put up brush shanty. No drill.

Tues Mar 18 1862 — Wat and Barker went to Fort Corcoran. Bat drill. Boys were tied up for leaving camp.

Wed Mar 19 1862 — Bayonet drill. Went out for Bat drill but came back on account of review. Rained at night. Got wet.

Thur Mar 20 1862 — T. Tarsne & I went down to the tents. Rained all day. Rec’d letters from home and Fidelia.

Fri Mar 21 1862 — Packed up & went to Alexandria 4 miles and went on board the Flag Steamer Dan’l Webster at 2 P.M.

Sat Mar 22 1862 — Started down the river at 10 oclock a.m. Saw several Rebel batteries. Was joined by the Gunboats. Wrote to Fidelia.

Sun Mar 23 1862 — 9 oclock a.m., out of sight of land in Chespeak Bay. Landed at Fortress Monroe at 3 oclock P.M. Went about 3 miles and camped.

Mon Mar 24 1862 — Fair. No drill. Amon got some oysters.

Tues Mar 25 1862 — Packed up & went about two miles & camped. Put up brush shanty.

Wed Mar 26 1862 — No drill. Out of crackers. Lieut. Parsons bought box for us. Also some tobacco & Emery paper. Rec’d letter Perry.

Thur Mar 27 1862 — Rose at roll & marched to Big Bethel & back 24 miles.

Fri Mar 28 1862 — Jim Tarsney pulled off his stripes because boys called him thief. Went on guard mounting for H. Hartson.

Sat Mar 29 1862 — Rained hard. Wrote to Emory. Sutler came up got $1.00 in Tickets. Comp drill.

Sun Mar 30 1862 — Went on picket stationed at burnt bridge. Reinforcements came out. Charley came along on 3rd relief.

Mon Mar 31 1862 — Was relieved at 10 by the 9th Mass (or NY or Mays). Dress Parade. Cleaned gun with sand paper.

Tues Apr 1 1862 — Attended court marshal in Co. B. Bat drill. Did not drill.

Wed Apr 2 1862 — Company Drill. Adjutant arrived. Orders came to be ready to leave in the morn.

Thur Apr 3 1862 — Large detail from the Company for picket. Company drill Inspection. Wrote home.

Fri Apr 4 1862 — Rose at 3 o’clock am & started for Yorktown. Took two prisoners. Camped at Cockletown at night. Molasses had to suffer (or supper?).

Sat Apr 5 1862 — Started and marched 3 mile came on to the fortifications of Yorktown. Give & rec’d shell. On guard.

Sun Apr 6 1862 — Secesh threw the first shell today. Little firing on either side. 9th & 62nd threw up breastwork after dark. Inspection arms.

Mon Apr 7 1862 — Wrote to Ed. Not much firing on either side. Fixed our U.S. blankets into a “poncho” tent. Rain. Charley on guard.

Tues Apr 8 1862 — Rain. Very little firing. Went after rations with Dick.

Wed Apr 9 1862 — Packed up and moved back a little out of sight to the peach orchard. Rec’d two letters from home. Emory & West Troy.

Thur Apr 10 1862 — Rec’d new poncho tents. Inspection arms.

Fri Apr 11 1862 — Wrote home.

Sat Apr 12 1862 — Regt. on picket. Our company did not go. 24 detailed for Camp Guard. Was on. No hard bread for dinner.

Sun Apr 13 1862 — Amon, Dick, & I went down to the niggers & got 1 gal. of oysters. Inspection arms.

Mon Apr 14 1862 — Recd a letter from Em. On guard. Boys went down to work on dock.

Tues Apr 15 1862 — Off duty. Inspection & Parade, Comp drill. Gunboats fired on the Rebels.

Wed Apr 16 1862 — Was detailed to work on road by the bridge. Heavy cannonading all day on our left wing. Arch Gilchreist & Allen came to camp from the fort.

Thur Apr 17 1862 — Cannonading on our left this morn. Compy drill. Inspection Dress Parade.

Fri Apr 18 1862 — Went on picket at 4 am. Was on reserve until 12 at night. Then went on Post.

Sat Apr 19 1862 — Was relieved by the 18th Mass Regt. about 6 o’clock a.m. Capt. Wood (Co. C) was killed. Inspection arms. Rec;d two letters from home! Wrote to Fidelia.

Sun Apr 20 1862 — David Worden died. Amon, Mark & I were detailed as an escort.

Mon Apr 21 1862 — Did nothing of importance today.

Tues Apr 22 1862 — Was detailed to work on the Breastworks. Went out 5 am. Rained hard in afternoon. Got wet through. Rained all night. Captain & John Stevens arrived.

Wed Apr 23 1862 — Rain. Cleaned gun & dried clothes. Dick wrote home. Was detailed for fatigue duty to hold myself in readiness at any moment. Inspection & dress parade [but] did not go.

Thur Apr 24 1862 — Went to work on road. Meat brought out at noon. Charley bought 1 qt of [mol]lasses.

Fri Apr 25 1862 — Rose at 3 am & went to work on road. Came in at noon. Went out again at night but came back [and] did not work. Rain. Mark got some rice & cooked it for supper.

Sat Apr 26 1862 — Wrote to Ed. Rain all day & night. No drill.

Sun Apr 27 1862 — Rose at 3½ oclock & went on picket did not stand post. The Rebels shelled us [but] hurt no one. Cap fell in the mud.

Mon Apr 28 1862 — Fixed up the tent. Signed payroll & was paid off $26.00. Came in from picket about 6 o’clock a.m. Inspection.

Tues Apr 29 1862 — Rec’d letter from home Was on detail to work on trenches. The Rebels shelled us all day. Kill one in the 44th N.Y.

Wed Apr 30 1862 — A part of Regt. was mustered for pay. The rest was mustered this P.M. Rain.

Thur May 1 1862 — Regt. went out to work. I was excused by the doctor. Rec’d letter from Emory.

Fri May 2 1862 — Heavy firing by the Rebels. Wrote to Em. One shell passed over the camp.

Sat May 3 1862 — Rec’d letter from home & paper from Emory. Cannonading all day.

Sun May 4 1862 — 500 detailed for fatigue duty. Found the Rebels had evacuated their works. Came in camp again & packed up. Rec’d new blouse coat. Went out & formed line in front of Rebel works to stop all persons going up.

Mon May 5 1862 — Rain. Wrote home. Packed knapsacks. Rec’d letter from Fidelia.

Tues May 6 1862 — Company Drill. Dress parade with music — the first time since left Hampton. Bat. Drill.

Wed May 7 1862 — Nothing of importance today.

Thur May 8 1862 — Packed & went on board the Vanderbilt & went up to West Point. Stayed all night on boat.

Fri May 9 1862 — Landed in pontoon boats from the steamer. Went about ½ mile & camped.

Sat May 10 1862 — Went on picket. Wrote home. Came in about 3 P.M.

Sun May 11 1862 — Nothing of importance today.

Mon May 12 1862 — Laid around camp all day. Bought picture of Woodbury & Morell.

Tues May 13 1862 — Started for New Kent Court House at 4 am. Arrived at C.H. in the P.M. Had to fall out.

Wed May 14 1862 — On guard. Rain. Did not stand a trick. Troops turned out & Seward came by.

Thur May 15 1862 — Rain. Packed up. Rec’d ration of whiskey. Rain all day. Put up tents again. Did not go. Rec’d another ration whiskey. Chauncey Brown & Seth put their tents with ours.

Fri May 16 1862 — Packed up & went to White House 6 miles. Marched all day to get there. Put up tent at night after dark.

Sat May 17 1862 — Cleaned gun & had it stole when moved tents on a line. A lot of the company went down & had a swim in river. Inspection arms. Found gun in Co. G. Rec’d letter from Emory. Dr. Strong arrived.

Sun May 18 1862 — Wrote to Em. Went to church. Orders read that we were put on reserve & Morell commanding Division & Col McQuade commanding Brigade.

Mon May 19 1862 — Packed up things & went to Turnstall’s Station — distance of 6 miles. Arrived in afternoon.

Tues May 20 1862 — Company drill in manual [of arms]. Dress parade. Wrote home.

Wed May 21 1862 — Packed & went about 6 miles farther. Arrived this P.M. Dress Parade & Inspection.

Thur May 22 1862 — Packed up & went about 6 or 8 miles. Rain part of the march. Dick felt sick.

Fri May 23 1862 — Fine. Inspection & Dress Parade. Washed clothes.

Sat May 24 1862 — Rose at 4 a.m. to go reconnoitering. Came on to Rebel pickets about 10 am. 1200 strong at the Chickahominy River & licked them out. Our Regt. & 41 Cavalry was our force. 117 Killed & Several wounded of the Rebs & 2 Killed (Piper Co B) & a few wounded. Rec’d letter from home. McClellan met us & said, “Boys you done nobly today.”

Sun May 25 1862 — Fine. Wrote Home. Brigade turned out to the funeral inspection & dress parade Threw away old cartridges & rec’d new ones. This camp was named “Camp Michigan” in honor of the victory of the 4th yesterday.

Mon May 26 1862 — Rose at 3 a.m. Started at 4 & went about 3 miles & camped. Rained a little. Rec’d letter from Fidelia.

Tues May 27 1862 — Rose at 3. Started at 4 in light marching order & went out to Hanover. Run on the Rebels & had a fight. Rebels run & came in again in our rear. Licked them again. Rain in the morn. Slept in the wheat field at night. Col. Lee & 1000 men taken prisoners.

Wed May 28 1862 — 200 or 300 more prisoners came in this morn. Bought a hen — gave .50 for it. 8 men & a corporal from our compy for picket. Took the wrong road & camped for the night in woods. J. Hewett & I slept together.

Thur May 29 1862 — Had bully breakfast of chicken. Came in from picket about sunrise. Packed up. Arrived in camp at 1 o’clock at night.

Fri May 30 1862 — Washed. Hard hail storm. Lightning struck to Com Tent of the 44th N.Y. [and] wounded several.

Sat May 31 1862 — Wrote to Fidelia. Wrote home. Rain this P.M.

Sun June 1 1862 — Packed light. Marching orders two days rations. Went as far as Dr. Gaines house & came back.

Mon June 2 1862 — Went on picket near New Bridge. Wrote to Ed. Capt. Depuy shot Tom’s dog. Bought comb (25). Rain at night.

Tues June 3 1862 — Was relieved by the 44th N.Y. about 12. Came in had orders to pack & leave at any moment. Inspection

Wed June 4 1862 — Rain. Laid around camp all day. Wrote to Uncle Wm. Inspection.

Thurs June 5 1862 — Signed payroll. Was paid off.

Fri June 6 1862 — First Michigan came & took the place of the 25 N.Y. in Gen. Martindale’s Brig. Rec’d letters from Em & home.

Sat June 7 1862 — On guard. Rain in a.m. Nothing of importance today. Wrote to Emory.

Sun June 8 1862 — Regt. went to guard bridge did not go. Wrote home.

Mon June 9 1862 — Boys came in this A.M. Turned out for review. Spanish Gen’l Prim reviewed us. Inspection.

Tues June 10 1862 — Nothing of importance today.

Wed June 11 1862 — Amon, Mark, & I were detailed to guard Gen Pettigrew at Dr. Gaines. Took Gen. to White House Landing.

Thur June 12 1862 — Was relieved about 9 a.m. by 62nd Penn. Gen’l advance of artillery today. Went to Mill Pond to swim.

Fri June 13 1862 — Went on picket this 2 P.M. Was on line of communication. Stood 4 hours trick.

Sat June 14 1862 — Cooks brought out rations. Went on post at 3 P.M. again. Mule came into our lines marked C.S. Was in speaking distance of Rebel pickets.

Sun June 15 1862 — Came in this morning. Nothing of interest occuring today.

Mon June 16 1862 — Graded street & pulled down tents to dry out the ground. Put boughs in tent. Wrote Ed.

Tues June 17 1862 — Went out to work on long bridge. Relieved Duryea’s Regt. in the afternoon. Came in at 6 P.M. Wrote home. Rec’d ration. Whiskey.

Wed June 18 1862 — Bat. Drill before breakfast. Nothing more of interest.

Thur June 19 1862 — John Hewitt & I built brush arbor in front of tent inspection & Bat Drill this 6 o’clock P.M.

Fri June 20 1862 — Felt unwell. Lame shoulder. Knapsack drill for lot of boy’s for not being out. Roll Call Brigade drill this 5 o’clock P.M.

Sat June 21 1862 — Amon, Mark, & I on guard. Heavy firing on our left. Company drill.

Sun June 22 1862 — Off duty. Regt. went on picket. Rec’d letter from Father. Amon & I helped carry out veg. soup to the boy’s. Fixed tent. Wrote home.

Mon June 23 1862 — Went on guard again. Reg’t came in rain. Finished tent.

Tues June 24 1862 — Off duty. Put bunks. On tent. Rain. Rec’d letter from Em. Inspection.

Wed June 25 1862 — Hot. Charley & I went to wash clothes. Wrote to Emory. Brigade drill. Mr. Barrett, Allotment Commissioner from Michigan, spoke to us.

Thur June 26 1862 — No firing today on front or left but heavy on our right. Ordered to pack knapsacks & be ready to leave at a moment’s notice. Went on left & had a fight laid on arms all night. This was battle of Mechanicsville.

Fri June 27 1862 — Packed knapsacks & fell back fighting commenced about 1 o’clock. Had to fall back. Am wounded in leg. Lost knapsacks. We were routed & retreated bad order. Battle of Gaines Mill.

Sat June 28 1862 — Came across the river with Gen. Moore. Found the Reg’t started for James River. Went about 34 miles & camped. Rain at night.

Sun June 29 1862 — Started again this morn. Rec’d rations. Went about 6 miles. Slept in woods.

Mon June 30 1862 — Started again & arrived at the James [River] about noon. Were ordered to fall out at 4 P.M. Went out to fight. Rebels opened on our left. Gunboats drove them back. Slept on field all night.

Tues July 1 1862 — No firing this morn on front or right. Went out on field & waited for Rebels. They came about 5 P.M. Fought till dark & was relieved. Dick slightly wounded in head. Was left at Hospital. Slept at night with H. Hartson. Battle of Malvern Hill.

Wed July 2 1862 — Fell back to rear on river. Found the Regt in afternoon. Colonel was killed yesterday. Laid in mud about 6 inches deep. Gen’l Shields today reinforced us.

Thur July 3 1862 — Rebels shelled us again this morn. Regt went out to front. T. Tarsney, H. & C. Hartson & I started after breakfast for the Regt. Got off track. Stopped in woods & had dinner. Arrived at the Regt at dark went into tent with Barker & Best & Brown.

Fri July 4 1862 — Fired the National Salute. Had review. Brigade went out but came in again. Was not reviewed. Wrote home. Cleaned gun.

Sat July 5 1862 — Wrote to Carrie Moore. Had inspection arms. Rec’d letters from home & Carrie.

Sun July 6 1862 — Went down to creek & washed clothes. Wrote to Emory.

Mon July 7 1862 — Rec’d letters from home & Fidelia. Wrote home. Inspection Dress Parade.

Tues July 8 1862 — Barker & I rec’d a pass from Parson & went down to landing. Inspect arms. Turned out at 7 P.M. & at 9 P.M. President Lincoln reviewed us. Came in & went to eating beans Ben had cooked while we were out.

Wed July 9 1862 — Hot. Wrote to Fidelia. Inspection Arms.

Thur July 10 1862 — Fixed tent. Heavy firing down river. Rain this P.M.

Fri July 11 1862 — Barker & I were on guard to Gen’l Morell’s. Rec’d new blouse & knapsacks & shirt.

Sat July 12 1862 — Raised tent from ground. Inspection arms.

Sun July 13 1862 — Nothing of importance today. Gus went to landing & got some soft bread. Inspection.

Mon July 14 1862 — Wrote Ed & Em. Company drill at 6 A.M. Inspection arms. Doc. Chamberlain arrived. Told me Dick was down at the landing on board Vanderbilt.

July 15 1862 — Went down to landing this morn at six. Dick came up to camp with Em. Cooked dinner for us. After dinner we went back to the boats. I went aboard the Vanderbilt with Dick. Came back to camp & got Arch’s, Chauncey’s, & Franks descriptive list & sent them back with Pease with Dick’s. Were mustered for pay this P.M. Bought can of Sardines .60 & had good supper. Rain hard this eve. Dress Parade. Bought P. Folio & paper & pencil.

Wed July 16 1862 — Regt went on fatigue to cover up the dead cattle around the butcher shop’s. Ben & I went & cut bark for bunk. Rain at night.

Thur July 17 1862 — Company drill in Bayonet Exercise. Went after poles. Put up bunk. Cleaned gun. Ham for supper. Rain all night.

Fri July 18 1862 — Wrote Home. Rec’d letter from home No drill. Inspection arms & Dress Parade.

Sat July 19 1862 — Rec’d new leggings & caps. Did not take cap. Inspection arms & Dress parade.

Sun July 20 1862 — Inspection knapsacks. Rec’d haversack’s Wrote letter for Barker. Charlie went down to [Harrison’s] Landing to see Amon. Rec’d letter from Emory. Dress parade.

Mon July 21 1862 — One year ago today was the Battle of Bull Run. Moved camp down nearer the river in open field. Rec’d “A” tents.

Tues July 22 1862 — Went down to river & washed. Graded street. No Dress Parade.

Wed July 23 1862 — Rec’d letter for Dick. Company drill. Battalion drill & Dress parade.

Thur July 24 1862 — Was detailed as orderly for Col. Review of Division. Did not go out.

Fri July 25 1862 — Review 7½ o’clock. Off duty. Did not go out. Inspection.

Sat July 26 1862 — Thompson & I were excused from drill to go after boughs. Wrote Em.

Sun July 27 1862 — Washed clothes. Inspection & Dress Parade. B. Merritt arrived.

Mon July 28 1862 — Company Drill. Went to landing. Rec’d letter from home.

Tues July 29 1862 — Company Drill. Wrote home. Inspection.

Wed July 30 1862 — Bought bread & butter. Rec’d letter from home. Inspection & Dress Parade.

Thur July 31 1862 — Rec’d letter from home. Wrote to Ed Rain. The Rebels planted guns on other side river & shelled our camp about one o’clock at night. Sent Dick picture.

Fri Aug 1 1862 — Wrote home. Company Drill in Manual [of arms]. Genl Inspection. Dress Parade. Colonel Childs arrived.

Sat Aug 2 1862 — Had orders to be ready to cross the river at 7½ o’clock. Stayed all day. Took one Prisoner. Went out scouting & run onto Co. A. & was fired into by Co. A. Went out with a Flag of Truce. Rec’d letter from Emory.

Sun Aug 3 1862 — Gave Tom Shirt to wash. Rain almost all day.

Mon Aug 4 1862 — On Guard. Signed payroll. Rec’d pay. Rec’d letter from Dick.

Tues Aug 5 1862 — Wrote to Dick & home. Sent home $16 dollars in allotment. Inspection, Battalion drill, & Dress Parade.

Wed Aug 6 1862 — Cleaned gun. Bought shirt off Bill Thiel ($2.00). Inspection.

Thur Aug 7 1862 — Nothing of importance.

Fri Aug 8 1862 — Rec’d letter from Dick. Company Drill, Inspection & Dress Parade. Charley went home.

Sat Aug 9 1862 — Wrote Dick. Company Drill. Sold lemonade. Inspection & Dress Parade. Rec’d a letter from home.

Sun Aug 10 1862 — Inspection knapsacks. Were ordered to pack up & send knapsacks in wagons. Rain. One of the 9th came to the tent (tight) at night & woke us up. Aas put in guard house. Rain.

Mon Aug 11 1862 — Was ordered to be ready to go at 2 p.m. Did not go. Rain in afternoon.

Tues Aug 12 1862 — Brown & I bought box of dates (1.00). Went to river & washed. Gale of wind & slight rain.

Wed Aug 13 1862 — On Guard 3rd relief. Company drill, Inspection, & Dress parade.

Thur Aug 14 1862 — Was ordered to pack & be ready to go. Went about midnight. Rec’d letter from home.

Fri Aug 15 1862 — Went down the river. Passed Chas City Court House about 12 M. Had to fall out. Burt, Weaver & I slept together 4 miles from Chickahomony River.

Sat Aug 16 1862 — Got chicken & eggs this morn & started on. Stopped to roast corn about 10 a.m. Found the Regt. at Burt’s Ferry at the junction of the James & Chickahominy. Moved on again & went to Williamsburg. Jim Harroun & I bunked on sidewalk.

Sun Aug 17 1862 — Jim & I went across the road & got biscuits for breakfast. Bought .50 worth peaches. Started for the Regt. but it had gone on. Felt sick. Went as far as Yorktown. The 7th Mass. Battery boys gave us our supper — beef [and] coffee. Stayed near the Battery all night. Learned the Regt was on the old camp peach orchard. Our troops were mounting guns on the Rebel fortifications.

Mon Aug 18 1862 — Rose early & went on to find the Regt. but it had gone. Dugan, Ed Taylor & I were together today. Caught Hughs, Merritt, & Fletcher. Stopped & bought pies (.05). Dugan & Taylor went on at Big Bethel. Stopped all night at Porter’s old headquarters.

Tues Aug 19 1862 — Started on & met the Regt. going to Newport News. Stopped at nigs for breakfast. Arrived at Newport News about noon. Had good swim. Saw the Cumberland & Congress sticking out of the water. Went on board the Belvidere at 3 P.M.

Wed Aug 20 1862 — Arrived at “Aqua Creek” about 10 A.M. Went about 8 miles & stopped for the night. Our Regt. marched while the rest of the brigade rode. Threw out pickets.

Thur Aug 21 1862 — Started on at daybreak. Arrived at Fredericksburg about noon. Inspection. Orders came to move camp. Orders countermanded.

Fri Aug 22 1862 — Started about 12 o’clock at night. Slept along the road. Started & went to Barritt’s or Keney Ford 12 miles.

Sat Aug 23 1862 — Heavy Cannonading to our right at “Rappahannock Station.” Brown & Weaver went out & got potatoes & corn. Heavy rain. Cannonading at night at Rappahannock Station. Inspection cartridges.

Sun Aug 24 1862 — Regimental Inspection. Orders to pack up did so and remained so.

Mon Aug 25 1862 — Went out & got corn & potatoes & apples. Gen’l Sykes’ Brig arrived & camped beyond us. Had two ducks for breakfast (1.00). Went out on picket.

Mon Aug 25 1862 [note: a second entry for same date] Gen’l Porter & staff came by. Cannonading on our right. Went out on picket about 4 o’clock P.M. Went out about 6½.

Tues Aug 26 1862 — Came in camp about 7 p.m. Boy’s had alot of mutton cooked for Supper

Wed Aug 27 1862 — Started this morn at 7½ oclock. Marched to Bealton Station (21) miles. Was unwell and had to fall out. Had large boil on my right cheek.

Thur Aug 28 1862 — Started at 2½ this morn. Went about a mile & laid down in road till daylight. Went out to Bristol Station where the fight was yesterday & day before. Railroad bridges & cars destroyed. Saw lot of Secesh wounded. Sick & fell out. Caught the Regt. about an hour after they stopped.

Fri Aug 29 1862 — Rose this morn at roll call with sore feet. Started & went “left in front” till we got to “Manassas Junction” when we turned off to left & engaged the rebels with the Bat – Went on to the R.R. bridge where the boys got old woman’s geese. She came out & the boys paid her for them. Went back most to the Junction & went back & threw out pickets. Second Bull Run fight under Gen’l Pope.

Sat Aug 30 1862 — Started this morn before sunrise. Fell back went to Centerville & drew rations. Weaver & I went & got corn & apples. Were ordered to pack up & start. Went out toward the battlefield but turned back & camped in Centerville all night.

Sun Aug 31 1862 — Rain. Started & went down in front of the fortifications & stopped. Dr. Chamberlain arrived.

Mon Sept 1 1862 — Very quiet today. Rain about night. Fell in and stacked arms & remained up till 1½ o’clock when we started for Fairfax so got no sleep. Did not get out of Centerville till daylight.

Tues Sept 2 1862 — Arrived in Fairfax about noon. Stopped for dinner near the old camp ground. Starting again & saw troops drawn up in line for the Rebels but no Rebs came & our Brigade took the lead. Arrived at Langdon on the Chain Bridge Road. Put up here for the night. On guard. Cold night.

Wed Sept 3 1862 — Started this morn for “Old Camp Minor” via Chain Bridge. Arrived at Miner’s Hill about noon. Went off & bought 1 peck of potatoes (.25). Rec’d letter from Ed, Dick & Emory.

Thur Sept 4 1862 — Rec’d letter from Fidelia [and] one for Dick from Jennie. Wrote home. Rebels drove in pickets & shelled the train. Fell in & stacked arms with orders to go at any moment. Did not go.

Fri Sept 5 1862 — Rose this morn feeling quite unwell. Company Drill. Went to Dr. & was excused. Charley Decker & Thad Huff came to camp. Rec’d letter from brother Dick. Weaver bought two chickens. Had bully supper.

Sat Sept 6 1862 — Cleaned & fixed up street. Went to Dr’s & was excused. Policed streets. Were mustered for pay. Some of the boys that were left on the Peninsula arrived. William Bird came from Bedloes Island, N.Y. Orders came to move. Left about 11. Stopped at night near Buffalo on the turnpike a little way from Falls Church.

Sun Sept 7 1862 — Rose this morn feeling unwell. Burt cooked some coffee for me. Regt. moved up to the front on the Hill. Burt went after potatoes & corn. Rec’d ration of whiskey.

Mon Sept 8 1862 — Potatoes & corn for breakfast.

Tues Sept 9 1862 — Our company went on post. Stood 24 hours. Rec’d letters from Ed & one from Muskegon for Dick. Rec’d our knapsacks. Got Wat down to Osborn’s.

Wed Sept 10 1862 — Cleaned up for Genl Inspection. Wrote long letter to brother Dick. Rain this eve. Went down in old church to sleep. On camp guard. D. Fox arrived from Fortress Monroe.

Thur Sept 11 1862 — Regt. rec’d barrel of sanitary goods. Our Co. got can of cherries & two bottles of jelly & this morn. They were divided in this manner: each man drew a card & everyone that got an ace got the stuff. I got part of the jelly. Slept in church on account of rain. Had to get up at 1 o’clock.

Fri Sept 12 1862 — Started about daylight & went to Washington. Rested near the Capitol. Started again & went to Silver Springs. Had to fall out on account of shoes hurting & went to the Regt. barefooted. Steve Mallory & Seth Boles & I slept together near the Regt. Went to Regt. this morn. Regt. drew poncho tents. I did not get any. Sent knapsacks back & carried our blankets.

Sat Sept 13 1862 — Started this morn & went to Rockville. Passed through Leesboro. Stopped for the night near Clarksburg.

Sun Sept 14 1862 — Started this morn about 6 o’clock. Passed thro Clarksburg & Hyattstown. Reached Fredrick City about 6 P.M. Here the Rebels destroyed the Baltimore & Ohio R.R. Bridge. About played out. Chapped & sore feet.

Mon Sept 15 1862 — Got up last night at 1 o’clock & was to start at 3 but orders came to lay down till we got rations. Rec’d rations about 6 a.m. Started immediately. Went through Fredrick — quite a large place. Great union demonstration. Saw about 200 prisoners. Stopped for the night near Middletown.

Tues Sept 16 1862 — Today is my birthday — 18 years old. One year ago today I was at home. Started this morn at 5½ oclock. The Rebs destroyed the bridge at Middletown. Passed thro Boonsboro, Turner’s Gap & Keedersville. Stopped for the night a little beyond Keedersville. Found parts of Sumner’s & Burnside’s Corps here. Found the Rebs just in front. Came only about 10 miles today. Put up tent with Stanback & Burt. Burt on Guard.

Wed Sept 17 1862 — Battle Antietam commenced today at daylight by the batteries. Our Brig moved a little to the front & sat down. Moved back a little & had dinner. Dude Thompkins came to see me. Rec’d letter from home. Moved up to the right a little way & came back & slept on the ground we had left.

Thur Sept 18 1862 — Drew rations. Very quiet today. No firing — only pickets. Had baked squash for dinner. Rec’d orders to march. Went firing over to the left & laid down for the night. Rain.

Fri Sept 19 1862 — Rose at 5 & packed up ready for a move. No firing. The 2nd Div. Col. went out on picket. Moved to the front & left. Passed through Sharpsburg. The Rebels held this place yesterday but left last night. Sharpsburg suffered considerably during the cannonading of Wed. Almost every house was struck by shell & shot. Went on & drew up in line of battle on the Maryland side of Potomoc River & Rebels on the Virginia side. Our batteries engaged the Rebs. Our Regt. was ordered to cross the river & take the Rebel batteries. Done so. Took 6 guns, 9 prisoners & one Rebel flag. Our Regt. & part of Berdan’s Sharpshooters done the job.

As I have a new diary, I send this home by Mr. G. B. Brown of Co E who was wounded yesterday.

Address for Burt:  Rev John Seage, Coldwater, Branch Co., Michigan

Second Diary of Henry S. Seage

Corporal Henry S. Seage
Co E. 4th Mich Vol. Regt
White Pigeon, Michigan
Sept 16th 1862

Adj. Genls office corner of Calvert and Fayette Sts opposite Barnum’s Hotel
Hdqrs Genl Shenk Maj T B Warner P.M. USA

Charlotte was born in West Troy May 30th 1845

Continue from former Diary of 1861 and 1862.


Fri Sept 19th 1862 — Rose at 5 & packed up ready for a move. The 2nd D.C. Regt went out on picket. Moved to Potomac passed through Sharpsburg on the route. This place suffered a great deal by the canonading of Wed. Arrived at the Potomac at noon. Battery engaged the Rebels across the river. Our Regt. went down to support the Sharpshooters. While the Regt. was here, Col Childs said we were going to cross the river & take the Reb’s Batteries. Done so. Took 6 Guns, 9 Prisoners, & one flag. Burt Brown & Wilber wounded. Gave Burt my old diary to send home.

Sat Sept 20th 1862 — The Regt were ordered to cross the river again. Done so. Did not go. Cooke Burts & my breakfast. Had orders to pack up did so & formed line this side of the river. The Brigade that was across the river were driven back. Went back to camp & drew new cartridges — 80 rounds.

Sun Sept 21st 1862 — Laid in camp all day. Rec’d & wrote a letter to [my brother] Dick. Fine day. Fox & I had pancakes & beef for supper.

Mon Sept 22nd 1862 — Orders to move camp went over in the fields to the left. Very hot.

Tues Sept 23rd 1862 — Company drill one hour from 9 till 10 A.M. Felt quite unwell. Slept almost all day. About 6 oclock were ordered to pack up & go on Picket. On picket near the River. Co. E on the reserve all night. Stood one trick one hour over the guns. About 11 oclock at night loud cheering was heard in our camp. Borrowed .25 cts of Magee.

Wed Sept 24th 1862 — Company went on Post Jennison, Fox & I on post together. Right Wing stood at night & the left in the daytime. Co. I exchanged papers with the Rebels. Learned that the 5th VA Cavalry (Rebel) was on picket. No firing on either side. Had squash for dinner. Put up poncho tent. Rained this P.M. Was relieved about 7 o’clock by the 2nd D.C. Cold.

Thurs Sept 25th 1862 — Rose at daylight shivering with the Cold. So made a fire as soon as possible & cooked our breakfast. Had bully breakfast of beans that Fox got while on picket. Company drill from 9 o’clock a.m. till 10. After drill, I went over to the 17th. Just one year ago to day I bid farewell to Home & loved ones to help sustain the honor & constitution of the U.S. Inspection & Dress Parade.

Fri Sept 26th 1862 — Rose at roll call. Compy Drill. Fixed rails around tent & made a good soft bed of straw. Battalion Drill.

Sat Sept 27th 1862 — Comp. Drill. Detailed to work around the Col’s quarters. Capt told me that Father was Chaplain of our Regt. Dress Parade.

Sun Sept 28th 1862 — Went on picket this morn at 7½ oclock A.M. Our Co & I & H were the reserve. Did not stand. Fox & some other boy’s went out & killed a hog. Fox got two forequarters. Ben sick with cramps & Geo. Hughes sick.

Mon Sept 29th 1862 — Was relieved about 9 A.M. by the 25th N.Y. Very warm. Sent letter home.

Tues Sept 30th 1862 — On guard 2nd relief at Col’s tent. Nothing of importance.

Wed Oct 1st 1862 – Wrote to Fidelia. Company Drill. No Battalion Drill Dress Parade.

Thurs Oct 2nd 1862 — Battalion Drill at 9 A.M. Went to river & washed clothes. Rec’d paper for Dick & letters from Dick & Weaver Dress Parade. Fox made a grater & we had some corn meal.

Fri Oct 3rd 1862 — Fell out for review by the President at 9 A.M. Went out in field & laid in hot sun till noon when the cannon announced the arrival of the President on the ground. Reviewed & came in camp. Found Weaver there & 9 recruits for the company. Ann sent me a letter with 7 dollars in it. 1 for me & one for Mark. Dick sent me the 5 dollars. Decker brought the Letter. Bought soft bread.

Sat Oct 4th 1862 — Went out for Battalion Drill but orders came to go in & clean up for inspection by the Inspector Genl. But no Gen’l came. Rain.

Sun Oct 5th 1862 — Wrote to Amon & Dick. Bought can of sardines. Inspec & Dress Parade.

Mon Oct 6th 1862 — Bat. Drill. At guard mounting. Company Drill. Cleaned drill ground of the stones. Dress Parade. William Ross got his discharge & went home.

Tues Oct 7th 1862 — Bat & Co Drill. Fox on guard. Went out in field & pulled corn stalks for drill ground. Saw Dave Fox. Said he saw Father in Washington. Bat Drill & Dress Parade.

Wed Oct 8th 1862 — Bat Drill before Guard mounting. No Co. Drill on account of moving camp. No Dress Parade.


Chaplain John Seage [courtesy of Steve Roberts]

Thur Oct 9th 1862 — Moved tents a little. David & I went after straw. Decker cooked beef soup. Ordered to clean up for inspection. Father & [brother] Dick came. Bought pie 25. Boys rallied on a sutler. Father bought a peck of potatoes for us.

Fri Oct 10th 1862 — Co & Bat Drill. Bought bread, fish, butter, & cider. Rain. No Dress Parade. Geo. Hughes sent to Sharpsburg Hospital with “Yellows.”

Sat Oct 11th 1862 — No drill today on account of rain. Nothing in particular today. Wrote to Ed. Dress Parade.

Sun Oct 12th 1862 — Rain most all day. Inspection arms. Went to church at 10½ oclock The Text was the 12 chapter of Hebrews & 1st verse. Dress Parade. Rain all night.

Mon Oct 13th 1862 — Went on picket. Father went with me & fished off the dam. Flag of Truce went over.

Tues Oct 14th 1862 — Dick & Charley brot down our dinner of potatoes & fish. Were ordered across the canal on account of turning in the water. Doubled the posts at night. Expected the Rebel cavalry to attack us but none came.

Wed Oct 15th 1862 — Was relieved this morn about 8½ oclock. Were ordered to clean up for inspection. Were Insp. by Ord de Camp Montheith. Fell in line on time. Time — 2 min & 7 sec. Fell in again but did not go out. No Parade.

Thur Oct 16th 1862 — Was called up this morn at 3 am Went reconoitering across the River. Found the Rebels about 3 miles from Shepardstown. Drove them about 2 miles & fell back & took up our position for the night. Rain all night. Got wet.

Fri Oct 17th 1862 — Started this morn & went out about 5 miles by the Rail Road. Started back about 3 P.M. Our Brigade covered the retreat across the river. Got into camp about 11 at night.

Sat Oct 18th 1862 — No Drill to day. On guard. Nothing of importance.

Sun Oct 19th 1862 — Inspection. Went to Church. Text “What am I, Where am I, & Where am I going.” Parade.

Mon Oct 20th 1862 — Company Drill & Bat. Drill Nothing of Importance to day.

Tues Oct 21st 1862 — Blew awful hard. No Drill on acct of the wind. Very cold. Decker & Fox on guard at the Genl Headq.

Wed Oct 22nd 1862 — Bat. & Comp. Drill. Rec’d letter from home & Relta.

Thur Oct 23rd 1862 — Bat. & Comp. Drills. Several of our Regt went into the Regular Service.

Fri Oct 24th 1862 — Genl Inspection. Co. Drill.

Sat Oct 25th 1862 — Bat Drill. Co. Drill Inspection & Parade. On guard. Acted as Corporal of the Guard.

Sun Oct 26th 1862 — Rain & very cold no Service Recd marching orders.

Mon Oct 27th 1862 — No drill to day on account of rain & cold.

Tues Oct 28th 1862 — Bat & Co. Drill. Inspection [Col.] Merritt went home.

Wed Oct 29th 1862 — Bat Drill. Wrote to Relta. Rec’d marching orders again at roll call Captain read the new Non Com’s. I was announced as 8th Corporal.

Thur Oct 30th 1862 — Bat. Drill. Co. Drill did not go out. Helped Lt. Theil make out Muster Roll. Removed Camp. Started at dark & marched to within 2 miles of Harper’s Ferry. Laid down for the Night.

Fri Oct 31st 1862 — Started this morn & crossed the river at the Ferry. The boys rallied on a sutler as soon as they landed in Va. Went about 5 miles beyond the Ferry & camped. Went out scouting at night.

Sat Nov 1st 1862 — Were mustered for pay for four months. David last night went out & got a lot of honey. Fox bought ½ Sheep 1.00. F. Mallory helped make out the Pay rolls. Ate Supper with Capt.

Sun Nov 2nd 1862 — Packed up & started at 7 a.m. Went about 15 miles to Snickersville. Father slept with us.

Mon Nov 3rd 1862 — Put up tent. David went out & brought in some fresh pork. About 4 oclock P.M. fireing was heard just over the mountain. Fell in & stacked arms ready to go but did not.

Tues Nov 4th 1862 — Rose at 5 A.M. with orders to go at daylight but did not. Orders to be ready for Gen’l Inspection at 10 am. Dress Parade.

Wed Nov 5th 1862 — Co. Drill. Walter Wright & Gavett came to Regt. today. Sent away all the teams & had orders to be ready to have parade.

Thurs Nov 6th 1862 — Rose this morn at 4 A.M. Rain. Started at 6 A.M. & marched about 15 miles. Passed through Middletown by Platoons when we stopped for dinner. Amon came to Regt. Camped about 5 miles from Middletown. Cold.

Fri Nov 7th 1862 — Started this morn at daylight. Awful cold. Snowed to day for the first time this winter. Camped at 9 A.M. went about 5 miles to day. Recd letter from home. Camped at White Plains Station.

Sat Nov 8th 1862 — Rose this morn at 4 & started at 6. Ground frozen hard. Cold. Passed through Thoroughfare Gap about 9 A.M. About 12, we passed Gen’l Seigel forces encamped. Stop about 2 for the night about 5 miles from Warrington. David went out & brot in alot of honey & cabbage & chicken. Stayed up most of the night cooking them.

Sun Nov 9th 1862 — Started this morn at 6 A.M. & marched about 4 miles & camped one mile from Warrington. Went after hay David went after cabbage. No Service to day on account of the cold. Artemas Todd & Perine arrived; also W Wright & F Shadbolt & Artemas Ward.

Mon Nov 10th 1862 — Review. McClellan took leave of the Army. Went down & washed all my clothes. Wrote Home. Inspection & Dress Parade.

Tues Nov 11th 1862 — Company Drill. Drew potatoes for dinner. Dress Parade & Inspection.

Wed Nov 12th 1862 — Fell out. Gen Porter took leave of the Corps.

Thur Nov 13th 1862 — Went out for Co. Drill but came again & got ready for guard duty at Warrenton. Our Co. & 2 from the other Co’s.

Fri Nov 14th 1862 — On Guard. The team brot us our rations from camp. Got a case knife.

Sat Nov 15th 1862 — Troops commenced moving this morn toward the River. On Guard still. Major Randolph arrived.

Sun Nov 16th 1862 — On Guard yet. Father made us a visit. Moved all the Com & quartermaster stores away this eve. Got a box of stuff for the warehouse. I got a pair of gloves.

Mon Nov 17th 1862 — I took off the guard at 7 A.M. Packed up & left Warrenton about 9 A.M. Arrived in Warrenton Junction about 2 P.M. Found the Regt. had moved toward Fredericksburg. Commenced raining at 5 P.M. so encamped at dark.

Tues Nov 18th 1862 — Started this morn at daylight. Found the Regt. about 3 miles. Had our breakfast & waited for the Regt. to move. Joined Regt. & started about 8 A.M. & went to within 12 miles from Fredericksburg. Rain almost all day. Encamped about 6 P.M.

Wed Nov 19th 1862 — Rain this morn. Packed up but did not move until about noon. Went about 6 miles & camped raining hard & kept it up all night.

Thur Nov 20th 1862 — Rain. Put up Father’s tent. Slept with him. Went about two miles for rails. Dress Parade & Inspection.

Fri Nov 21st 1862 — Packed up but did not go. Orders came to put up our tents for the night. Father slept with me.

Sat Nov 22nd 1862 — Laid in camp all day. Packed up but orders came to put up tents again.

Sun Nov 23rd 1862 — Started this morn. Stopped half an hour for dinner. Moved on to within 3½ miles of Fredericksburg & camped about 8 oclock P.M. Father slept all night with me.

Mon Nov 24th 1862 — On “Corpl of the Guard.” The Comp’s had Inspection Arms. Dick came had arrived with the 24th Mich.

Tues Nov 25th 1862 — Inspection Arms. Nothing of importance today. Rain.

Wed Nov 26th 1862 — Rain this morn. Went down in woods with Father & Dick after Laurel root for a pipe. Inspection.

Thurs Nov 27th 1862 — Out of hard bread.

Fri Nov 28th 1862 — Rec’d letters of Uncle Wm., Ed & home. Inspection.

Sat Nov 29th 1862 — Wrote Home. Moved camp. Raised tent on logs.

Sun Nov 30th 1862 — Reading of Articles of War at Service. Col. Childs resigned & went home & Lt. Col. Lumbard took command. Burt Brown & Tip Birge arrived from Hospital.

Mon Dec 1st 1862  — Co. Drill at 10 & 2. Dress Parade & Inspection.

Tues Dec 2nd 1862 — Co. Drill. Parade & Inspection.

Wed Dec 3rd 1862 — Co. Drill. Rec’d clothing. Dress coats & ct. Parade & Inspec.

Thur Dec 4th 1862 — Went to the rear about 3 miles on picket. Started about 9 a.m. Our Co. on reserved to day.

Fri Dec 5th 1862 — Our Co. relieved Co C. Stood Post. Commenced raining [and] turned to Snow. Snowed all day. Moved the line out a little farther. Very Cold.

Sat Dec 6th 1862 — Out of pork & bread. Was relieved about 2 P.M. by the 141st N.Y. Regt. Started for camp at which we arrived an hour after starting. Boy had supper cooked for us.

Sun Dec 7th 1862 — No Service. Cold.

Mon Dec 8th 1862 — Moved tent to other side of street & raise it also put in fireplace. Rec’d letter from Fidelia.

Tues Dec 9th 1862 — Finished fixing tent. Very muddy. No Parade.

Wed Dec 10th 1862 — Rec’d orders to put three day’s rations in haversacks & be ready to leave any time after 4 oclock P.M. Did not go till morn.

Thur Dec 11th 1862 — Artemas Todd died. Rose this morn at 4 A.M. Bombardment of Fredericksburg began about 4½ oclock & continued all day. Moved up to within a mile of the river. Laid down for the night.

Fri Dec 12th 1862 — Firing commenced this morn about 8 oclock. Moved down toward the river & laid all day. Father came up & slept with me.

Sat Dec 13th 1862 — Battle of Fredericksburg. Rose this morn at 4. Father sold off Artemas’ things. Firing began about 8 A.M. Fell in at 2 P.M. & crossed the river. Came back again & countermarched again & went up to the front & opened fire on the Rebels. Thompson wounded. Filled up with cartridges tonight No firing tonight. Left our knapsacks back.

Sun Dec 14th 1862 — Nothing but skirmishing today. Was relieved tonight about 11 o’clock by Burnsides old Corps & went into town. Laid down in the street. David went back & got our knapsacks. Drew rations of whiskey.

Mon Dec 15th 1862 — Laid in town all day. Had inspection arms. Fell in about 5 P.M. & went up town & laid down in the street. Very little firing today. A wall fell on the opposite side of the street tonight.

Tues Dec 16th 1862 — Rose this morn about 5 A.M. & crossed the river. Rained hard. Went up to the ground we had left Sat & put up tents. Packed up again & went back to old quarters. Found boards all gone so supplied the place with small poles. Detail ordered for picket but did not go.

Wed Dec 17th 1862 — Nothing of Importance. Inspection.

Thur Dec 18th 1862 — Wrote to Fidelia. Inspection.

Fri Dec 19th 1862 — Inspection & Dress Parade.

Sat Dec 20th 1862 — Genl Inspection at 10 A.M. A Court of Inquiry of all the Non Com-officers of the Co. met at Capt’s tent. Sergt Fletcher reduced to ranks for cowardice.

Sun Dec 21st 1862 — Washed Clothes. Church but did not attend. Wrote to Relta. Parade & Inspection. Emerson & Marvin arrived.

Mon Dec 22nd 1862 — Parade & Inspections. Went down to R.R. with Mr. Todd to get Artema’s Coffin. Dick promoted to Srgt. Major.

Tues Dec 23rd 1862 — Went down & helped dig up Artemas body. Inspection but no Parade.

Wed Dec 24th 1862 — Cleaned Gun. Wrote to Emory. Dress Parade & Inspection.

Thurs Dec 25th 1862 — Christmas Day & how it passed. A very fine day. Beef soup & potatoes & sauce for dinner. Father & Dick ate with us. Dress Parade & Inspection of arms.

Fri Dec 26th 1862 — Fine Day. Nothing of importance today. Parade.

Sat Dec 27th 1862 — Done nothing today.

Sun Dec 28th 1862 — Changed clothes. Went to Church. Regimental Inspection & Dress Parade.

Mon Dec 29th 1862 — Company Drill began to day from 10 until 11 A.M. Parade and Inspection.

Tues Dec 30th 1862 — Co. Drill. Orders came to be ready any time after 12 o’clock to march light. Started about 3 P.M. & went about 18 miles Passed over the same road we went to Barrett’s Ford last Aug. Fell out. Tip Burnett, Stanpack & I slept together about a mile to the rear of the Regt.

Wed Dec 31st 1862 — Started this morn & ate breakfast where the Battery stood just as they were moving. Started after them & came up just as they “about” faced & came back with them to camp 28 miles distant. Got in camp about 9 o’clock in the eve. Burt cooked supper for Phillip & I. Burt had a bottle of “Old Jamaica Rum” which tasted bully. Felt awful sore & tired. The “Monitor” went down off Hatteras Inlet in a gale. All slaves declared free from to day.


Thur Jan 1st 1863 — New Year’s. How very different from two years ago. Boys most all tight in Co. Very fine day Inspection & Dress Parade.

Fri Jan 2nd 1863 — Co. Drill & Parade. Mustered for pay

Sat Jan 3rd 1863 — Co. Drill. Went on Service Sergt of Guard to night for James Quackenbush.

Sun Jan 4th 1863 — No Inspection. Went to Church. Wrote to Ed. Parade.

Mon Jan 5th 1863 — Rose at 6 A.M. Detail of 20 went down to work loading waggons to R.R.

Tues Jan 6th 1863 — Co Drill. Helped Malty make out the Co acct. books. David “bucked” and handcuffed for not going on guard. Rain this P.M. Made (Rimy?) Co drill.

Wed Jan 7th 1863 — Company Drill. Battalion Drill & Dress Parade. Cold.

Thurs Jan 8th 1863 — Rose this morn at 6 and got ready for review at 10 A.M. Gen’l Burnside reviewed our Grand Division. No drill or Dress Parade.

Fri Jan 9th 1863 — Rec’d letter from home. Company Drill in morn. Battalion Drill in the P.M. Dress Parade.

Sat Jan 10th 1863 — No drill to day. Rain. Wrote home. Dick Rec’d picture of Jennie B.

Sun Jan 11th 1863 — No church on account of cold & wet. Put on my “Chivrons.” Inspections But no Parade

Mon Jan 12th 1863 — Company Drill. Bat. Drill Dress Parade.

Tues Jan 13th 1863 — Gen’l Inspection at 9½ A.M. Ate dinner with Burt. Did not go out on Bat. Drill because I had to help make out the Co’s Descriptive Books with Lieut. Malty. Went to Dr. for the sores on my leg.

Wed Jan 14th 1863 — On Guard. Senior Corp’l Wm. Fuller went out on guard mounting for me while I ate my breakfast. On Second relief. Fine day and night.

Thurs Jan 15th 1863 — Reported at the Guard House at sick & remained there till New Guard went on. Father handed me a letter from Emory. Co. and Bat. Drill’s but did not go out. William Hernie from the Michigan 7th came over and brought some soft bread. The first bread we had tasted since arr Sharpsburg. Dress Parade.

Fri Jan 16th 1863 — Rained hard last night & part of this morn. Cleaned up about 9 A.M. & turned quite cold. Co. Drill but no Bat. Drill. Orders came to have 3 days cooked rations and be ready to start early tomorrow morn. Rec’d letter from home. Wrote to Emory.

Sat Jan 17th 1863 — Did not march. Postponed 24 hours. No drills. Parade.

Sun Jan 18th 1863 — Burt and I went down and washed. Marching postponed 24 hours. Dress Parade. Took Gavett to the guard house. Rec’d letters from Uncle Wm. & Ed.

Mon Jan 19th 1863 — Quite Cold. Marching again postponed 24 hours. Wrote to Uncle Wm. No drills or Parade.

Tues Jan 20th 1863 — Packed up this morning but did not start till most 3 P.M. Went about two miles and camped. Rained tonight.

Wed Jan 21st 1863 — Started this morn at 10 A.M. Mud awful deep. Could hardly get along. Rain. Marched this day only about 3 miles. Camped in the woods. Rain.

Thurs Jan 22nd 1863 — David found Valise last night. Two of Co. C. boys hurt by a tree falling last night. Ordered to march this morn at 5 A.M. but did not go at that time. Pat brought up the mail. Rec’d letter from home. Dick answered it.

Fri Jan 23rd 1863 — Rose this morn at 6 A.M. and went out near the “Brick Church” to fix roads so the artillery could get back. Drew rations of whiskey. Co. G and one of the 12th N.Y. had muss. Rained a little.

Sat Jan 24th 1863 — Drew Rations. Started for camp at which we arrived about 3 P.M. Awful muddy. Wagons and artillery stuck fast. Found tent all right. Were paid tonight. Only rec’d four months pay. Two months back yet.

Sun Jan 25th 1863 — Spent the day in fixing up tent. No Dress Parade.

Mon Jan 26th 1863 — Finished fixing up tent. Dress Parade but no drills. Hooker took command of army.

Tues Jan 27th 1863 — Rain this morn. Turned off quite cold. No Drills.

Wed Jan 28th 1863 — Snowed quite hard all day. Nothing of importance.

Thurs Jan 29th 1863 — Had charge of the pioneers to cut wood for Gen’l Griffin’s headquarters. Snow about 6 or 8 inches deep.

Fri Jan 30th 1863 — Did not get up till 9 this morn. Sent in application for furlough. Was examined by Doctor.

Sat Jan 31st 1863 — Fine day. No drill on account of mud. Inspection & Parade.

Sun Feb 1st 1863 — Regimental inspection at 10½ oclock. Went to church at 2½ oclock. Dress Parade.

Mon Feb 2nd 1863 — Co. Drill & Bat. Drill. But was excused from duty. Was helping Adjutant make out the monthly reports.

Tues Feb 3rd 1863 — Commenced raining this morn. No Drills or Parade.

Wed Feb 4th 1863 — Orders for Gen’l inspection but was postponed 24 hours. Got hurt with gun barrel. Fox had filled with water & in the fireplace hit me under the left eye.

Thurs Feb 5th 1863 — No drill. Was excused from duty by Dr. Watts.

Fri Feb 6th 1863 — Could not see out of my left eye. No drills.

Sat Feb 7th 1863 — No drills or parade.

Sun Feb 8th 1863 — Inspection arms. No service or parade on account of mud.

Mon Feb 9th 1863 — A detail of 200 men were ordered for fatigue duty. Burt & I did not go.

Tues Feb 10th 1863 — No duty. Rec’d boxes from home & Troy. Both a little injured. Bought knife of Burnett 2.00.

Wed Feb 11th 1863 — Fox came in sick. Was off duty on account of eye.

Thur Feb 12th 1863 — Policed Streets. Inspection of quarters & streets. No Duty. Dick Came into Camp.

Fri Feb 13th 1863 — Fox was ordered out to the Regt. to work at the U. States Ford building corduroy roads & bridges.

Sat Feb 14th 1863 — Seth Bolles came in from Regt. Burt washed clothes.

Sun Feb 15th 1863 — No service on account of rain.

Mon Feb 16th 1863 — Drew rations. Sent .50 cents tobacco cut to Philips by Jeffy.

Tues Feb 17th 1863 — On guard. David came into camp after mail & rations.

Wed Feb 18th 1863 — Rain all day. Fox went out to Regt. with Father’s horse.

Thurs Feb 19th 1863 — Drew rations. Nothing of importance.

Fri Feb 20th 1863 — Henry W. Magee came into camp. Said Regt. would come in tomorrow.

Sat Feb 21st 1863 — Regt. came in ragged, dirty & lousy.

Sun Feb 22nd 1863 — Rose this morn & found about 6 inches snow on ground. Washington’s Birthday was kept by national salute of artillery. On guard. Snowed all day. Very cold.

Mon Feb 23rd 1863 — Very fine day. Wrote to Ed. Inspection.

Tues Feb 24th 1863 — Hewitt came home last eve. Fine day. Inspection.

Wed Feb 25th 1863 — David on Guard. Began raining about night. Inspection arms.

Thurs Feb 26th 1863 — Rained hard all day. Helped Lieut. Malty make out the muster Rolls. Inspection Arms

Fri Feb 27th 1863 — Fine day. Inspection Arms Sent in another furlough [request] but withdrew it again.

Sat Feb 28th 1863 — Fine day. Wrote letter to Charlotte. Were mustered for pay.

Sun March 1st 1863 — No service today. Fine day.

Mon Mar 2nd 1863 — Philip on guard. Rained a little. Rec’d orders for picket. Started about 10 A.M. Rained hard at night.

Tues Mar 3rd 1863 — Squally today. Very Cold.

Wed Mar 4th 1863 — Pres. Lincoln’s time half out. On picket still. Clear but cold. Dicker came out. Bought can of milk of him.

Thur Mar 5th 1863 — Was relieved by the 14th Regulars about 9 A.M. Arrived in camp about noon. No Drill or Parade.

Fri Mar 6th 1863 — Rained a little. Rec’d boots from Ed. Dick Rec’d books from Asher & Co. Sold them for him. No Drills. Dress Parade.

Sat Mar 7th 1863 — Rained a little all day. Inspection tents. Wrote Home & Fidelia.

Sun Mar 8th 1863 — Capt. Parsons went home. No service on account of rain. Father, Dick & I went down to ambrotype tent & had our pictures taken in a group to send home. Inspection & Dress Parade.

Mon Mar 9th 1863 — Fair & nice day. Rec’d a letter from Loretta. Had a ride on Father’s horse. Turnpiked street between our tents & Leut. officer’s tents. Drill Co from 2 P.M. till 3 P.M. Dress Parade in Eve.

Tues Mar 10th 1863 — Rain. No Drills. Drew rations. Fixed pants.

Wed Mar 11th 1863 — Gen’l Inspection at 9 oclock A.M. Burt cooked two meals today.

Thur Mar 12th 1863 — No Drills. Rec’d a letter from Retta.

Fri Mar 13th 1863 — Nothing doing but Dress Parade & Inspection.

Sat Mar 14th 1863 — Nothing of Importance.

Sun Mar 15th 1863 — Gen’l Inspection & Parade.

Mon Mar 16th 1863 — Nothing of Importance.

Tues Mar 17th 1863 — St. Patricks day was kept by the 9th Mass. Performance climbing a greased pole, catching pig, horse racing, bay racing &c. &c. Two horses were killed instantly & riders hurt badly. Parade & Inspection.

Wed Mar 18th 1863 — Gen’l Inspection. Gen’l Stoneman had a fight yesterday with the Rebs & licked them near Culpepper Court House. Raised pole in front of Col’s quarters. Wrote to Charlotte. Inspection & Dress Parade.

Thur Mar 19th 1863 — Spent most of the day in playing ball. Dress Parade and Inspection.

Fri Mar 20th 1863 — Snowed all day and night. Was on guard. Very Cold.

Sat Mar 21st 1863 — Very Foggy. No Drills.

Sun Mar 22nd 1863 — No Service. Reg’t Inspection Arms at 9 oclock A.M. Dress Parade. Wrote & sent Ed $20. Rec’d letter from home.

Mon Mar 23rd 1863 — Drilled recruits in morning. Battalion Drill, dress parade & Inspection arms in P.M.

Tues Mar 24th 1863 — Drilled recruits in morn. Brigade drill in P.M. Dress Parade & Inspection. Played ball on color line Quartermaster brot a new flag from Washington for the Regt.

Wed Mar 25th 1863 — No company drill or Batt. drill to day. Rained along toward night and continued all night. Dress Parade. David rec’d box from home.

Thur Mar 26th 1863 — Received orders to be ready for review at 9 A.M. but was postponed till 11 A.M. Our Division only was reviewed today by Maj. Gen’l Meade. No Dress Parade this eve. Rec’d letter from Ed.

Fri Mar 27th 1863 — Drilled recruits. Bat. Drill but did not go out on account of drilling recruits. Dress Parade.

Sat Mar 28th 1863 — On Guard 3rd Relief. Rained hard all day but cleared off nice at night.

Sun Mar 29th 1863 — Regt. went on picket at 8 A.M. this morn. On Guard Still. Very fine day but a little windy. 4 Posts taken off and sent out on picket.

Mon Mar 30th 1863 — Was relieved from guard. Was left in charge of the Co. while Regt was out.

Tues Mar 31st 1863 — Snowed hard. Detailed Fleming for guard. He would not go on so Adjutant arrested him and placed him under guard. 3rd Corp’l S. A. Jennison died Monday night.

Wed April 1st 1863 — Regt. came in about noon. Attended the funeral of Corp’l S. A. Jennison. Had charge of the escort. 12 in number. Company turned out. No Parade.

Thurs Apr 2nd 1863 — Went after wood across Potomac Creek. Battalion drill by Capt Marshall. Parade and Inspection.

Fri Apr 3rd 1863 — Wrote a letter to Cousin Char. The old man moved out of his house near the picket line. We used his house for a Guard House. Battalion Drill by Capt. French. Drilled Recruits in Morn. Co. Drill in Morn. Dress Parade. Played ball (Wicket).

Sat April 4th 1863 — Fine but windy. No drills or Parade. Inspection at retreat. Snowed at taps. Rec’d an order for Chas. Smith’s discharge as he had got a commission in the 9th Cavalry.

Sun April 5th 1863 — Rose this morning. Found snow on the ground to the depth of 3 or 4 inches. Still snowing. Cleaned street. No service today. Father rec’d his furlough for 15 days. No Parade or Inspection.

Mon April 6th 1863 — Father started for home at 10 A.M. Was excused from Co. Drill to go with him to R. Road. No Battalion Drill. Dress Parade and Inspection. Father contracted cold with inflammation of lungs & rec’d furlough on account of it.

Tues April 7th 1863 — Our Brigade fell in at 12 M to be reviewed by President Lincoln. Came back to camp about 3 P.M. Dress Parade & Inspection.

Wed April 8th 1863 — Grand Review of the Army near Falmouth by the President. Fell into line about 9 A.M. Arrived at the review ground about 11 A.M. Stood in line till 2 P.M. before President came. His two sons were with him. We passed in review and then came to camp at which we arrived about 4 oclock P.M., hungry and tired. Bought some butter and had supper. No parade or inspection.

Thurs Apr 9th 1863 — Regt. inspected with knapsacks on by Col. McQuade’s staff. Brigade drill this P.M. Dress Parade and Inspection.

Fri Apr 10th 1863 — Was mustered as the whole army was in pursuant to order from Sec. of War, to find out the strength of the Army. Capt Geo. Montheith assigned to our Co and took command.

Sat Apr 11th 1863 — No Drills as it was washing day. Played ball all day. Dress Parade and Inspection.

Sun Apr 12th 1863 — Inspection this A.M. Fell in for review by Gen’l Montague of the Sweden Army. Came in about noon. Nothing of import. Dress Parade and Inspection. Col. Jefford was relieved from his court martial and took command.

Mon Apr 13th 1863 — Father went home one week ago today. Played regulation Baseball. Co. Drill. No Battalion drill on account of signing Pay Rolls. Dress Parade and Inspection.

Tues April 14th 1863 — Played ball this morn. Wrote to Ed and sent him $42.00 in letter. Rec’d our Pay — 4 months. Rec’d marching orders. Burt rec’d his discharge today. Dance in the streets tonight. No Parade or Inspection No Drills. Had oysters for supper. 2 qts for $1.00.

Wed April 15th 1863 — No Drills. Dress and Inspection. Brown was discharged and went home to day.

Thur April 16th 1863 — Went on guard for a Black Mark for not being out to Roll Call this morn. Packed knapsack with 5 days rations and haversack with 3 days rations.

Fri April 17th 1863 — Capt Montieth had an awful time last eve putting out lights. Bat Drill and Dress Parade Company Drill in morn. Packed up extra clothing.

Sat April 18th 1863 — Gen’l Inspection this morn. Did not go out. No Drill Dress Parade and Inspection.

Sun April 19th 1863 — Father arrived this M. Brot me tobacco. Rain. No Dress Parade.

Mon April 20th 1863 — Fine. Co. Drill. Swept the Color line. No Bat. Drill Dress Parade and Inspection at 5 P.M.

Tues April 21st 1863 — No Drill to day. Rained all day. On guard. Wrote Charlotte.

Wed April 22nd 1863 — Rained still till about 3 P.M. Dress Parade. Helped Lieut. Maltz make out clothing list.

Thurs April 23rd 1863 — Rained a little this morn. No Drills. Dress Parade and Inspection Arms.

Fri April 24th 1863 — Wrote to Relta. No Drills. Nothing of Importance. Dress Parade and Inspection.

Sat April 25th 1863 — No Drill on account of washing. Parade and Inspection Arms.

Sun April 26th 1863 — Took 3 days rations and went on picket. Went on reserve Grand Guard Mounting this morn. Took about an hour. Arrived at the picket line about 11 A.M.

Mon April 27th 1863 — Rose at 4 o’clock A.M. Seigle’s 12th Army Corps went by advancing. Orders and packed up and went into camp. Very warm. Packed for a march. Left camp about noon and went as far as the Brick Church. Camped for the night. Very heavy knapsacks. 8 days rations.

Tues April 28th 1863 — Started about noon. Rained a little. Went to near the Rappahannock River and camped for the night about 2 miles from river.

Wed April 29th 1863 — Started at 7 o’clock A.M. Crossed the Rappahannock River on “Pontoons” about 11 oclock A.M. Kept down the river and came on to the Banks of the Rapidan River about sundown. Had to wade about 3½ feet. Very swift. Had to wade a little creek between the two rivers. Went to the top of the heights on the south side of the Rapidan River and camped for the night. Saw a lot of prisoners. Rained at night. Dried clothes and went to sleep.

Thurs April 30th 1863 — Muster day today. Started from the river about 7 A.M. Went about 4 miles and formed close column in a large field near a large brick house called “Chancellorsville” on the Plank Road. Passed one little line of fortifications between the river and Chancellorsville. Went out on the Fredericksburg road about 2 miles. Rebels fell back. Went up within sight of their fortifications and about faced and came back and camped for the night. Drew fresh beef. Went to bed about 11 o’clock P.M.

Fri May 1st 1863 — Started this morn and our brigade went toward the river. Fighting commenced with the Regulars. We went out about 2 miles near the “United States Ford” and about faced and came back as far as the Rebel camp in the woods and formed “Line of Battle,” threw out our Skirmishers, and found the Rebels directly in front. Kept moving backward and forward about all night. At last we took the Ford road to the left and went till we joined Humphrey’s Division and then laid down about an hour. Got up again and went on and formed line of battle and laid down again. Had to get up immediately and about faced and went back and then took the road in the woods and joined our Division about daylight. Laid down. Our Brigade were cut off from the rest of the Division. This is the reason we had to march all night.

Sat May 2nd 1863 — Rose early and had breakfast then went to work clearing and piling brush in front and building breastwork of logs and dirt along the road. Behind this, we laid all night.

Sun May 3rd 1863 — Pack up without breakfast and went down and relieved the 11th Corps (Gen Seigle’s). Laid here all day supporting the Batteries. Rebs opened the battle early in the morn about 7 A.M. in the afternoon. The Rebs set the woods on fire and such a heavy smoke, it darkened the sun. Some of the boys went down to woods and reported wounded in woods burned.

Mon May 4th 1863 — Not very heavy fighting today. Our Regt. ordered to go into the woods to find out the Rebs position So deployed in line of skirmishers and went in. Drove the rebels in and accomplished all we went for and came back. Adjutant reported 5 killed, 11 wounded & 1 missing. Fox was wounded today. Company Inspection.

Tues May 5th 1863 — Considerable fighting on our left. The 11th Corps let [Stonewall] Jackson through. Packed up about 8 o’clock P.M. & expected to march but did not start till 3 A.M. the next morn. Rained all night.

Wed May 6th 1863 — Began to retreat at 3 A.M. Our Corps formed the rear guard and crossed the Rapidan River at United States Ford at 6 A.M. & went to our old camp at which we arrived about 3 P.M. Awful muddy and Rained all day.

Thurs May 7th 1863 — Did not get up this morn till 10 A.M. Rec’d orders to march or to be ready but did not go.

Fri May 8th 1863 — Wrote home, Relta, Em, Fidelia, Char, Wm this week. Dress Parade.

Sat May 9th 1863 — Inspection and Parade. No Drills. Warm.

Sun May 10th 1863 — Inspection with knapsacks Were mustered for Pay. Divine service on the Brigade Parade ground.

Mon May 11th 1863 — Rec’d pictures of Ed & Wife & Cousin Char. Dress Parade. Presented a splendid horse to Colonel Jeffords. Dick Presented it.

Tues May 12th 1863 — Our Brigade escorted the 14th N.Y. Regt to the R. Road. Parade. Hot. Gen’l Meagher presented the 9th Mass with an Irish Flag!

Wed May 13th 1863 — Nothing of importance today. Wrote to Brown. Parade.

Thurs May 14th 1863 — Regimental inspection ordered but postponed on account of rain until tomorrow morn. No Drill Parade and Co. Inspection.

Friday May 15th 1863 — Regimental Inspection at 9 oclock A.M. Company Drill at 2 P.M. Very warm today. Dress Parade and Inspection.

Sat May 16th 1863 — The following Non. Com Officers were appointed 1st Corp’l T. Tarsney 2nd Corp’l A.C. Lake 3 H.S. Seage 4th M.F. Hunt 5th H. Hartson 6th E. Taylor 7th Wm Fuller 8th R. Ainsworth. 2nd Corpl A. Barker reduced to 5th Corpl afterward reduced to Rank. Co went after Trees for to put up in our street. Made it look gay. Dress Parade & Inspection felt quite unwell. Headache.

Sun May 17th 1863 — Regimental Inspection. None but our Co had Inspection with knapsacks this morn. Attended Church on the Brig Parade ground. Rev. Mr. McLean, D.D. from Pennsylvania preached. Most of the Co. went down to the Potomac Creek to wash and did not go to church. So they had the Articles of War Read to them. Attended church. Father’s meeting in the Eve. Parade.

Mon May 18th 1863 — Bought hat of Arch Gil – 2.50. Co Drill this morn. No Bat or Co Drill this P.M. Inspec & Dress.

Tues May 19th 1863 — Dick quite unwell. Wanted me to act in his place (Sergt Major) but did not want to. Joe Richardson acted. Went on picket about 8 oclock A.M. Stood on our old posts. In the daytime we had 1 on post for 1 hour. At night 4 on Post and 2 hours.

Wed May 20th 1863 — Nothing of importance All quiet. Rec’d a letter from Charlotte.

Thur May 21st 1863 — Was relieved this morn about 7 o’clock by the 62nd Penn. We went on reserve. In the creek was a water mill running several figures. Rowley & I went up to Sophia’s and got marked at Roll Call.

Fri May 22nd 1863 — Packed up and was relieved about 9 A.M. by the 2nd Division. Awful hot. Got into camp about noon. Dick was promoted to 2nd Lieut of Co. I. His commission to date from the 1st April. No parade.

Sat May 23rd 1863 — Nothing Doing to Day.

Sun May 24th 1863 — Inspection with Knapsacks. Attended church at 10 A.M. in the 62nds Arbor.

Mon May 25th 1863 — Began tearing down tents and filling up the holes. Orders came to be ready to move out to the old review ground so quit working.

Tues May 26th 1863 — Were told to go on & build tents. Done so. Put up a fine summer house for 3 of us. No Parade.

Wed May 27th 1863 — Finished the tent this morn. Orders to clean up as Gov. Blair was coming. About 1 P.M. fell out and our Brig. was reviewed by the Gov. Came back and formed square on our Color line and the Gov. made us a speech. Cheered him and Lady, his Neice, and another Lady, and went to our quarters. No Parade. Amos Strong arrived from Hospital. Gov. went away about 7 oclock P.M. Post Master arrived.

Thur May 28th 1863 — Were paid this morn by Maj. Frey. While we were getting our pay, orders came to march. Packed up and started about 5 P.M. and arrived at “Hartwood Church” at 9 P.M. where we camped.

Fri May 29th 1863 — Started this morn about 7 o’clock A.M. and went to Kelly’s Ford on the Rappahannock River. Pitched our tents on a line and prepared for a general camp. Awful tired & sore. Phil and myself went after boards & sacking to the old camp.

Sat May 30th 1863 — Went on Corporal of the Guard. Fine day. Nothing of Importance today.

Sun May 31st 1863 — No Divine Service on account of 3 Co’s going on Picket. Was relieved from guard at 9 A.M. Dick acting Adjutant. Wrote a long letter home. Almost all the Co. went fishing and swimming.

Mon June 1st 1863 — Quite cool [and] very pleasant. Inspection Arms at 5 P.M.

Tues June 2nd 1863 — Went on picket to the river. Our Company worked in the rifle pits all day. When got through, a lot of us went in swimming. Rebs on the other side. At night, was on reserve. It rained a little in the Night.

Wed June 3rd 1863 — Was relieved by the 62nd Penn. Nothing of Importance.

Thur June 4th 1863 — Very warm. Rec’d letter from Fidelia. Inspection.

Fri June 5th 1863 — Wrote to Fidelia. Inspect arms at 5 P.M. Nothing of import.

Sat June 6th 1863 — Went on picket. Our Co. went up the river. G Hughes, (Staty?), & M. Taylor were on the outpost under my charge near the Dam (No 3). Rained a little this P.M.

Sun June 7th 1863 — Came in from picket. Attended service at 4 P.M. Father’s text was, “Be troubled ye careless ones.” Good sermon. No inspection.

Mon June 8th 1863 — Father started this morn at 4 o’clock to go to Washington to Express about $7000 for the Regt. When about 12 miles from camp and about 2½ miles from Grove Church, he was stopped by 3 Mosby guerrillas and ordered to surrender. He told them he would not and they shot him twice — once in the right wrist and in the left shoulder. Tim Burch brot the news to camp and Dick, Quartermaster, Tim & I went right down [and] found him at the Division Train. Came back to camp. Heard Capt. Monteith had taken A.A.A. Leut Yates’ place on Sweitzer’s staff. Yates promoted to Capt. on Gen’l Pleasonton’s Staff

Tues June 9th 1863 — Was ordered to turn over my accoutrements to Lt. Multry and report to Division Train to take care of Father. Started with Dick about 2 P.M. A part of the 12th Corps (I think) crossed the river at the Ford. Heavy cannonading was heard all day about 7 miles up the river. We found Father doing well. Changed his clothes & washed him. A young lady (Virginian) has just sent Father a fine (Bag?). We ate strawberry’s today for the first time this year. Tim Burch gave them to us.

Wed June 10th 1863 — Nothing doing to day.

Thurs June 11th 1863 — Nothing of importance. 3rd Corps went along today. Cleaned Father’s coat.

Fri June 12th 1863 — The 1st Corps went along this morn.

Sat June 13th 1863 — Rec’d orders about 4 P.M. to pack up and go to Morrisville. Done so. Helped strike tents & load hard bread. Arrived at Morrisville about 9 P.M. Put up tent with Will.

Sun June 14th 1863 — Started about noon. Came up with the Regt. Went today as far as Catlitt’s Station on the Orange & Alexandria R.R. Went to the Co. & got coffee & bread for our supper. Slept in ambulance.

Mon June 15th 1863 — Started at 5 A.M. Passed through Bristoe Station. Stopped at Manassas Junction and artillery & infantry drew up in line facing toward the Valley. Ambulance drove us to Capt. Caine’s tent. Had good supper and sleep.

Tues June 16th 1863 — Packed up at 4 A.M. Remained hitched all day but did not go. Father & I got on train for Alexandria at 3 P.M. Did not start out until about 7 P.M. Delayed on account of car off the track. Arrived in Alexandria at City Hotel about 1½ o’clock at night. Washed & cleaned up a little.

Wed June 17th 1863 — Had breakfast early & took the 7 A.M. boat for Washington at which place we arrived and hired cab and went to Mr. Simons on C Street. Tonight I slept on a bed for [first time in] two years & slept bully.

Thurs June 18th 1863 — Father & I went to the Patent Office this morn. Wrote to Capt. McLean & Capt. & C. S. Caine but did not send the letters.

Fri June 19th 1863 — Went to the Capitol. Visited the Senate Chamber & House of Rep. Bought valise & clothing for Dick. Father started for home on the 6 P.M. Train. I could not go with him.

Sat June 20th 1863 — Sur Ackers & I went to the Provost Marshall and got a pass for me to come to Regt. Started about 10 A.M. Took the Boat for Alexandria & then the cars for Union Mills. There walked to Centreville 5 miles. Got there at dark. I was kindly invited to stop all night with a covell of one of the Division of the 22nd Corps. Done so. Rained.

Sun June 21st 1863 — Rained a little today. Heavy cannonading off in the valley caused by a Battle between Gen’l Pleasanton & Stahl and the Rebs under Stuart. Licked ’em.

Mon June 22nd 1863 — A lot of cavalry went through today for the battlefield. Very Fine day.

Tues June 23rd 1863 — Started after breakfast & went out about two miles & ½ on the Warrenton Road where the pickets stopped me. Came back to Centreville & the Provost Marshall sent me to the Provost Marshall of Gen’l Patrick at Fairfax Court House. Gen’l Patrick gave me a pass to go to Aldie & told me I had better go to Fairfax Station & go out with the wagon train in the morn. Went down & found some of our own ambulances & came back to Fairfax C.H. with them when we corralled for the night. Went down town & bought bread. Had good supper & bed.

Wed June 24th 1863 — Started about 7 o’clock A.M. for the Corps at Aldie at which we arrived about 2 P.M. Went to Capt. Caine’s tent & gave him the express receipt for sword. Ate dinner with him. Came over to Regt. Found the boys had gone on picket. They came in at night. Slept cold — only rubber blanket & piece of poncho over us.

Thur June 25th 1863 — Went down and washed clothes this morn. Rained this P.M.

Fri June 26th 1863 — Struck tents & started from Aldie about 7 A.M. Stopped for dinner about a mile from Leesburg after which we went through the town which is quite a large town for a Virginia place. I Bought $7.00 worth of tobacco for the Co. Crossed the Potomac at Edwards Ferry on pontoons & camped at 9 P.M. about 7 miles from the Ferry. Was very tired.

Sat June 27th 1863 — Started about 6 A.M. I took Hartson’s gun & box & carried it for him today. Arrived at Monocacy Aqueduct about noon but the horses could not go across it so went up the river and crossed at a Ford. Waded it. Halted on the other side for dinner. Then started and about 5 P.M. passed through Bucktown and at night stopped about 2 miles before we got to Frederick City. Had to fall out. Got in to camp about 8 P.M.

Sun June 28th 1863 — Laid here all day. Scott & I went down to Fred on the horses & bought lot of tobacco. It was rumored that Maj. Gen’l Meade took command of the Army of Potomac today. Rec’d lot of mail. Got one letter from home. Drew pair of shoes. At 10 o’clock at night, the Brig went on picket. Slept alone.

Mon June 29th 1863 — Regt came in about 6 A.M. Struck tents and marched at 8 A.M. Went part through & part around Frederick & took the Road running out of the City Northeast. Passed through and camped for dinner beyond Mt. Pleasant — a small place on the Road. On the march near the Monocacy River Bridge, F. Waller and Malker had a little row. Malty parted them by knocking Frank down with his sword. Then Frank knocked Waller down, cutting a large gash under his eye. Camped for the night near Liberty. Rained hard at night & got wet through.

Tues June 30th 1863 — Started without breakfast. Passed through Liberty, Johnstown, Union Bridge, Middletown, Union Town, Frizleburg & Union Mills. Camped at Union Mills. Very sore & tired. The Citizens of Union Mills said 6,000 Rebel cavalry passed through about 10 A.M. We kept our skirmishers about 2 miles before we came to Union Mills. Philip bought radishes & onions for supper.

Wed July 1st 1863 — Drew rations this morn and started about 9 A.M. Turned into the fields about 1 mile from Hanover & camped for about 1½ hours. Then started & went off to the left about 8 miles & camped in the woods at 12 oclock at night.

Thur July 2nd 1863 — Rose at 4 A.M. Had inspection arms & started about 10 A.M. Drew up in line of battle but soon moved off to the left about 2 miles and rested about 2 hours. Then started & filed off to the left & went up to the front and was soon engaged. Were driven back with heavy loss. At 8 P.M., Philip came back where I was. He was wounded slightly in the left arm. Slept with him all night.


Lt. “Dick” Watson Seage

Friday July 3rd 1863 — Philip went to the rear this morn. Started with a stretcher with some of the Pioneer Corps & went about a mile to the front to a hospital to get Col. Jeffords. Soon found him & brought him down to our Regimental Hospital. He died yesterday from wounds. One ball through the leg & a bayonet wound through the liver. The Col. was killed in trying to save the colors. The colors fell & a Reb got them. The Col. cut the Reb down with his sword and another Reb run his bayonet through him. The Pioneers carried him back & will try to send him home. Moved down to the Division Hospital. Tip Birge and I put up tent & eat dinner. While doing so, some of the boys came in & told me [my brother] Dick had come. Went out & saw him on a stretcher. Carried him in the barn. Doctor dressed his wounds and took a ball out of his left side. Soon after, moved all the wounded to the Corps Hospital. Carried Dick on stretcher. Put him up tent & got Vreeland in. In afternoon Quackenbush came down with a patrol to take all our Regt. that was acting as nurses so was left alone to take care of them both.

Sat July 4th 1863 — Brigade Teams came up with large wall tents. Put them up & moved the wounded in them. Rained hard. Went out in country with horse to get supplies. Could only get a few onions. Just at dark, we moved Lieut’s Dick, Vreeland, Brown, Walker & Barrett in a large Fly. Lewis Enos came to take care of Vreeland & Fred Spath to take care of Brown. Had 3 reliefs at night.

Sun July 5th 1863 — Wrote two letters for Lieut. Vreeland & one to Ed & one home. Chap. Clark came up with a lot of supplies. Got some brandy for tent.

Mon July 6th 1863 — Nothing of importance today. Went over to 2nd Corps Hospital for Vreeland.

Tues July 7th 1863 — Spath went out in the Co. & got biscuit, bread, butter &c. for tent. Wrote order for Davis to go after trunks. Did not get them.

Wed July 8th 1863 — Davis took the horse & went to Middletown for trunks.

Thurs July 9th 1863 — Several citizens came in to Hospital with provisions. Put up Dick poncho for him outside big tent. Could not stay in big tent on account of noise.

Fri July 10th 1863 — Nothing transpired during the day until about 5 P.M. when we were surprised & astonished at the arrival of Bro. Ed from N.Y. He stayed with us and took up with a soldiers bed for the first time. The bed consisted of one rubber poncho over and one under us. Tonight is the first time us three brothers have slept side-by-side for 3 years. Slept first rate.

Sat July 11th 1863 — Started at 8 o’clock A.M. for Gettysburg. Dick rode in a buggy. Was too late for the 10 A.M. train so had to wait for the 5 P.M. Train rode all night. Arrived at Baltimore at 3 A.M.

Sun July 12th 1863 — Arrived at Baltimore at 3 A.M., unloaded and laid the wounded on stretchers along the sidewalks. The Relief Association dressed & fed the wounded. Then the Michigan officers went to the church home & infirmary on Broadway. Carried Dick on stretcher up. This is a fine institution conducted in a fine style and 4.00 pr week charges. This was formerly a Marine Hospital.

Mon July 13th 1863 — Wrote a letter for Vreeland. All the boys improved. Nothing of interest.

Tues July 14th 1863 — Baggage came. Dick’s trunk & Barrett’s broken in at the end. Several Ladies came in today. Dick moved off the bed onto the floor.

Wed July 15th 1863 — Wrote to Uncle Wm. Dick felt much better today. He sat up a great deal. Went down to a clothing store on Baltimore Street & bought a suit of clothes for Jimmy 11.25. Took Barrett’s watch to be fixed.

Thur July 16th 1863 — Dick & Vreeland came down on the 2nd floor in a private room in the front part of the building.

Fri July 17th 1863 — Dick caught cold and was much worse. The Doctor cupped him. I went down to the telegraph office and sent message to Ed to come on immediately.

Sat July 18th 1863 — Dick some better today. Wrote letter to Mother. Mrs. Dr. Wright wrote also. Several ladies came in. Mrs. Dorrity sent Dick over his breakfast but he could not eat it. Bought a coat & had my pants fixed for $6.95.

Sun July 19th 1863 — Dick about the same. Father been away just 30 days. Felt very sleepy & tired as I have been up more or less every night with Dick since he was wounded (2 inst). I am now writing this at 3 o’clock at night (or rather Monday morn) to keep awake. Have had only 1½ hours sleep tonight.

Mon July 20th 1863 — Dick felt better until about 2½ P.M. when the room became filled with ladies. They talked a great deal to him and after this, he felt worse. Martin Blowers came up about 10 P.M. and stayed up with Dick until 12 when he called me.

Tues July 21st 1863 — Moved Dick on the large bed. Rec’d a Tel-Message from Ed saying he had not heard from the message I sent Friday, so sent him another. Wrote to Emory. Today when I went down to the Tel-Office was the first time I had been outdoors since Friday afternoon.

Wed July 22nd 1863 — Dick continued to get better. Ed arrived here about 8 P.M.

Thur July 23rd 1863 — Still at C. H. & I. Vreeland & Barrett went home this P.M. Ed & I tried to get Edgar off. He could not get away with Vreeland. Ed & I could do nothing for him. Ed went home at 8 P.M.

Fri July 24th 1863 — Wrote a letter home. Wrote Letter to Jim Quackenbush. Fine day.

Sat July 25th 1863 — Nothing of Importance. Dick improving.

Sun July 26th 1863 — Attended Chapel. Jennie Burbank came from N.Y. to see Dick.

Mon July 27th 1863 — Wrote letter to Ed & Vreeland. Sent Vreeland watch express .75 cts, did not pay it. Jennie came but Dick could not see her.

Tues July 28th 1863 — Wrote home. Sent Barber up to shave Dick. Went to the P.O. On my way back I bought 1.00 Tobacco (Mich.).

Wed July 29th 1863 — Capt Davis died this 5 A.M. His leg was amputated. Lewis Enos & (F?) Shaffer came to see Dick. Jennie came with two other ladies but could not admit them.

Thurs July 30th 1863 — Mrs Daugherty sent Dick over some eatables. Jennie came up but did not admit her to see Dick. Went down town this P.M.

Fri July 31st 1863 — Jennie came up to bid Dick “Good Bye” so admitted her as she was going away tomorrow morn. Wrote to Em.

Sat Aug 1st 1863 — Dick improving. Went down town to get some peaches for him but could not get very good ones. Nothing of importance transpired today.

Sun Aug 2nd 1863 — Went to Baptist Church this morn. This is the first time I have been inside a church since I left home [on] Sept 25/61. Attended M.E. Church in the Eve. Rose early and had a good bath. Felt bully all day. Wrote to Fidelia.

Mon Aug 3rd 1863 — Very warm to day. The Thermometer stood 12o in the Room. Bought pair of shoulder straps for Dick. Had his name put on his valise. On my way down town, I met Mrs. Daugherty & McDermit going to relieve the sufferings of the soldiers at West End Hospital with Ice Cream, Oranges, Peaches &c. Wrote a long letter to home. Rec’d $50.00 from Ed.

Tues Aug 4th 1863 — Made the long letter home longer & sent it today. Had shoes fixed. Awful Hot. 14o in room. Nothing of Importance today. Mrs. Langly sat up with Dick to night.

Wed Aug 5th 1863 — Awful Hot. Went down town in Eve. Doctor said Dick could not improve better. He felt first rate today. All that troubled him today was bed bugs.

Thurs Aug 6th 1863 — Hot. Dick improving. Nothing of import.

Fri Aug 7th 1863 — Went down town this eve and bought some peaches, flesh brush, small looking glass &c. for Dick. Hot.

Sat Aug 8th 1863 — Went down to change his bunk but could not on acct of being shut up.

Sun Aug 9th 1863 — Went to Baptist Church at 11 A.M. Very flat sermon.

Mon Aug 10th 1863 — Went down to Express office but money had not come. Bought peaches & came home.

Tues Aug 11th 1863 — Wrote home & to Ed. Nothing of importance.

Wed Aug 12th 1863 — Very hot today. But a fine Breeze was blowing most of the day. This helped a great deal.

Thurs Aug 13th 1863 — Went down town this P.M. The weather continued hot. Dick improving.

Fri Aug 14th 1863 — Rec’d letter from home and Fidelia. Did not go out today. Rained in Eve.

Sat Aug 15th 1863 — Very fine today. Went down to the artists and had pictures taken.

Sun Aug 16th 1863 — Went to M.E. Church. Wrote letter to Ed. Went to church again this 8 P.M.

Mon Aug 17th 1863 — Nothing of importance today.

Tues Aug 18th 1863 — Went down to the artists and sat for another picture. First ones spoiled.

Wed Aug 19th 1863 — Went down to Surg Bliss Office at Gilmore House and he went with me to Maj. Wharton’s (Com of Musters) office to see about Dick being mustered.

Thurs Aug 20th 1863 — Wrote letters & sent pictures to Fidelia, Home, Ed and Charlotte. Left at the institution two pictures — one to Rachel & sister Margret.

Friday Aug 21st 1863 — Went down town this P.M. Nothing of importance.

Sat Aug 22nd 1863 — Went down town early on business.

Sun Aug 23rd 1863 — Went to the Presbyterian Church on E. Baltimore St. this A.M. Good sermon. Very warm day. Went to M.E. Church on Broadway this eve.

Mon Aug 24th 1863 — Went to dentist & had nerve of aching tooth killed. Very warm today.

Tues Aug 25th 1863 — Went down to dentist & had tooth filled. Had a beautiful shower this afternoon lasting about an hour. Cool & pleasant afternoon.

Wed Aug 26th 1863 — Dick took oath to an affadivit this A.M. before Sgr Grippin J.P. He would not take any pay for administering oath. Said he was too good union man to charge a soldier any thing. Sent letters to Lt. Col. Lumbard, Ed, Home & Fidelia. Mr. Curry made out a written statement this eve of Dick’s muster to send to Maj. Vintent, Com of Musters. Bought pair slippers.

Thur Aug 27th 1863 — Nothing of importance.

Fri Aug 28th 1863 — Review of the 5th Reg Maryland Volunteers in front of Institution by Maj. Gen’l Shenick. Fine band of music attended them.

Sat Aug 29th 1863 — Went down town & bought undershirts & gloves for Dick. The Tailor brought Dick up a bottle of port wine & clothes.

Sun Aug 30th 1863 — Attended the Presbyterian Church on Balt St. this A.M. Sat with Mrs. Daugherty. Good sermon. Very pleasant weather. Attended church with Rate this eve at same church. While I was at church this morn, Dick visited Capt. Nichols. Dick felt very well today.

Mon Aug 31st 1863 — Went down town & had barber come up & cut Dick’s hair. Mrs McDermitt & Mrs. Leary called on Dick this P.M.

Tues Sept 1st 1863 — Went over to Mrs. Daugherty & took over picture & about 10 A.M. Dick & I went over & visited about two hours. Went down town this eve. About 2 o’clock at night, was awakened by a band playing down Broadway. They played beautifully. Mosquitoes awful troublesome.

Wed Sept 2nd 1863 — Rec’d an invitation to dine. Dick felt much worse. In a great deal of Pain. Wrote home. Went over to Mrs. Daughertys & spent eve.

Thur Sept 3rd 1863 — Rec’d a note countermanding the invitation to dine on account of Miss Daugherty becoming suddenly ill. Wrote letters to Father & Ed. Rec’d a letter from home containing Father’s “Carte De Visite.” Went down town twice today. Quite warm & pleasant.

Fri Sept 4th 1863 — Went up in Capt’s room and spent a couple of hours very pleasantly. Then after dinner, went out to see Surg. Bliss. Went out to Sharp St. other end (west) of the City. Did not find it, so came back down Balt. St & met an invalid officer. He told me Bliss office was at Camden Street Hospital so went down there. Did not see him. Was not in. His office hours were from 10 A.M. untill 1 P.M. Rec’d another invitation from Miss D. to dine tomorrow.

Sat Sept 5th 1863 — Went over to Mrs. Daugherty & declined invitation to dine today on account of Dick not being able to go out. Went down to Surgeon Bliss office this A.M. Weather very pleasant. Nothing of importance transpired today.

Sun Sept 6th 1863 — Went to the M.E. Church this A.M. Did not go to church this eve on account of rain.

Mon Sept 7th 1863 — Went down to the P. O. at 6½ oclock A.M. After breakfast, went down & got order for transportation. Went to R.R. and found out about the trains. Started via Northern C. R.R. at 9:15 P.M. Arrived at Harrisburg at 1½ A.M.

Tues Sept 8th 1863 — Took Penn Central R.R. at 2 A.M. and arrived in Pittsburgh at 2 P.M. Went across the street from Pitts Depot and had good dinner furnished by the Soldier’s Commission. Then took the Pitts & Cleveland R.R. and went on this to within 3 miles of Cleve at Euclid St where took street cars and went to the Johnson House on Superior St. Had good supper and went to bed early with instructions to landlord to wake us so to take the 5 A.M. train.

Wed Sept 9th 1863 — Landlord did not wake us so did not leave this A.M. Went down to breakfast. Then Dick & I started for a little walk and to get some peaches. Started this P.M. at 5:30 and arrived in Toledo at 11½ oclock. Had Lunch and took the Mich S. & N. I. R.R. Started at 11 oclock.

Thurs Sept 10th 1863 — Arrived at Pigeon at 2½ oclock A.M. Met Em & Father at cars. Em & I walked up. Had supper. I did not go to bed tonight. Went down town this A.M. met all old friends. Called on Mrs. Hostchin(?) & Mis Fiddia. Slept a while this afternoon & went down town at night.

Friday Sept 11th 1863 — Wrote letter to Miss Rachiel Burns. Church H & I looked around. Nothing of import.

Sat Sept 12th 1863 — Reported in paper Charleston taken [but] not true.

Sun Sept 13th 1863 — Fine Eve. and I went to Pres. Church with Mrs. (Stitigel?) In afternoon, went down to Jim’s house and ate peaches. Came up town and met Dave. Wanted us to take a walk so went down to the R.R. Got a hand car and went over to Constantine in 20 min. Went to see Schuler had oyster supper and started back. Blistered my hands going back. Arrived home about 11 P.M.

Mon Sept 14th 1863 — Nothing of importance doing today. Called on the girls.

Tues Sept 15th 1863 — Went down town and had a chance to go over to Constantine. So went over to Fidelia’s and bid her goodbye as she started on the 2 P.M. train for school at South Bend. Then started with Chas Cooper and went to Constantine flying. Called on Retta. Found her as pretty as ever. Started about 1½ hours and took the horse up to the funeral and when formed line. Mr. Hotchins rode with Chas Cooper and I rode with Mrs. Hatching. Very large funeral. The man (Green) was buried with all the Masonic honors.

Wed Sept 16th 1863 — Today I am 19 years old. But how different from one year ago. Then surrounded by the roar and horror of war but today surrounded by loved ones and the comforts of home. What a contrast between today in Pigeon and one year ago at the Battle of Antietam.

Thurs Sept 17th 1863 — Nothing of importance. Jim Dun & I went over to Constantine. Hired a horse of Parker. Went to see Retta.

Fri Sept 18th 1863 — Went up to see Mrs. Drake. Had a fine time with Mr. and Miss McCregan. Stayed untill 3 P.M. While I was here, it snowed and hailed.

Sat Sept 19th 1863 — Nothing doing. Wrote to Wm. Austin.

Sun Sept 20th 1863 — Dave, Em, Jim & I went to 3 Rivers. Had a good time. Coming back we stopped at Schuler’s in Constantine and had oyster supper. Arrived at home about 1 oclock at night.

Mon Sept 21st 1863 — Prepared to start for the Regt. Packed up and went down and called on Mrs. Hotchin, Walter Austin, & Walter’s Cloyes. Bid farewell to Pigeon about 12 M and started for Toledo at which we arrived about 5 P.M. Took the Cleveland & Y Road. Arrived in Cleveland about 9 P.M. today. Went and stopped at the Johnson House all night. Nothing worth recording on the road — only knocking off one cow from the track.

Tues Sept 21st 1863 — Started on the C. & P. R.R. at 8½ oclock A.M. Arrived in Pittsburgh in the P.M. Took the Harrisburg R.R. and arrived in Harrisburg in the night.

Wed Sept 22nd 1863 — Immediately took the cars and arrived in Baltimore early this morn. Took the cars at 8 A.M. for and arrived in Washington about 11 o’clock. Went to the Clarendon Hotel. Father & I went to P.M. and got our Pay. Then went to the Treasury Restaurant and had our dinner. Then went to Mr. Simons and got our blankets and went to the hotel. Had supper and went to bed early. Expressed money home 50.00.

Thur Sept 23rd 1863 — Rose and had breakfast and took the boat at 8½ A.M. for Alexandria. Then took the cars for Culpepper at which we arrived about 3 P.M. Boys all glad to see us. Went to George Hughes tent. While on this camp, George, Frank, Shad & I tented together.

Fri Sept 24th 1863 — Father and I went over to Div Train to see Capt. Caine. Nothing of import.

Sat Sept 25th 1863 — Took the horse and went to Div Com to get some candles. Qr Master gave me an order.

Sun Sept 26th 1863 — Regtl Inspection. I did not go out. After which we went to Meeting. There Frank and I went over after corn. Dress Parade. Wrote a letter home. Boys went on picket at 5 P.M. Frank and I did not go.

Mon Sept 27th 1863 — Wrote to Em and Charlotte. Went off for a ride on Father’s horse.

From this Date to the 8th of Oct nothing of Importance

Fri Oct 9th 1863 — Regt went on Picket this A.M. at 8 oclock. Drew their rations and took them out on the horse. At 11 P.M. Parker came to me and woke me up to draw rations but did not get up until the Orderly’s Call beat at 12 midnight. Then drew 8 days rations. Did not get to bed again to night.

Sat Oct 10th 1863 — Boys Came in from picket about 4 A.M. issued the rations to them and at daylight struck tents and started in a southeast direction. Marched about 6 miles and formed in mass and made coffee. Rained a little and George and I put up a poncho tent. But no sooner got it up than the bugle sounded and fell in and marched to the rear to our old camp. As soon as we arrived, the pickets were again ordered out again. I did not go. Had orders in camp to be ready to march at a moment’s notice. Went to bed and was awakened about daylight to fall in but did not start untill about 7 A.M.

Sun Oct 11th 1863 — Started this 7 A.M. and marched through Culpepper. The band played “Year of Jubels” going through. The Regtl picket did not come with us but formed the rear guard. Went about 2 miles from the river. Our Div formed line of battle to cover trains. Soon started again and crossed the river and camped for the night at our old camp near Beverly Ford. Regt came in about 10 P.M.

Mon Oct 12th 1863 — Rose at daylight, had breakfast, and went down to the river and formed line in the rifle pits. Stayed about 3 hours and started and crossed the river on bridge. Went up to the front and formed line on the hill. I was detailed to go with the pioneers and musicians. The Corps advanced out about 5 miles and camped. The cavalry drove the Rebs before them. Our Corps supported them. About 1 o’clock at night we started for the other side of the river.

Tues Oct 13th 1863 — Arrived on the north side of the river at daylight. Went to old camp Beverly Ford and had breakfast & again started to the rear about 11 oclock A.M. & had to fall out — feet very sore could hardly walk. The Corps camped near Catlett’s Station. Tried to find the Div but after looking about two hours, I gave it up and stopped for the night with a Corpl in the 3rd Div (Penn Reserves). Good supper and bed.

Wed Oct 14th 1863 — Started about 7 o’clock A.M. to find Div. Found it just as they were falling in. Took Orderly’s gun and cartridge box and took my place in the company. Went to “Bristoe Station” and stopped for dinner. Then started for “Manassas Junction.” Formed line here and heard the Rebs open on Gen’l Warren’s Corps (2nd). Fell in and doubled quicked all the way back to Bristoe Station (3 miles) and as it was dark when we got here, so firing stopped and so did our Corps. During this fight with Reb Hill. Warren took 12 pieces of artillery and 600 Pris. We fell in about 10 P.M. and went back to Junction and ordered to go to Centerville. Went about 1 mile beyond Bull Run Creek and camped arrived here at 2½ A.M.

Thurs Oct 15th 1863 — Started this morn at 7 and marched to Chantilly before resting. Went on to Fairfax C. H. and camped. Rained a little this P.M. This P.M. heard firing at Centerville which continued until night. Father came about dark and slept with George and I. Drew two days rations about 11 o’clock at night.

Fri Oct 16th 1863 — 10 oclock A.M. still at this Camp. Cleaned guns. Remained here until 5 P. M. when Gen’l call sounded and we started for Centerville through a drenching rain. Waded creeks up to our knees. Turned off the road just before we got to town and camped for the night. Made a hot sling of whisky we drew last night and went to bed drenching wet. Tonight we realized some of the beauties of soldiering.

Sat Oct 17th 1863 — Rose this morn with sun which came out nice and soon dried our tents and blankets and put a more cheerful aspect on our conditions and situation. Geo & I went after tent poles and put up tent. Good. Cleaned guns for inspection.

Sun Oct 18th 1863 — Rose this morn at 3 oclock and started at 4 for the rear. Went to within a mile of Fairfax C.H. & camped in the woods. Cleaned up the brush and fixed up for good camp. Just as we got it got fixed up nice, we fell in and marched off to the left to “Fox’s Mills” and camped. About 10 at night, a call was made for volunteers to go out with Capt. Loveland to watch Mosby. But no Mosby or any of his gang were met with.

Mon Oct 19th 1863 —  Tom Tarsney came to us today. Fell in this A.M. at daylight and went off to the left the Fairfax C.H. & Centerville turnpike when our Regt and the 32nd were detached from the Brig. as wagon guard. Went about 15 miles today & camped about 8 P.M. Rode horse a little.

Tues Oct 20th 1863 — Packed up & moved to the rear about 1 mile & camped, packed and moved about 4 P.M. Went to & arrived at Gainesville at 8 P.M. Camped at night in woods.

Wed Oct 21st 1863 — Packed up. Father went to Capt. Came and got some pork so had breakfast & waited for a start which began about 8 A.M. Went off to the left of Gainesville and had dinner and again started. Passed through it. Rested at “Buckland” again. Started and went about 1 mile beyond the town and joined the Brigade and camped.

Thurs Oct 22nd 1863 — “Officer of the day” Staked out Co. streets. So pitched tents in regular form. Rec’d back mail. Got Letter from Hank Mc & home. Cleaned gun. Had inspection at 5 P.M. Father bought some pork & a ham.

Fri Oct 23rd 1863 — Maj. Huit and I went out after persimmons. Laid here all day.

Sat Oct 24th 1863 — Rained all day. Immediately after breakfast went to bed and slept until 2 P.M. Then got up and cooked dinner. Had hardly got it eaten when the Gen’l call sounded and we packed up and started in the rain and deep mud. Camped at 8¼ P.M. Made some tea and went to bed wet and cold.

Sun Oct 25th 1863 — Were surprised this morn at not hearing the Gen’l Call sound at daylight. Got up and had breakfast and dried things & packed up. Moved about noon to the right a few rods in the woods where the “Officer of the Day” laid out camp. So put up tents on a line and policed up. Fixed up good camp.

Mon Oct 26th 1863 — Rose at Roll Call. Had breakfast and then “policed” more around camp. Father got some potatoes for dinner. While eating, heard cannonading toward “Bristoe Station” which continued about an hour. Inspection.

Tues Oct 27th 1863 — Ordered to keep “haversacks” packed and ready for a move. Went on guard at 6 P.M. 1st Relief. Nothing of importance transpired today.

Wed Oct 28th 1863 — 7 o’clock A.M. at the Col’s fire. Now on Post. Will come off at 8. Geo called me to breakfast. Father took lot of “Sugar and Coffee” to a citizens house to exchange for potatoes. Relieved at 6 P.M.

Thurs Oct 29th 1863 — Regt. teams came up with Hd. Qrs. and line officer’s tents. Father went down to his own tent. George and I were busy all day making out muster Rolls. Did not quite finish them.

Fri Oct 30th 1863 — “Reveille” sounded at 4 oclock A.M. Packed up and started about 7 A.M. Took the road toward Warrenton Junction via “Auburn.” Struck the “Warrenton Branch R.R.” at the 3 miles station from the Junction. Went into camp.

Sat Oct 31st 1863 — Lieut. Emerson came after me to finish the Muster Rolls. So we went over to a house & made them out. Ate dinner to the house. Then went back to Regt. and fell in and was mustered for pay.

Sun Nov 1st 1863 — Wrote letter to Em and Jim Dun. Had Regt. Inspection this A.M. After which went to Divine Service. Nothing else doing today.

Mon Nov 2nd 1863 — Orders for the sick to report to the Surgeon in Charge of the Ambulance Corps. So Geo. left me — bad with rheumatism — can hardly walk About 10 A.M. we struck tents and moved off to the left where the 3rd Brig laid. Fixed up camp. Tented alone. Orders came at 8 P.M. for picket in the morn. I took Tom’s place on camp guard and he went out on picket in my place.

Tues Nov 3rd 1863 — Regt went out on picket at 9½ A.M. On guard. Was relieved from guard at 7 P.M. Nothing of import transpired to day.

Wed Nov 4th 1863 — Regt still on “piquet.” Went into the tent with May Hunt. Nothing day.

Thurs Nov 5th 1863 — Drew rations of soft bread and Abbott drew 37 rations when we only had 34 men that drew Rations.

Fri Nov 6th 1863 — Regt came in about 11 A.M. Rec’d two letters for George. Rec’d letter from Dick.

Sat Nov 7th 1863 — Rose at 4 A.M. and prepared for a march. Started about 7 A.M. Went to Rappahannock Station and formed line of battle and went in as support for the skirmishers. Advanced to the edge of the woods and halted — laid down. Shortly after Capt. Martin — “Chief of Ordinance” — came up and planted two batteries in front of our Regt. in the edge of the woods and shelled the Rebs out of their works. At night the 3rd Brig of our Div took the Rebs forts with 300 prisoners and 7 guns. On guard. Slept with May and Doffin.

Sun Nov 8th 1863 — The Regt was arroused at 4½. On guard at the time. Was relieved as soon as the Regt got up. Ate breakfast and started. Took the road to Kelly’s Ford which we crossed on pontoons after first laying an hour for dinner. After crossing, we waited until all could “close up” and while waiting, Gen’l Meade came past. Gave him a lusty cheer. Then started and went about 2 miles and camped for the night.

Mon Nov 9th 1863 — Rose at sunrise. Had breakfast and about 1 P.M., went out on Brig Drill ordered by our new Brig Gen’l Bartlett on account of boys yelling hard tack at him. Came in from drill and immediately the Gen’l Call sounded and we fell in and went over the river and camped for the night. Awful cold. It snowed quite hard tonight — the first snow of the season.

Tues Nov 10th 1863 — Rose and found the country froze stiff, but slept warm. Had breakfast and started on the road to Morristown. Went to the left of Morristown and camped by the side of the road 3 miles from Bealton Station. Fixed up tent and slept sound.

Wed Nov 11th 1863 — Father bought me an overcoat of the Sergt Major (2.00). Nothing of importance. Cold. Rec’d letter from Geo Hughes.

Thurs Nov 12th 1863 — Sent Geo. 3 letters. Wrote Em. Nothing of importance.

Fri Nov 13th 1863 — Jimmy washed clothes. Made out two charges for court martial for Lt. Emerson against two boys in Co G. 6 men and a corp’l went on picket.

Sat Nov 14th 1863 — A detail of six men and a corp’l went on picket. I went on and at “Mounting” I acted as Junior Sergt. Arrived at the reserve at 10 A.M. and I posted the 1st relief (11 men) immediately. These 11 men guarded a line about 1 mile long. Began raining about 4 P.M. Rained all night. Got wet. Stood 4 “tricks.”

Sun Nov 15th 1863 — Was relieved about 10 A.M. Stopped raining at this time. When got into camp, I got a letter from Em containing stamps. No service. Turned off quite cold. About 4 P.M. rec’d orders to be ready to march at a moment’s notice.

Mon Nov 16th 1863 — Drew clothing. Grew cold and at dark snowed a little. Exercised the horse a little. Parade & Inspection Arms. I was assigned to the “Color Guard.” Thos. Tarsney reduced to ranks. Brewster gave me some fresh pork.

Tues Nov 17th 1863 — Father went to Kelly’s Ford and got me a plug of Navy. Wrote letter to Em and Abe Persing. Cleaned up for Dress Parade. Nothing of import.

Wed Nov 18th 1863 — Rose this A.M. at 4 oclock and packed up. Started via “Kelly’s Ford” at which we crossed the river and went about two miles and camped in the old quarters of the Rebs. Tore these down and put up our tents in good condition. Amon Lake arrived this day.

Thurs Nov 19th 1863 — Fixed up tents. Genl inspection by Brig inspector Gen’l. Amon & I tented together.

Fri Nov 20th 1863 — Rained all day. Amon and I put up fireplace & got wet doing it.

Sat Nov 21st 1863 — Rained a little this A.M. Fixed up tent. Parade and inspection.

Sun Nov 22nd 1863 — Amon and I went down in the woods and got out two slabs. No Service Dress Parade. No Regt’l Inspection.

Mon Nov 23rd 1863 — Started this A.M. at daylight and went toward the river. After going about two miles, the artillery got stuck in the mud so line about faced and came back to camp and put up tents. Rained about all day.

Tues Nov 24th 1863 — Cleared off about noon. Laid in camp all day. Nothing of importance.

Wed Nov 25th 1863 — Sutler came up and brot 6 new brass snare drums and a bass drum so had good music on parade. Adj Gen’l Robertson from our state paid us a visit.

Thurs Nov 26th 1863 — Thanksgiving day. Started about sunrise and went to the Rapidan. Crossed about 1½ miles above Ely’s Ford. Went beyond the river about 2 miles, then struck the Plank Road leading to Chancellorsville. Went about 1 miles on this road and camped on the top of a big hill. Slept bully. Father was with us.

Fri Nov 27th 1863 — Started at 6 A.M. and followed the “Plank” to within 3 miles of Chancellorsville. Then took a cross road and struck the Plank Road leading to Gordonsville. Shortly after taking this road, the guerrillas dashed on the rear of our train and took two ambulances, Hd Qrs wagon, and 14 of the ammunition wagons & took Tim Burch & William Smith prisoners. About 2 P.M., firing began ahead and about 4 P.M. we came up and filed to the left in the woods and formed line. Slept here all night.

Sat Nov 28th 1863 — Amon and I went back to the 1st Brig. and made coffee. Then came back to the Regt & packed up. Soon after, moved down to the right of the line and formed behind breastworks. Rained and awful muddy. Went out to the front a short distance to avoid the mud and laid down for the night.

Sun Nov 29th 1863 — Moved early. Went down on the extreme right of the line and relieved the 6th Corps. About 3 P.M. rec’d orders that we were going to storm the Rebs works. So prepared but did not go tonight.

Mon Nov 30th 1863 — Was awakened at 12½ oclock at night and ordered to get ready for the assault. Moved on the Rebs left and laid in the woods all ready for a move. But did not go. Laid in the woods all day and froze and would have starved if Father had not brot me out some dinner. Came back to old place at dark. Had supper and went to bed.

Tues Dec 1st 1863 — Father bought fresh beef and I boiled it. Done nothing untill about 6 oclock P.M. when we started for the rear. Took the Turn Pike and after getting in our place in the Ordinance Train (on the lead) went along without much delay untill we struck a crossroad through the woods. This road was so awful rough that falling down was the order of the day or rather night. Struck the Plank Road leading to Germania Ford. Crossed the River (Rapidan) at 3 A.M. and kept on the Plank about a mile where we camped in the woods. Cooked supper. While eating it, Col. Switzer came in and ordered us to move so packed up at 4 A.M. and moved about ½ mile and camped for the night.

Wed Dec 2nd 1863 — Started about 7 A.M. without breakfast and went to Stephensburgh and camped for the night where we had our first meal for the day (2 P.M.).

Thurs Dec 3rd 1863 Rose early and packed up and went to the Rappahannock River. Crossed at Rappahannock Station and our Brig went on to Bealton Station where we camped for the night. Our Corps was deployed along the R.R. to guard it. The 3rd Brig at Rap. Station, 1st at Beverly Ford, and ours at Bealton Station.

Fri Dec 4th 1863 — Laid here all day. Done nothing.

Sat Dec 5th 1863 — Done same as yesterday.

Sun Dec 6th 1863 — Moved after breakfast to the new camp on the other side of the R.R. Began [building] winter quarters.

Mon Dec 7th 1863 — Amon & I backed logs & stove all day. Worked on tent.

Tues Dec 8th 1863 — Worked on tent all day. Cold & windy.

Wed Dec 9th 1863 — Worked all day. Dress Parade.

Thurs Dec 10th 1863 — Put in bunk. Bought potatoes and sugar. Wrote to Charlotte.

Fri Dec 11th 1863 — Finished letter to Charlotte. Worked on tent.

Sat Dec 12th 1863 — Worked on Tent. Rained at night.

Sun Dec 13th 1863 — Wrote home & to Hank Mc. Worked all day. No service.

Mon Dec 14th 1863 — Tent finished this eve by puting in table.

Tues Dec 15th 1863 — Drew clothing.

Wed Dec 16th 1863 — Nothing of importance today.

Thurs Dec 17th 1863 — Rained all day. Rec’d our pay for two months 26.00.

Fri Dec 18th 1863 — Took horse and took a ride. In P.M., went over to the Reg’s with Amon and got wet fording the creek. Got home at dark. One of the Reg’s were shot for deserter.

Sat Dec 19th 1863 — Amon & I went down and cut a load of wood for the Co. Nothing of importance.

Sun Dec 20th 1863 — Order read about reenlisting by Major Hall. Insp Arms by Inspector Genl. Dress Parade. No service on account of the cold.

Mon Dec 21st 1863 — Got nigger to wash our clothes. Fine day. Parade.

Tues Dec 22nd 1863 — Nothing of importance. Parade.

Wed Dec 23rd 1863 — Cold and windy. Parade.

Thur Dec 24th 1863 — Went over to Reg’s with horse and got a spider (1.25) This eve our sutler came up.

Fri Dec 25th 1863 — Christmas. Fine day. Amon & I went down in woods and got Jones to draw us a load of wood. Some of the boys had a turkey dinner & then got tight & had a row with the niggers.

Sat Dec 26th 1863 — Fine day. Fell in at 1 P.M. and formed square in front of Col’s Quarters and the sentiment of the regt in reference to enlisting was taken. I enlisted with Amon.

Sun Dec 27th 1863 — Rain. About 10 A.M. a N.Y. Regt went past on the cars for home having all but four reenlisted. No parade on account of rain.

Mon Dec 28th 1863 — Rained all day. Mud awful deep. Amon on Guard. I rec’d a letter from home. Nothing doing today on account of mud & rain. Wrote home.

Tues Dec 29th 1863 — Very muddy. Done nothing at night. Major & Col. distributed whiskey among the veterans and an awful drunk ensued. A fine way to get men to enlist.

Wed Dec 30th 1863 — Amon and I washed clothes this A.M. after which I made out the Muster Rolls. Finished all but one. Sent letter to Emory & home.

Thurs Dec 31st 1863 — Finished Rolls. Rained all day. Were mustered for pay this P.M. Very muddy. Wrote a letter to Charlotte. Sent letter to Stanbach at Germantown Hospital. Farewell to 1863 with its toils and hardships.


Fri Jan 1st 1864 — New Years day. Weather very fine but awful muddy. Turned off cold this P.M. and froze hard. Quackenbush, C. Hartson, Strong, and Feister was sworn in as Veteran Volunteers to serve 3 years from last Christmas day. Nothing of import.

Sat Jan 2nd 1864 — Rose at “Reveille.” Very cold but soon had a good fire and heeded not the wintry blast outside. Nothing of importance.

Sun Jan 3rd 1864 — No Service. Fine day. No Inspection. Parade in eve — the first one since Dec 23rd 1863. Amon on guard.

Mon Jan 4th 1864 — Rose and immediately after breakfast I was sent for as Father was taken sick very suddenly with apoplexy. He soon got over it except paralysis of the right arm and hand. Snowed all day. No Parade.

Tues Jan 5th 1864 — Very cold. Ground covered with snow. Made out 7 muster out rolls & 8 discharges for our Vets. Nothing doing of importance.

Wed Jan 6th 1864 — Made out 7 musters in rolls. Rec’d the order for Dick’s muster.

Thurs Jan 7th 1864 — Wrote all day making out the necessary papers for Dick to get his pay. Amon on guard. Snowed a little at night.

Fri Jan 8th 1864 — Wrote a letter to Mr. Wyckoff for Father. Nothing of importance. Washed clothes.

Sat Jan 9th 1864 — Wrote a letter to Emory. Rec’d “Wilkes Spirit of the Times” from him yesterday. Father went off this eve to marry a couple — a private in a New York Regt to Miss Martin of Virginia. Recd 10.00 for it.

Sun Jan 10th 1864 — Fine day. Wrote to Sergt. Lake. No service. Dress Parade this eve.

Mon Jan 11th 1864 — Rec’d letter from home Wrote home. Bought a “Picture Packet Gallery” for Emma. Guerrillas made a raid on Switzer but licked.

Tues Jan 12th 1864 — Nothing of Import. Sent picture to Em. Dress Parade.

Wed Jan 13th 1864 — Amon on Guard. Rained a very little. Parade.

Thurs Jan 14th 1864 — Washed clothes to day. No parade on account of mud.

Fri Jan 15th 1864 — Mud awful deep. Nothing doing of importance.

Sat Jan 16th 1864 — Rec’d a letter from Charlotte. Father rec’d one from Wm. Owen and Dick. Very muddy.

Sun Jan 17th 1864 — No inspection or service. Very muddy. Wrote Charlotte.

Mon Jan 18th 1864 — Amon on guard. Rained a little. Turning cold at night and froze hard. Officers met to organize a lyceum.

Tues Jany 19th 1864 — Nothing of importance. Muddy and disagreeable walking.

Wed Jany 20th 1864 — Old monotony and routine of camp life. Hope we will have some excitement. I was relieved somewhat by the arrival of Frank Shadbold from hospital.

Thurs Jany 21st 1864 — The Officers held their first meeting this eve. “Question” “Resolved that men in the field are better qualified to elect our National officer than citizens at home.” Father [argued] on the negative — and got beat. Adjourned to meet Monday.

Fri Jany 22nd 1864 — Nothing of importance.

Sat Jany 23rd 1864 — Old routine and monotony of camp life. Hanging on still.

Sun Jany 24th 1864 — Wrote Dick and sent him a sketch of camp at Bealton. Fine day.

Mon Jany 25th 1864 — Rec’d a letter from Dick. Fine day. Nothing of importance.

Tues Jany 26th 1864 — Washed clothes. Went down to R.R. at 2 P.M. Ben Best arrived. Dress Parade. Sergt. Major Taylor act. adj. Malty having gone home yesterday.

Wed Jany 27th 1864 — Beautiful day — like May. Dress Parade. Sergt. Major act adj. Nothing of importance transpired.

Thurs Jany 28th 1864 — Made out Inspection Report for Emerson. No parade on account of detail going to Warrenton Junction.

Fri Jany 29th 1864 — Jim Hullinger and I went riding out in the country. Detail went out today. Officers dance terminated in a drunken row.

Sat Jany 30th 1864 — Nothing of importance. Train run off the track. Jim H. & I went down on horse to see the accident but soon came back as train came along. No Parade.

Sun Jany 31st 1864 — Four women came from near Kellys Ford — “on it” they were, so drew off the looser part of the Regt after them. Some boys were badly sold as they bought some things for them and then did not get their rations. Wrote to Dick.

Mon Feb 1st 1864 — Wrote to Maggie. Cleaned Dick’s sword. Made out clothing list for Jimy. Raining. No Parade. Amon on guard.

Tues Feb 2nd 1864 — Rained drizzled. Rained hard at night. Made out new inspection reports for Lieut.

Wed Feb 3rd 1864 — Rec’d letter and photograph from Aunt MaryAnn. Amon went off to Warrenton Junction early with detail. Wrote Aunt M.A.

Thur Feb 4th 1864 — Rec’d a letter from M.E. Oathout. Rec’d letter from Dick. Wrote Dick. Nothing of importance.

Fri Feb 5th 1864 — Prepared to go on detail to Warrenton for Amon. Did not go as the order was countermanded. Rec’d letter from Charlotte. Monroe Doolittle came over to see us. Turnpiked street.

Sat Feb 6th 1864 — Went over to Regulars camp and got boards to ceiling tent. Cannonading began about 11 A.M. and continued all day. Do not know the cause. Will know tomorrow. Amon on guard. Father married Langford of Co B to Miss Grove of Virginia. Bully for him. Bought pen of Hullinger (20/-).

Sund Feb 7th 1864 — Nothing of importance. Wrote to H. H. McCollister.

Mon Feb 8th 1864 — Nothing of importance. Dress Parade.

Tues Feb 9th 1864 — Made out record of Compy for picture man. He gave me one for making it out. Made out clothing return for the Month of January for Emerson. No Parade.

Wed Feb 10th 1864 — Major went home and took 4 privates with him for recruiting service. No Parade. Met at Hospital Tent and organized a Lyceum. Adjourned to meet on Friday eve. Was called up about 11½ at night to load our guns and be ready to fall in at a moment’s notice as firing was heard again at Brig Hd Qrs but the firing proved to be the falling of the mule barn.

Thur Feb 11th 1864 — Tip Burnett, Joe Crisler and J. Harroun arrived from hospital. I bought some oysters of Battalion Sutler and had stew for supper.

Fri Feb 12th 1864 — Started about 10½ A.M. for the 1st Mich. Amon had Qr. Master’s horse and I took Father’s. Had bully time. Came back about 5½ P.M. Went to the Lyceum at 7 P.M. The Question was — “Resolved: That McClellan has shown more military genius than any other general the war has yet produced.” Decided in favor of the negative.

Sat Feb 13th 1864 — Very fine day. Nothing of importance transpired No Parade. Rec’d haversack for condemned one which were taken away again.

Sun Feb 14th 1864 — Very fine day. Inspection Arms and Quarters by the Col. Turned off cold and windy. About 12 M, Isaac Lake came over and stayed all night. Amon on guard.

Mon Feb 15th 1864 — Isaac started back after dinner. Had good visit. Snowed today. Rec’d letter from Dick.

Tues Feb 16th 1864 — Cold and very windy. Snowed hard in P.M. No Parade. Did not meet in lyceum as hospital was occupied.

Wed Feb 17th 1864 — Very Cold. Went after old building to build place to hold lyceum but old man would not let us have it. So went into the woods and got a load already cut. Did not draw but one load as it was so cold. Fixed door of tent so it would swing with the wind.

Thurs Feb 18th 1864 — Began making out Veteran Papers for Jim Harroun. Very cold. Rec’d letter from Aunt Mary Ann. No Parade.

Fri Feb 19th 1864 — Finished Harroun’s Rolls. Went over to see Capt. Montieth about my term of enlistment. Wrote letter to Aunt Mary Ann. Quite cold.

Sat Feb 20th 1864 — Played ball. Very fine day. Whips of women in camp selling milk & crackers. Nothing of importance.

Sun Feb 21st 1864 — Divine Service at 10½ A.M. Fell in at 3 P.M. to hear the reading of the Articles of War. Rec’d a letter from M. E. Oathout.

Mon Feb 22nd 1864 — No National Salute. Fired only one gun at sunrise and one at sunset. Had on “Boxing Gloves.” Washed clothes and mudd tent. Parade at which Maltz officiated as Adj. He arrived this 2 P.M. Train. Lyceum met in eve at 6½ o’clock. Question — “Resolved: That the U.S. should resist by armed force the establishment of a monarchy in Mexico.” Decided in the affirmative. Rec’d a letter from Charlotte and picture of grandmother.

Tues Feb 23rd 1864 — Jim Terwilliger and Dave Fox arrived. Fox tented with Amon & I. Parade.

Wed Feb 24th 1864 — Foot & horse racing all day. Nothing of importance.

Thurs Feb 25th 1864 — Veterans went home today. The 1st also went. Made out ordinance returns. Changed guns. Attended lyceum in eve. Question — “Resolved:  That war is a promoter of civilization.” I was on the affirmative and was decided in our favor.


Sample of Henry S. Seage’s handwriting in diary

Fri Feb 26th 1864 — Very fine day. Capt. McLean arrived. Smoky tent on account of wind blowing very hard. Wrote to Charlotte.

Sat Feb 27th 1864 — Washed clothes this A.M. Made out part of Pay Roll. Orders came at taps to be ready to march in the morn.

Sun Feb 28th 1864 — Fine day. Did not attend Divine Service on account of making out Rolls. Parade at 4½. Acted as Color Sergt. Mrs. Capt. Marshall and daughter arrived. Nothing of importance.

Mon Feb 29th 1864 — Finished rolls early and had them to the Adj. tent the first one. Jim Hullinger and I went down to the 62nd after medicine. Jim sold his horse for $30.00. Were mustered for pay at 2 P.M.

Tues March 1st 1864 — Wrote letter to Mary Eliz. Rained all day. Nothing of importance. Borrowed 5 dol’s of Father. No Parade.

Wed March 2nd 1864 Quite muddy. David and I went out on Target Practice I made best Shot on tree Nothing doing. Wrote to Mary Ann.

Thurs Mar 3rd 1864 — Weather fine. Nothing of importance. Wrote a piece as special correspondent to the lyceum paper.

Fri March 4th 1864 — Fine day. Recruits building tents. Lyceum in eve. Question — “Resolved: That the U.S. should treat the States in rebellion as alien enemies.” Decided in favor of the negative. Was elected Sec, Lieut. Bancroft Pres, C. S. Duncan, V. President of lyceum for the ensuing month. Mrs. Capt. Marshall present.

Sat Mar 5th 1864 — Fine day. Drilled recruits 1 hour. Parade. Acting Color Bearer.

Sun Mar 6th 1864 — Went to Church in hospital tent. Inspection Arms, Knap. & Haver Parade.

Mon Mar 7th 1864 — Fine Day. Sergt of the 32 Mass died from injuries rec’d from jumping on swing.

Tues Mar 8th 1864 — Rained all day. Made a good table of box got at sutlers. Lyceum at night. Question — “Resolved:  That women should have the right of election franchise in the U.S. the same as men.” Decided in favor of negative. Drew clothing — 1 Socks & Shirt. More recruits came.

Wed Mar 9th 1864 — David on guard. Amon & I washed clothes. Parade.

Thurs Mar 10th 1864 — Rained almost all day. Amon unwell. No parade.

Fri Mar 11th 1864 — Rained with thunder all day. Lyceum met at 7 P.M. Question — “Resolved: That a man is justified in obeying a law that he believes to be morally wrong.” Decided in favor of affirmative. Raised fits with the recruits — smoked, burned, etc. This was the initiation. No parade. Gen’l Grant & staff with Gen’l Meade went back to Washington this morn.

Sat Mar 12th 1864 — Cooked beans. Dugan ate with us. Fine day. Parade after which cleaned off and exercised horse. Father sick and sent $150 home. I sent 16.00 allotment by C. Skirvin. About 10, Jagger & Vesey had a row which involved the company and ended in Waller pounding and shutting the eyes of Fox.

Sun Mar 13th 1864 — Inspection of Quarters. Went to Hullinger’s and shaved. Burnett and I went down to 9th Mass for a ride. Dr. Watts pulled tooth for me — about took off my head. No Divine Service on account of Father being sick. I had toothache all day.

Mon Mar 14th 1864 — Felt unwell with toothache & a little fever. Rec’d letters from Dick and Enos. Began raining about 9 P.M.

Tues Mar 15th 1864 — Father went to Brandy Lyceum in eve. Question — [Resolved:] “That John Brown was the greatest moral hero of his age.” Decided in negative.

Wed Mar 16th 1864 — Nothing of importance. Gen’l Bartlette had dance at his Hd Qrs.

Thur Mar 17th 1864 — Went down to the 9th [Mass.] to witness festivities of St Patricks day. The program was horse racing and jumping, bag race, & mock parade. Several young ladies were in attendance from Bartlett’s Hd Qrs. Did not begin with program of last year. Dance again in Hd Qrs. Div.

Fri Mar 18th 1864 — Made out “Charge and Specifications” against Vesey for Jagger. Amon got liver. Lyceum in eve. Question — “Resolved: That a populated city or settled country is a better opening for a young man of energy than a new country or growing towns of our Western frontier.” Decided in affirmative. The meeting was here, disturbed, and adjourned to fall in and stack arms. Expected a raid. Signed pay roll and was paid two month’s pay. Regt. fell out and laid down on “arms” all night at depot. I did not go. Went to bed.

Sat Mar 19th 1864 — Fine day. Nothing of importance.

Sun Mar 20th 1864 — Quite windy. Had bad cold. Service in hospital tent at 11 A.M. No parade.

Mon Mar 21st 1864 — Cold. David on piquet. Parade. Mrs. Marshall went home. Bad cold.

Tues Mar 22nd 1864 — Very cold. Began snowing about 5 P.M. and at taps it was 6 inches deep. Rec’d letter from Dick, Aunt M. A. & Mary Elib. Dick and Ma started for the army last Monday. Rec’d picture from Uncle William. No lyceum on account of storm.

Wed Mar 23rd 1864 — Quite cold but fair. Nothing of importance.

Thurs Mar 24th 1864 — Fine day. David bought ½ bushel of potatoes. Had fine time snow balling.

Fri Mar 25th 1864 — David and Amon went down to creek & washed clothes. Began snowing about 12 M. and turned to rain about 5 P.M. Rained all night. No lyceum.

Sat Mar 26th 1864 — David on guard. Very windy. Fireplace smoked all day.

Sun Mar 27th 1864 — Divine Service at 11 A.M. Did not go. The 5th N.Y. Heavy Artillery went to the front from Washington this P.M. — 2400 strong. Inspection arms at 3 P.M. Had hair cut at R. R. barbers. Parade at 5 P.M. Prayer meeting in hospital tent at 7 P.M. Did not go.

Mon Mar 28th 1864 — Weather fine. Parade. Nothing of importance.

Tues Mar 29th 1864 — Rained almost all day.

Wed Mar 30th 1864 — Rained all last night. Snowed part of today. Built chimney up above all others in company. Lyceum in eve. Very spirited arguments. Question — “Resolved: That man is a free moral agent.”

Thurs Mar 31st 1864 — Fine day. Some of G’s & H’s veterans came back.

Fri April 1st 1864 Rained all day Amon on Guard. J. Fleming & G.T. Ward came back from hospital. More Vets came back — Quackenbush among the rest.

Sat April 2nd 1864 — Rained all day. Lt. Emerson & several other officers arrived.

Sun April 3rd 1864 — Jeffy Bolles came back. Fine day. No service. Parade.

Mon April 4th 1864 — Amon & I went down to creek & washed clothes. Began raining just as we got through. Rained all day & night. Sent Charlotte a letter. Amon was the old woman while I occupied the obscure position & keeping fire & bringing water in an old oyster can.

Tues April 5th 1864 — Rained all day. Out of wood. Got some of Father.

Wed April 6th 1864 — Fine day. Amon cut load of wood for tent. Lyceum at night. Re-elected as Sec, Luce Pres. & Comstock V. Pres. Father went to Warrenton Junction.

Sent this home by Father, Thurs Ap 7/64.

The following is a transcribed account of Company E’s history which was written by Henry Seage. I am not sure if it was written during or after the war, but we’ll treat it as if it were war-time. This was provided by Steve Roberts.

Chronological Record.


Oct. 10, 1861. Recruits arrived at Minor’s Hill under Major De Golyer, and of these Geo. Beebee, J. W. Brown, Chas. T. Hartson, H. S. Seage, Frank Shadbolt, Thomas Tarsney, Thomas Terwilliger, James Terwilliger, James Thompson were assigned to Company E.

Oct. 18, 1861. Boys fired a bomb shell in the street and wounded one man.

Oct. 22, 1861. Was called up at 4 A.M. to march to Leesburg. Order countermanded.

Oct. 26, 1861. Went with the regiment on Grand Review to Halls Hill.

Nov. 8, 1861. Companies E and H called out double quick to arrest depredators at a farm house about half-way to Falls Church.

Nov. 9, 1861. Grand review of army by General McClellan.

Nov. 10, 1861. Company raised tents on logs.

Nov. 20, 1861. Grand review by General McClellan and President Lincoln at Bailey’s cross roads; about 100,000 soldiers in review.

Nov. 21, 1861. Camp Guard No. 12 shot Guard No. 13.

Dec. 14, 1861. Regiment put up a pole on color line and placed thereon a “brazen rooster.”

Dec. 17, 1861. Brigade had sham fight.

Dec. 19, 1861. Brigade had sham fight.

Dec. 22, 1861. Avery Randell died in regiment hospital; funeral by Chaplain Strong.

Dec. 25, 1861. One pint oysters issued to each man for Christmas dinner. Company raised an arch at the end of street, as did also all the companies. Whiskey issued in evening and all of Company C tight.


Jan. 9, 1862. Received new guns, Springfield Rifles.

Jan. 14, 1862. R. W. Seage promoted Sergeant, and C. H. Smith to Corporal.

Jan. 16, 1862. Orders for vaccination, and most of the company were vaccinated.

Jan. 27, 1862. Lawrence Wright placed under arrest for shooting a cow while on picket.

Feb. 2, 1862. Company G presented Captain D. D. Marshall with a sword.

Feb. 5, 1862. Company had a snow-balling bout on the parade ground.

Feb. 12, 1862. Began drill in bayonet exercise.

Feb. 14, 1862. Regiment started at 5 o’clock A.M. and marched to Vienna Station which rebels had attacked. Burned depot and tore up railroad, found no rebels and returned to camp at night.

Feb. 21, 1862. Built company cook shanty.

Feb. 22, 1862. Washington’s birthday was celebrated by regiment forming hollow square in four ranks, and listened to “Farewell Address of Washington,” read by Adjutant Earle. Speeches by colonel, lieutenant colonel, major and others, and nine cheers for the flag.

Feb. 24, 1862. Hard gale blew down all our tents.

March 8, 1862. Grand dance in companies streets at night. Orders came to have 60 rounds of cartridges and three days rations, and began packing up.

March 9, 1862. Broke camp Minors Hill early morning and started for Vienna where we worked repairing railroad.

March 10, 1862. About twelve o’clock noon, we started and marched within about two miles of Fairfax and camped for the night. Found that the rebels had deserted their position.

March 15, 1862. Started at 6 o’clock A.M. for Alexandria. Rained hard all day. Camped for the night in the deserted camp of the 64th New York.

March 16, 1862. President Fairfield, of Hillsdale College, visited us.

March 17, 1862. Left the dirty old camp and moved out in the grubs four miles from Alexandria.

March 18, 1862. Wat Simons and Gus Barker were tied up for leaving camp for Fort Corcoran without leave.

March 21, 1862. Packed up and marched to Alexandria, and at 2 P.M. went on board flag steamer Daniel Webster.

March 22, 1862. Steamed away at 10 A.M. down the Potomac River, and on reaching Chesapeake Bay, were joined by the gun boats.

March 23, 1862. Nine A.M. out of sight of land. At 3 P.M. landed at Fortress Monroe, and marched about three miles inland and camped.

March 25, 1862. Marched inland about two miles and camped.

March 27, 1862. Marched to Big Bethel, and returned to camp at night. Twenty-four miles hard march and boys strewed the road with overcoats, blankets and extra clothing. Colored refugees came to camp in large numbers.

March 28, 1862. Orderly Sergeant Tarsney had a row with “town boys,” so known, and pulled off his chevrons.

March 30, 1862. Company stationed at Burnt Bridge on picket.

March 31, 1862. Returned to camp and put up brush tents.

April 1, 1862. Refugees ordered into camp by themselves But captain and first lieutenant kept “Tom Ball” and “John Moran” as servants.

April 2, 1862. Orders to march in morning.

April 4, 1862. Broke camp at 3 A.M. and started in direction of Yorktown, took in two rebels at Little Bethel. Camped for the night at Cockletown. Found here several barrels of molasses. Boys reveled in molasses all night. Had the effect to give all the diarrhae.

April 5, 1862. Marched about three miles and came in view of fortifications of Yorktown. Rebels greeted us with solid shot and shell. Marched by right flank and reached a deep ravine. Griffin ran his battery up on the plain in front of rebels work and opened fire. Regiment moved up to support battery. “Tom Ball,” Lieutenant Parsons darkey servant, for protection got his head and shoulders in a cracker box.

April 6, 1862. But little firing to-day.

April 7, 1862. But little firing; rained hard.

April 9, 1862. Ordered back and went into camp in peach orchard. From this time to May 4th, nothing outside of the routine of siege duty. Building fortifications and making roads. Captain Wood of Company C was killed April 19, and on 20th, David Worden died in hospital. Constantly under fire from rebel forts. Our line of breast works from the woods to the York River on the right of the line ran frequently across the line of works thrown up by Washington in the battle of Yorktown in 1781. Directly in front of our line was a tall chimney, (house having been burned down) and a rebel sharpshooter had taken position in the fire place of the chimney at its second story and pulled out brick, leaving a hole through which he kept up a fire on us. Griffin ran up a gun and soon made a ruin of chimney, reb and all. A Barbetts gun placed on the angle of the white sand-bag fort of the rebs annoyed us constantly. We had a heavy battery masked in the wood in front, but did not want to unmask by firing. So “California Joe” was placed half way the lines in a “gopher” hole and his telescope rifle kept that gun silenced.

May 4, 1862. Learned the rebels had evacuated Yorktown. Packed up and formed line in front of rebs works to keep others from going over the ground, as rebs had secretly buried torpedoes in front of their works.

May 6, 1862. Had music at parade. Being the first since leaving Hampton, April 3d.

May 8, 1862. Packed up, went through fortifications and village of Yorktown, and embarked on board steamer Vanderbilt.

May 9, 1862. Landed at West Point in pontoon boats. Horses walked the gang plank into the river and swam ashore. Went into camp about one-half mile from the river.

May 13, 1862. Started at four a.m. for New Kent Court House which was reached in the afternoon.

May 15, 1862. Struck tents and packed up, stood around in the rain nearly all day then put up tents again.

May 16, 1862. Struck tents and marched all day to White House landing.

May 17, 1862. Nearly all the company went down to the river for a bath.

May 18, 1862. Orders read that Porter’s was designated as the provisional corps of the army, and that General Morrell was to command the first division and Colonel McQuade our brigade (2d).

May 19, 1862. Marched to Tunstalls Station, 6 miles.

May 21, 1862. Marched about 6 miles and camped.

May 22, 1862. Marched about 6 miles and camped.

May 24, 1862. Marched at 4 A.M. in a drenching rain, reached the Chickahominy river about 10:00 A.M.; found a force of rebels at New Bridge; had a fight, 117 rebels killed and many wounded, drove the rebels across the river and held the bridge. On returning to camp was met by General McClellan who complimented us on the victory. Piper of Company B. was killed and was carried back to camp. First one of the regiment killed in action.

May 25, 1862. Whole brigade turned out to attend Piper’s funeral. This camp was named camp Michigan, in honor of the victory of the 24th.

May 26, 1862. Marched at 3 A.M. about 4 miles and camped at Gains Mill on the Chickahominy river.

May 27, 1862. Started at 4 A.M. for Hanover Court House; ran against rebels and drove them back. Colonel Lee and 1,000 rebel prisoners taken.

May 28, 1862. A corporal and eight men of Company E detailed for picket.

May 29, 1862. Went back to camp which was reached about 12 at night.

June 1, 1862. On picket at New Bridge Captain DuPuy shot and killed our company dog.

June 9, 1862. Turned out for review by Spanish General Prim.

June 26, 1862. Heavy firing upon our right; ordered to the right and was engaged in fight at Mechanicsville.

June 27, 1862. Fell back to Gains Hill and was engaged about 11 A.M. Hard battle many killed.

June 28, 1862. Crossed White Oak Swamp and was stampeded at night by mule train.

June 29, 30, 1862. Marched toward James River and ran against rebels at New Market.

July 1, 1862. Battle of Malvern Hill, Colonel Woodbury killed. Daylight found us on the march toward Harrisons landing; mud so deep that long ropes were attached to the cannon and strung through the infantry and so dragged.

July 3, 1862. Rebels shelled us and regiment was ordered out to front but soon returned and went into camp in mud six inches deep.

July 8, 1862. Reviewed by President Lincoln.

July 21, 1862. Received A tents, laid out new camp and got out of the mud.

July 31, 1862. Rebels shelled camp from opposite or south side James River.

Aug. 2, 1862. Crossed the river but found no rebels. Companies E and A thrown out as scouts. Company E fired upon by Company A through mistake. No damage done. Re-crossed river and reached camp at night.

Aug. 10, 1862. Ordered to pack and send knapsacks to wagon train and be ready to march on call.

Aug. 14, 1862. Broke camp about midnight and marched down the river. Passed Charles City Court House about 1:30 A.M. Camped for the balance of the night at Barts Ferry.

Aug. 16, 1862. Resumed march and passed through Williamsburg; camped beyond.

Aug. 17, 1862. Resumed march and passed through Yorktown to our old camp in the peach orchard.

Aug. 19, 1862. Arrived at New Port News about noon, and about 3:00 P.M. went on board steamer Belvidere.

Aug. 20, 1862. Arrived at Aquia Creek about 10:00 A.M. landed and marched about eight miles. Other regiments of the brigade went by rail.

Aug. 21, 1862. Resumed march by day-break. Arrived near Fredericksburg about noon.

Aug. 22, 1862. Resumed march about midnight. Bivouacked along the road for a little sleep.

Aug. 23, 1862. Reached Barretts Fort this morning.

Aug. 27, 1862. Started at 7:30 A.M. and marched to Bealton Station 21 miles.

Aug. 28, 1862. Started at 2:30 A.M. and after going about one mile laid in the road till daylight. Resumed march to Bristoe Station. A fight was had here yesterday and station, bridge, and railroad were destroyed. A number of rebels were found here wounded, went beyond station and camped for night.

Aug. 29, 1862. March left in front of Manassas Junction and then by left flank to railroad across bridge to cross Bull Run. Formed lines facing the west, laid in line all day. Heavy fighting to our right all day. Could see the charging and counter charging on the plains to our right and front. About 4:00 P.M. General Griffen fired two shots at rebels, and we were ordered to advance, but as we were ready to move General Porter came up and countermanded the order, placed Griffen under arrest. This was known as the battle of Groveton or second Bull Run under General Pope. Held our position all night.

Aug. 30, 1862. Marched before sunrise and stopped beside the road just in the outskirts of Centerville. Drew rations and then ordered to the front again. Marched only a little way when we about faced and marched into Centerville and camped on its outskirts all night. Streets were full of troops falling back toward Washington.

Aug. 31, 1862. Packed up and went back in front of the fortifications just west of the village and formed line. Dr. Chamberlain arrived, having been left with wounded at Malvern Hill.

Sept. 2, 1862. Started about 1:30 A.M., but did not get out of Centreville until after daylight. Arrived at Fairfax about noon. Stopped at Langdon on Chain Bridge road for the night.

Sept. 3, 1862. Resumed march and camped again in the old camp at Minors Hill.

Sept. 6, 1862. William Bird and several of the boys left on the peninsula wounded, and prisoners arrived. Broke camp about 11 P.M. and marched near Fall Church and camped.

Sept. 9, 1862. Our knapsacks with which we had parted August 10, at Harrisons landing arrived, but they were not the fat, hearty knapsacks we left behind.

Sept. 11, 1862. Regiment received one barrel sanitary stores; Company E’s share was one can of cherries and two bottles of jelly, and it was agreed that each member of the company should draw a card and the three first aces was to draw the supplies, which was done.

Sept. 12, 1862. Broke camp at daylight and marched to Washington, passed through the city, turned north and camped for the night at Silver Springs. Sent knapsacks back to train.

Sept. 13, 1862. Started at daylight, passed through Rockville and Leesburg, camped for the night near Clarksville, Maryland. As we passed through the town citizens lined the streets with offerings of milk, fresh bread, coffee, and cold ham.

Sept. 14, 1862. Started at 6 A.M., passed through Clarksburg and Hyattstown. Reached Frederick City about 6 P.M. and camped.

Sept. 15, 1862. Started about 6 A.M. and marched through the city. Great demonstration by the people. Stonewall Jackson and his corps passed through two or three days before, and had levied heavy contributions on the people. Camped at night near Middletown.

Sept. 16, 1862. Started at 3:30 A.M. Rebels destroyed bridge at Middletown. So we had to ford the creek. Passed through Boonsboro, Turners Gap and Keedeesville, camped just beyond.

Sept. 17, 1862. Wakened at daylight by heavy cannonading about three miles to the front. Reached battle field of Antietam about 9 A.M. Heavy fighting on our right and front. Ordered to the right, but shortly about faced and returned to first position in rear of centre of army. Heavy fighting on our left with Burnside.

Sept. 18, 1862. But little firing to-day. Mostly picket. About 2 P.M. march toward left wing of army.

Sept. 19, 1862. Marched at five A.M. to left and front, crossed Antietam Creek by stone bridge where Burnside; had hard fighting on the 17th, passed over Lee’s ground and on through the little village of Sharpsburg. The town was full of rebel wounded. Went on to the Potomac river and formed line. Our batteries engaged the rebels on opposite side. Our regiment asked to cross at Shepherdstown ford. Filed into the canal, jumped the tow path, waded the river, scaled the heights on the Virginia side, and captured six guns, rebel flag and nine prisoners.

Sept. 20, 1862. The Corn Exchange regiment of Philadelphia (twelve companies) relieved us last night. Rebels attacked “Corns” this morning and balance of brigade ordered to cross in support, but before support could get over the “Corns” broke and were pushed over the rocks and most of the regiment captured, killed or wounded. Picket and camp duty until October 3.

Oct. 3, 1862. Grand review by General McClellan and President Lincoln. On return to camp found O. F. Weaver had returned, bringing Geo. W. Bollis, G. I. Brewster, H. D. Bryan, Ed. Gavette, J. H. Jagger, C. L. Northrup, T. J. Plunley, D. J. Reed, J. Tarsney, G. D. Ward, Wm. Washburn and G. A. Walker for Company E.

Oct. 9, 1862. Chaplain John Seage joined the regiment; regiment rallied on a sutler’s wagon and left him the wagon and horses but with harness all cut.

Oct. 16, 1862. Rose at 3:00 A.M. and started on a reconnaissance across the river into Virginia. Found rebels about three miles south of Shephardstown. Pushed them back about two miles, then fell back and took position for the night. Rain poured down all night and everybody got wet.

Oct. 17, 1862. Advanced about five miles. About 3 P.M. fell back and got back to camp about 11:00 P.M.

Oct. 30, 1862. Broke camp at dark and marched to within two miles of Harpers Ferry and camped for the night.

Oct. 31, 1862. Crossed river at Harpers Ferry and as boys landed in Virginia they rallied on a sutler and cleaned him out. Went about five miles beyond and camped.

Nov. 1, 1862. Mustered for four months pay.

Nov. 2, 1862. Marched at 7:00 A.M. south about 15 miles and camped at Snickersville.

Nov. 3, 1862. Rallied on a lot of pigs and honey. Firing over the mountain.

Nov. 6, 1862. Rose at 4:00 A.M. and marched about twenty miles, passed through village of Middletown by platoons.

Nov. 7, 1862. Very cold. Marched at daylight, but went only about five miles and camped at White Plains Snow for the first time this winter.

Nov. 8, 1862. Started at 6:00 A.M., passed through Thoroughfare Gap at 9:00 A.M., about 2:00 P.M. camped about five miles from Warrenton. Two recruits, A. Todd and J. H. Perine, joined the company. Walter Wright, F. Shadbolt and “Artemas” Ward returned to company.

Nov. 9, 1862. Marched to within one mile of Warrenton and camped.

Nov. 10, 1862. Review by Corps. General McClellan took leave of the army and General Burnside took command.

Nov. 12, 1862. General Porter surrendered command of the corps and left the army.

Nov. 13, 1862. Company E and detail of two from each of the other companies sent to do guard duty in Warrenton.

Nov. 15, 1862. Major Randolph arrived from furlough. Army began its southward march.

Nov. 17, 1862. Withdrawn as guards and started to join the regiment.

Nov. 18, 1862. Found the regiment camped about twelve miles from Fredericksburg.

Nov. 19, 1862. Marched at noon about six miles.

Nov. 23, 1862. Marched to within about three miles of Fredericksburg and camped at 8:00 P.M. in mud and rain.

Nov. 30, 1862. Colonel Childs resigned and bade regiment farewell. Lieutenant Colonel Lombard assumed command. Burt Brown and Tip Birge arrived from hospital.

Dec. 8, 1862. Moved camp to higher ground and built winter quarters.

Dec. 11, 1862. Bombardment of Fredericksburg began about 4:00 A.M. Artemas Todd died. Ordered to march in the afternoon. Moved to river and laid down for the night.

Dec. 12, 1862. Firing began about 8:00 A.M.; under arms all day but did not move.

Dec. 13, 1862. Rose at 4 A.M.; firing across river began about 8 A.M. Pontoons laid under fire and we stacked knapsacks. Crossed about 2 P.M. and re-crossed river at once on mistaken orders. Lieutenant Ross, of Griffins staff came on a wild gallop and called us, “dammed cowards.” Chaplain Seage answered by calling him a “drunken liar;” at once about faced and again crossed the river. Went through the town on a double quick and filed to the right. Went outside the town “swung into line” facing Maryes Hill, with 3d division ahead. Went into fight in the “horse shoe;” got as far as old canal and laid down. Kept up constant fire all day.

Dec. 14, 1862. About 11 P.M. was relieved by Burnside’s corps. Fell back to town and lain down on sidewalk.

Dec. 15, 1862. Town full of soldiers; ransacked the houses. After dark rebels shelled the town and several brick walls fell, many injured.

Dec. 16, 1862. At 5 A.M. recrossed the river and marched back to old camp.

Dec. 20, 1862. “A Court of Inquiry” of all the non-commissioned officers in the company called to consider the charge of cowardice against Sergeant C. J. Fletcher, and he was adjudged “guilty” and was reduced to the ranks.

Dec. 22, 1862. Sergeant R. W. Seage promoted “sergeant major.” A detail of the company dug up the remains of Artemus Todd (who was buried on Dec. 4,) and these were taken home by his father.

Dec. 30, 1862. Marched in light order at 3 P.M. took road leading to Barretts Ford. Marched about eighteen miles and camped in the mud.

Dec. 31, 1862. Labored march of about ten miles. Got stuck in the mud. Started back for camp, which we reached about 10 P.M.


Jan. 1, 1863. Company nearly all tight. At parade President Lincoln’s “Proclamation of Freedom to all Slaves” read.

Jan. 6, 1863. D. Fox “bucked” for refusing guard duty. Chaplain Seage went home on sick leave.

Jan. 8, 1863. Our grand division (Hookers) reviewed by Burnside.

Jan. 18, 1863. Ed. Gavitt taken by corporal’s guard to creek and was washed and had his hair cut.

Jan. 20, 1863. Packed up and started about 3 P.M. But only marched about two miles.

Jan. 21, 1863. March resumed at 10 A.M. Mud awful deep. All day going three miles.

Jan. 22, 1863. Stalled in the mud after going about two miles.

Jan. 23, 1863. Given shovels and axes and marched to “Brick Church,” to corduroy roads, so the artillery could get back.

Jan. 24, 1863. Started for camp and arrived about 4 P.M. Passed wagon trains and artillery fast in mud. Received four months pay; two months yet back.

Jan. 26, 1863. Burnside relieved and General Hooker takes command of the army.

Feb. 9, 1863. Regiment ordered to fatigue duty. Building roads leading to U.S. Ford.

Feb. 21, 1863. Regiment returned from fatigue duty.

March 8, 1863. Captain Parsons resigned and went home.

March 17, 1863. Regiment invited to witness St. Patrick’s day festivities in the 9th Mass. Ended with horse races, in which two horses were instantly killed and riders badly hurt.

March 24, 1863. Quartermaster brought regiment a new flag from Washington. A blue flag with gold eagle.
March 26, 1863. Review of division by General Meade.

March 28, 1863. Third Corporal S. A. Jenison died in hospital.

April 7, 1863. Grand review of army near Falmouth by President Lincoln. His two sons were with him.

April 10, 1863. Captain Geo. Monteith assigned to company and took command. General muster to learn strength of army, by order of Secretary of War.

April 12, 1863. Colonel Jefferds took command of the regiment. General Montague of the Swedish army reviewed the division.

April 14, 1863. Burt Brown discharged on account of wounds and went home.

April 17, 1863. Captain Monteith “officer of the day” had hard time putting out lights.

April 19, 1863. Chaplain Seage returned.

April 27, 1863. 12th Corps moved past camp. Packed up and marched about noon. Went as far as the “Brick Church.” Hard march; eight days’ rations.

April 28, 1863. Resumed march and camped about two miles from Rappahannock River, near the “Gold Mine.”

April 29, 1863. Crossed the Rappahannock on pontoons about 11:00 A.M. and about sundown reached the Rapidan, which we forded. Water about three and one-half feet deep. Camped on south side on a hill.

April 30, 1863. Started about 7:00 A.M. and about 8:30 reached the Chancellorsville House. Took the road to Fredericksburg and about 11:00 run against the rebels. Was recalled and camped about 11:00 P.M. near Chancellorsville House.

May 1, 1863. Our brigade started toward U.S. Ford and engaged the rebels. Fell back fighting; formed line in the woods. Soon fell back and took woods road and after dark got lost; thought enemy was both in front and rear, halted and faced to front and rear, stood on arms all night till daylight, then by the left flank and soon joined Humphrey’s division. Then directed where to find our division, which we joined about 6:00 A.M. on the 2nd inst.

May 2, 1863. Went to work at once cutting brush and building log breastwork.

May 3, 1863. Routed out and started at 6:00 A.M., without breakfast, on double quick to support 11th and 12th corps. Soon met them in retreat without guns, hats, coats, and swung into line along river road facing west to repel a charge of Jackson. Opened fire and soon charged over 11th and 12th corps works into the woods. Drove the rebels back, then returned to position in the road. In a short time woods were discovered on fire and could hear cries of the wounded being burned.

May 4, 1863. After fire died out, deployed as skirmishers, went into woods about one-half mile, saw many burned bodies, mostly rebels. Adjutant report, five killed, eleven wounded, one missing.

May 5, 1863. Heavy fighting on our left. About 8 P.M. ordered to pack up and stood waiting to move.

May 6, 1863. 3 A.M., took river road and crossed at U.S. Ford at 6 A.M. Formed line to cover retreat. Shortly Hooker seated on his white horse crossed and passed through the line. Boys thought him drunk, as he was held by an aid on each side. Reached old camps about 3 P.M.

May 11, 1863. At parade regiment presented Colonel Jefferds with a fine horse fully equipped. Sergeant Major Seage made the presentation speech.

May 12, 1863. Fourteenth N.Y. time expired, balance of brigade escorted them to railroad. General Meagher presented the ninth Mass. with Irish flag.

May 16, 1863. The following non-commissioned officers were announced in company: 1st Corporal Tom Tarsney, 2d, A. C. Lake, 3d, H. S. Seage, 4th, M. F. Hunt, 5th, H. Hartson, 6th, E. Taylor, 7th, Wm. Fuller, 8th, R. N. Ainsworth and A. Barker reduced to ranks. Put up shade trees.

May 17, 1863. Rev. McLean from Philadelphia preached. But company preferred to wash. Nearly every man went to Potomac Creek. On return articles of war were read to them.

May 22, 1863. Sergeant Major Seage promoted to 2d lieutenant and assigned to Company I.

May 27, 1863. Reviewed by Governor Blair. Formed square and governor made us a speech. Wife and niece were with him.

May 28, 1863. Paid by Major Frey. Struck tents and started at 5 P.M., and arrived at Hartwood church at night.

May 29, 1863. Resumed march to Kelley’s Ford.

June 8, 1863. Chaplain Seage shot by Guerrillas, while on the way to Aquia Creek, taking money for the boys to express home.

June 13, 1863. Broke camp and marched to Morrisville.

June 14, 1863. Resumed march to Catletts Station.

June 15, 1863. From June 15 to June 24, being absent with father, have no record of the company. Joined the regiment at Aldie June 24. Resumed march through Bristow Station and camped at Manassas Junction.

June 26, 1863. Marched at 7 A.M., passed through Leesburg. Crossed the Potomac at Edwards ferry on pontoons. Went beyond about seven miles and camped.

June 27, 1863. Started at 6 A.M. Reached the Monscacy Aqueduct at noon. Waded across river at 5 P.M. Passed through Bucktown and camped near Frederick City.

June 28, 1863. General Hooker superseded by General Meade who took command of the army.

June 29, 1863. Marched at 8 A.M. through Frederick, passed northeast, reached Mt. Pleasant at noon. Frank Waller and Walker had a fight in the ranks. Separated by Lieutenant Maltz. Camped at night near Liberty.

June 30, 1863. Started early, passed through Liberty, Johnstown, Middletown, Uniontown, Frizleburg and Union Mills. At Union Mills, learned that about 6,000 rebel cavalry passed through about 10 A.M.

July 1, 1863. Marched at 9 A.M. and flanked Hanover to the left about one mile, went on about eight miles and bivouacked side of the road at 12 midnight. Heavy cannonading to the front. One day’s fight at Gettysburg under Reynolds and Howard. Reynolds killed and Howard lost an arm.

July 2, 1863. Started at 4 A.M. for Gettysburg and reached the field about 9:00. Filed to the south and east of the town. Maneuvered around till about 1 P.M. Took up position in the woods with Wheatfield in our rear and Little Round Top on our left. The cannonading was awful. Soon engaged in a hot fight which soon became general to right and left. Rebels broke in on our right and we fell back to Wheatfield, where we had it hand to hand. Was forced across Wheatfield. Colonel Jefferds bayoneted and our loss in officers and men was very heavy. In an effort to recover the flag in the fight today, Colonel Jefferds was killed and Lieutenants R. W. Seage and M. J. Vreeland badly wounded.

July 3, 1863. Colonel Jefferds’ body brought into field hospital. Battle continued – rebels, under Pickett, charged center of line, repulsed by Hancock with heavy loss.

July 4, 1863. Rebels retreated. From this to Sept. 3, 1863, the army followed Lee by easy marches down the Shenandoah valley, skirmishing with the rear occasionally, till Culpepper Court House was reached Sept. 1.

Sept. 23, 1863. For an assault on an old negro woman three men of our brigade were hanged. Brigade formed hollow square around the scaffold.

Sept. 27, 1863. Soldier of the 9th drummed out of camp.

Oct. 10, 1863. Struck tents at daylight and marched in a southeast direction about six miles. Put up tents but hardly got them in position when ordered to strike tents and marched back to old camp.

Oct. 11, 1863. Marched at 7 A.M. through Culpepper and camped about 10 P.M. near Beverly Ford on north side of the river. News that Lee had crossed river to our right and was marching north again.

Oct. 12, 1863. Crossed the river and marched about three miles; formed line of battle on a hill. In a little while the Michigan Brigade of Cavalry came in sight and formed line facing south. Soon the rebel cavalry came to view and then we witnessed a splendid cavalry charge, driving the rebels back.

Oct. 13, 1863. Fell back about 1 A.M. across the river. Camped at night near Catlett’s Station.

Oct. 14, 1863. Started at 7 A.M., passed Bristol Station about three miles when heavy firing was heard in rear and we were ordered back double quick. Reached Bristol at dark but fighting had ceased. General Warren of 2d corps captured here twelve guns from rebel General Hill, also 600 prisoners. Fell in about 10 P.M. and marched beyond Manassas Junction, crossed Bull Run and camped at two o’clock at night.

Oct. 15, 1863. Started at 7 A.M. and marched to Chantilla. General Kearney had a fight here before we got up. Kearney was killed. Kept on the Fairfax C. H., and camped at 11 A.M., the boys played out.

Oct. 16, 1863. Struck tents at 5 P.M. in a drenching rain and marched to Centerville. Waded across several creeks and camped for the night drenched to the skin.

Oct. 18, 1863. Took back track at 4 A.M. to within a mile of Fairfax C. H., and filed into woods and ordered to make a good camp. So we cut all the underbrush, got up tents in good order and then ordered to strike tents and march to Fox Mills and camped at 10 P.M.

Oct. 19, 1863. Tom Tarsney arrived; marched at 8 P.M. to the left and struck the Centerville pike road. Here our regiment and the 32d Mass. were detailed to guard wagon train. Marched about fifteen miles.

Oct. 20, 1863. Resumed march to Gainsville, where we camped at 8 P.M.

Oct. 21, 1863. Resumed march, passed through Buckland, joined the brigade here and camped.

Oct. 22, 1863. The officer of the day staked our company streets. Put up tents in regular form. Received back mail. Inspection at 5 P.M.

Oct. 23, 1863. Only camp duty. Nothing important.

Oct. 24, 1863. Rained all day. Immediately after dinner general call sounded. Packed up and started in the rain and mud. Camped at 8 P.M. All went to bed wet and cold.

Oct. 25, 1863. Packed up about noon and moved a few rods to right in the wood. Officer of the day staked out camp; cut underbrush and put up tents on line. Policed camp while eating dinner; heard heavy cannonading near Bristol Station. Continued about an hour.

Oct. 27, 1863. Ordered to keep haversacks packed and ready to move.

Oct. 28, 1863. Nothing important; only guard and camp duty. General Bartlett assigned to the command of our brigade.

Oct. 29, 1863. Teams arrived with headquarter and line officers tents.

Oct. 30, 1863. Called at 4 o’clock A.M., started about 7 on the road toward Warrenton Junction via. Auburn. Struck the Warrenton branch of railroad at Three Miles station. Camped.

Oct. 31, 1863. Regiment mustered for pay.

Nov. 1, 1863. Regimental inspection, after which marched to headquarters tents where Chaplain Seage had Sunday services.

Nov. 2, 1863. Orders for all sick to report to surgeon. Geo. Hughes reported sick with rheumatism; 10 A.M. struck tents, moved to the left, joined third brigade, camped. 8 P.M., details made for picket.

Nov. 3, 1863. Whole regiment went out on picket 9 o’clock A.M.

Nov. 4, 1863. Regiment still on picket. Nothing important.

Nov. 5, 1863. Drew rations of soft bread. Sergeant Abbott drew thirty-seven rations, but we only mustered thirty-four men.

Nov. 6, 1863. About 11 A.M. regiment returned from picket.

Nov. 7, 1863. Called at 4 A.M., packed up, started about 7. Went to Rappahannock Station. Formed line of battle. Regiment ordered in support for the skirmishers advanced to the edge of the woods. Shortly Captain Martin, chief of ordnance, planted two batteries in front of the regiment and shelled rebels’ works. At night 3d brigade on charge took the fort with 300 prisoners and seven guns.

Nov. 8, 1863. Called at 4:30 o’clock A.M. Started on the road toward Kelley’s Ford where we crossed the river on pontoons. While waiting for rear to close up General Meade and staff came along, gave them a hearty cheer. Camped at night about two miles from Ford. Rations very scarce.

Nov. 9, 1863. Rose at sunrise, no breakfast. Boys yelling for hardtack. About 1 P.M. Bartlett ordered brigade drill to discipline us for yelling hardtack at him. Came in from drill. Immediately general call sounded and we marched. Crossed river. Camped at night. Very cold, snowed first this season.

Nov. 10, 1863. Rose in the morning, found everything covered with snow. Rations issued, after breakfast took road for Morristown. Went into camp three miles from Bealton Station.

Nov. 11, 1863. Nothing of importance. Very cold.

Nov. 13, 1863. Six men and a corporal detailed for picket.

Nov. 14, 1863. Rained all afternoon and night.

Nov. 15, 1863. Picket detail arrived in camp about noon. No Sunday service on account of cold. Received orders to be ready to march at a moment’s notice.

Nov. 16, 1863. Company drew clothing. Snowed. Parade and inspection. Non-commissioned officer Tarsney reduced to the ranks. Corporal H. S. Seage assigned as color bearer.

Nov. 17, 1863. Nothing of importance.

Nov. 18, 1863. Rose at 4 A.M. Crossed the river at Kelley’s Ford and went about two miles beyond and camped in old quarters of the rebels. Corporal A. C. Lake arrived from York hospital.

Nov. 19, 1863. Brigade inspection.

Nov. 20, 1863. Rained all day. Company began building winter quarters.

Nov. 21, 1863. Dress parade and inspection.

Nov. 22, 1863. Nothing of importance.

Nov. 23, 1863. Started at daylight, marched toward river, after going about two miles found artillery stuck in the mud. Ordered to about face and go back to camp. Rained hard all day.

Nov. 24, 1863. Rain ceased about noon.

Nov. 25, 1863. Adjutant General Robertson of Michigan arrived and brought the regiment six new snare drums and a bass drum. Dress parade and music.

Nov. 26, 1863. Thanksgiving day. Started at sunrise and crossed the Rapidan river about one and one-half miles above Ely’s Fork, two miles beyond struck the plank road leading to Chancellorsville, followed this road about one mile, camped for the night.

Nov. 27, 1863. Resumed march about 6 A.M. following the plank road within three miles of Chancellorsville. Then took cross-road and came out on the Gordensville pike. Shortly after the rebel cavalry made a dash on the rear of our division wagon train and captured two ambulances, one headquarter wagon, fourteen ammunition wagons, also made prisoners of Tim. Burch and Wm. Smith. About 2 P.M. firing began to the front and about 4 P.M. we filed to left in woods and formed line of battle. On arms all night.

Nov. 28, 1863. Packed up early, moved down the right of the line and threw up breastworks. Rain, very muddy.

Nov. 29, 1863. Arose early, got on the extreme right of line and relieved 6th corps. About 3 P.M. received orders to storm the rebel position. Laid down on arms for the night.

Nov. 30, 1863. Called up about 1 o’clock A.M. to get ready for the assault, moved toward the rebel left and formed line in the woods. Warren’s attack on our extreme left having failed we were not ordered in, so stayed in the woods and froze all day; at dark ordered back to our first position. This was known as the battle of Mine Run.

Dec. 1, 1863. About 6 P.M. started for the rear, took the Turnpike. Our regiment ordered to guard ordnance train; to hasten the march train was ordered to cross-road through the woods; this road was so rough that the boys kept falling down all night.

Dec. 2, 1863. Crossed the Rapidan River at Germania Ford; camped in woods about one mile beyond. Shortly after Colonel Sweitzer, commanding the brigade ordered us to resume march, marched about one-half mile, ordered to camp for the night; started again about 7 A.M. without breakfast and went to Stevensburgh and went into camp. About 2 P.M. rations were issued and we had our first meal.

Dec. 3, 1863. Packed early, crossed the Rappahannock River at Rappahannock Station, from this point north our corps was deployed along the railroad as guard. Our (2d) brigade stationed at Bealton Station.

Dec. 4, 1863. Laid out camp for winter quarters. From this date to close of the year only camp duty.


March 12, 1864. Lieutenant Vesey and Jagger had a fight which ended in involving the whole company. Fox’s eyes blackened by Frank Waller.

March 17, 1864. Regiment invited by 9th Mass. to witness festivities of St. Patrick’s day.

March 18, 1864. Jagger filed charges and specifications against Lieutenant Vesey. Rebel cavalry attempted to raid on the stores at station. Long roll sounded, fell in, but remained on arms all night at the depot.

March 22, 1864. Snow fell six inches deep.

April 14, 1864. All civilians ordered out of the army lines. Rumored that General Grant had taken command.

April 20, 1864. All turned out to hunt rats in the rubbish grounds; killed about 150.

April 29, 1864. About 10 A.M. Gregg’s division of cavalry began marching past to the front. Said to be 7,000 strong. Took them about four or five hours to pass.

April 30, 1864. Packed up and started about 4 P.M. Camped near Rappahannock Station. Was relieved at Bealton Station by Pennsylvania regiment of Burnside’s corps.

May 1, 1864. Packed up and started at 9 A.M., crossed the Rappahannock River at 10 A.M., marched to within two miles of Brandy Station and camped at 1 P.M. for the night.

May 3, 1864. Laid in camp until 1 P.M., when we started and marched five miles and camped near Culpepper; about 11 P.M. we were awakened by the “general call,” struck tents and started at 12 P.M.

May 4, 1864. Passed through Stevensburg at daylight, crossed the Rapidan River at Germania Ford at 8 A.M. and stopped on the south side for breakfast. Started after breakfast, took the Chancellorsville plank and camped near the same place we did last fall when our extreme right rested at Chancellorsville battle. Very tired and footsore; a great many of the boys fell out. Very hot and dusty.

May 5, 1864. Rose at 3 A.M., at daylight, advanced down into the woods and formed line. Built breastworks of logs and dirt. About 12, noon, our division moved to the front and at 2 P.M. engaged the rebels. Many killed and wounded. Our company lost Tarsney, James Terwilliger killed. Lake, Best, Burnett, Crister, Waller, Color Sergeant Seage wounded; Colonel Lombard and Captain Loveland were wounded. Ordered to fall behind the breastworks, where we laid all night. Tim. Terwilliger’s brains spattered in the face of Color Sergeant Seage and on the flag. This was the first day’s Battle of the Wilderness.

May 6, 1864. Rose at 3 A.M. and went to the front but was not engaged today. Sergeant Wm. Cunningham, Co. K, was killed instantly by a shell while we laid in the woods. About dark the 6th corps broke, so went back and laid in the outer works. Shortly after moved to the front again to our old position. About 11 o’clock at night started back to the rear, halted for the night near the place where we camped on the night of the 4th inst.

May 7, 1864. Was awakened at daylight by the rebels advancing. Laid behind breastworks until about 10 P.M., when we started and marched all night to the left.

May 8, 1864. To within a few miles of Spottsylvania Court House. About 9 A.M. came on the rebels and formed line. Drove the rebels at first but they were reinforced and drove us. Rallied shortly and threw up breastworks. Lieutenant Emerson and Geo. Walker were wounded, Walker fatally. Toward evening the troops on our left drove the rebels in. Laid all night behind the works. This was known as the Laurel Hill fight.

May 11, 1864. Considerable skirmishing and cannonading, about 1 P.M. began throwing up breastworks to protect us from the shells of the rebels. Rained hard this afternoon and most of the night.

May 13, 1864. Put up tents and ordered immediately to pack up, started and marched all night through the mud a foot deep, waded one creek. This was about the hardest march we had.

May 14, 1864. Stacked arms at daylight with seven men and the colors near Burnside’s corps one mile from Spottsylvania Court House. Laid here all day.

May 15, 1864. Rained hard this afternoon, put up tents, about 5 P.M. packed up and formed line of battle and laid in line all night. Color guard reinforced. Decker arrived with Captain Van Valer’s company, numbering about 80 men. This makes the regiment about 150 strong.

May 16, 1864. Boys all think their time is out today. But say they will do duty faithfully until June 20th. Laid behind Griffin’s batteries all day. Fine all day until about dark, when it began raining; put up tents. Drew three days’ rations. Colonel Sweitzer, commanding brigade, came over and talked to the regiment about the expiration of their term of service. Very quiet all day.

May 17, 1864. Dug rifle pit for protection as the batteries were going to open, but batteries kept silence. Just at dark we moved to the front to build “works” to hold the center, as the 5th corps was to hold the center while the other corps attacked the flanks.

May 18, 1864. Artillery opened at daylight but not heavy. Received back mail. Put up tents at night.

May 19, 1864. The 9th corps moved past going to the left. About 6 P.M. our brigade moved to the right a little. Heavy firing on the right. Rebels tried to get some of the train, but was driven back.

May 21, 1864. Fine day. Ordered to strike tents and pack up noiselessly and be ready to move at 10 A.M. Did not go until about 1 A.M. Rebels threw a few shells, no one injured. Struck the railroad two miles above Guinney Station, followed the railroad south and filed off to the right and marched about three miles and camped for the night. About 10 P.M. had supper and went to bed.

May 22, 1864. Packed up and ordered to march at 4 A.M., but did not leave until about 9 A.M. Did not come up with the rebels until 1 P.M., but they fell back without resistance. Camped about 4 P.M. for the night; put up tents.

May 23, 1864. Marched at 8 A.M. Crossed the North Anna River and Jerico Ford. Formed line, advanced to the woods and drove the rebel pickets back. Threw up small breastworks. About 5 P.M. the rebels attacked and flanked us and we fell back near the river. Ordered to charge and regained our old position in the edge of the wood. About dark the 3d brigade relieved us. Cartridges issued, ordered up to support the 3d brigade. No more firing for the night. Company’s loss was two wounded and one killed. David Fox wounded.

May 24, 1864. At 5 P.M. advanced into the woods but were ordered back, moved to the right about one and one-half miles; crossed the Orange railroad and worked till 11 P.M., throwing up breastworks and tearing up railroad.

May 25, 1864. At 4 A.M. marched on the railroad about two miles towards Sexton’s Junction, where we ran on to the rebels. Formed line and built breastworks of rails and logs. Heavy skirmish fires kept up all day.

May 26, 1864. Heavy rain; no fight. Marched at dark and crossed the North Anna River below the Jerico Mills, and about three miles beyond. Camped for the night.

May 27, 1864. Marched at 3 A.M. and about 5 P.M. camped in the woods. Hard day’s march, 20 miles. Foraged for sheep.

May 28, 1864. Marched at 4 A.M., crossed the Pamunkey River 10 miles below Hanover C. H., and 20 miles above White House landing. Here found one division of 6th corps and part of the cavalry force across the river. Crossed the river about 2 P.M. and went beyond the river one mile and formed line and threw up breastworks, ordered to stop before finishing it.

May 29, 1864. Started at 7 A.M. south about two miles and formed line. Stayed here about two hours and started on southeast about two miles and formed line of battle, threw up breastworks. Heavy skirmish to the front. Griffin’s battery fired one-half dozen rounds.

May 30, 1864. Moved to the front at daylight; our brigade in the lead. Drove rebel skirmishers about two miles; then our brigade charged the rebel line and drove them back about one-half mile. Formed line of battle, which we held until dark. Then ordered back one-half mile. Advanced again with the 62d Pennsylvania. Our company as skirmishers, to our old position, which we held until 11 P.M., when we were relieved by a brigade of the 9th corps. Our division ordered to the rear. Rations issued and cooked supper at 1 o’clock at night. Heavy firing on the right. Hunt, Harroun, Jagger and Seth Bolles returned to-day.

May 31, 1864. Nothing of importance.

June 1, 1864. About 6 P.M. moved to the front to our old position, formed line behind the works but not engaged. Heavy firing to the left and front.

June 2, 1864. Moved to the left about one mile; about 2 P.M. formed line across an open field, our right connecting Burnside’s left; threw up works of logs. About 4 P.M. the rebels drove back one of Burnside’s brigades. Fell back and re-formed line and went up to the front, charged on a run. Drove the rebels back; then ordered to support the 4th division of our corps. Not needed; ordered back to old position.

June 3, 1864. Ordered to the front on skirmish. Rebels kept up strong artillery fire. Killed one of Company G boys, also Lieutenant Vesey; about dark rebels drove our skirmish line, and the general line advanced and drove the rebels back. Eleven of the regiment killed and wounded.

June 4, 1864. Learned that the rebels quietly left our front.

June 5, 1864. Chas. Hartson arrived to-day from Washington. James Dugon found under some currant bushes at a house near by, a plank, which, being removed, discovered four big pots of fresh lard. Feister and Hewit joined us to-day from Fredericksburg. The 32d Massachusetts, 62d Pennsylvania, 22d Massachusetts ordered out to reconnoiter and returned at dark. Ordered to march to the left; marched all night.

June 6, 1864. Camped at 8 A.M. and rested for the day.

June 7, 1864. Rose at 3 A.M., marched southeast until 8 A.M., when we halted near Bottom Bridge, Chickahominy River, and formed line of battle.

June 8, 1864. Threw up breastworks. Rebels shelled us, killing two in Griffin’s battery.

June 10, 1864. Company on picket.

June 11, 1864. Laid in camp.

June 12, 1864. Fifty men in the regiment detailed for picket in the Chickahominy swamp. Rebel pickets on the opposite bank, no firing. Exchanged coffee and tobacco. Army began marching to the left at dark. Pickets withdrawn at midnight. Marched all night to the left.

June 13, 1864. About 7 A.M. crossed the York River and Richmond Railroad at Long bridge on pontoons, went up river about three miles, joined the brigade and marched down the river in southeast direction.

June 14, 1864. Halted for rest at 4 A.M. Started again at 6 A.M., marched southeast all day. Stopped for dinner at Charles City Court House, then took the old road toward Harrison’s landing, where we camped for the night.

June 15, 1864. Rested till 2 P.M. then marched all night.

June 16, 1864. Crossed the Potomac River at 6 A.M. ont pontoon bridge near City Point.

June 17, 1864. Took up line in front of Petersburg, began throwing up breastworks.

June 18, 1864. Worked on breastworks.

June 19, 1864. Regiment started for home to-day. Palmer, of Company F, was killed and Lieutenant Gruner badly wounded as the regiment filed out of breastworks enroute for home. Marched to City Point and took transport boat for Washington.

June 26, 1864. Arrived in Detroit, but no reception was given by the citizens. Slept on the sidewalks, good, smooth bed, but a little hard.

June 27, 1864. Each man given transportation home.

June 30, 1864. Mustered out of service. Soldiers no more.

NOTE.—At the muster out of the regiment there were present 135 men and 22 officers; 129 men re-enlisted as veterans. June 30 there were 280 men and three officers on the rolls, whose term of service had not expired; these were ordered to duty with the 1st Michigan Infantry and there served till the close of the war.

The total roster of the regiment during its service was 1,325, of these 13 officers and 260 men were killed in action or died of wounds.

According to the report of Adjutant General Robertson the regiment was engaged in 54 skirmishes or battles.