20 March to 19 August 1862

Thur, Mar 20 1862 — T. Tarsne & I went down to the tents. Rained all day. Rec’d letters from home and Fidelia.

Fri, Mar 21 1862 — Packed up & went to Alexandria 4 miles and went on board the Flag Steamer Dan’l Webster at 2 P.M.

Sat, Mar 22 1862 — Started down the river at 10 oclock a.m. Saw several Rebel Batteries. Was joined by the Gun Boats. Wrote to Fidelia.

Sun, Mar 23 1862 — 9 oclock a.m. out of sight of land in Chesapeake Bay. Landed at Fortress Monroe at 3 oclock P.M. Went about 3 miles and camped.

Mon, Mar 24 1862 — Fair. No drill. Amon got some oysters.

Tues, Mar 25 1862 — Packed up & went about two miles & camped. Put up brush shanty.

Wed, Mar 26 1862 — No drill. Out of crackers. Lieut Parsons brot box for us — also some Tobacco & Emery paper. Rec’d letter Perry.

Thur, Mar 27 1862 — Rose at roll & marched to Big Bethel & back 24 miles.

Fri, Mar 28 1862 — Jim Tarsney pulled off his stripes because boys called him “Thief.” Went on Guard mounting for H. Hartson.

Sat, Mar 29 1862 — Rained hard. Wrote to Emory. Sutler came up. Got $1.00 in tickets. Company drill.

Sun, Mar 30 1862 — Went on picket. Stationed at Burnt Bridge. Reinforcements came out. Charley came along on 3rd relief.

Mon, Mar 31 1862 — Was relieved at 10 by the 9th Mass (or NY). Dress Parade. Cleaned gun with sand paper.

Tues, Apr 1 1862 — Attended court marshall in Company B. Battalion drill. Did not drill.

Wed, Apr 2 1862 — Company Drill. Adjutant arrived. Orders came to be ready to leave in the morn.

Thur, Apr 3 1862 — Large detail from the Company for picket. Company drill Inspection. Wrote Home.

Fri, Apr 4 1862 — Rose at 3 o’clock am & started for Yorktown. Took two prisoners. Camped at Cockletown at night. Molasses had to suffer (or supper?).

Sat, Apr 5 1862 — Started and marched 3 mile came on to the fortifications of Yorktown. Give & rec’d shell. On Guard.

Sun, Apr 6 1862 — Secesh threw the first shell to day. Little firing on either side. 9th & 62nd threw up breastwork after dark. Inspection arms.

Mon, Apr 7 1862 — Wrote to Ed. Not much firing on either side. Fixed our U.S. blankets into a “poncho” tent. Rain. Charley on guard.

Tues, Apr 8 1862 — Rain. Very little firing. Went after rations with Dick.

Wed, Apr 9 1862 — Packed up and moved back a little out of sight to the peach orchard. Rec’d two letters from home. Emory & West Troy.

Thur, Apr 10 1862 — Rec’d new poncho tents. Inspection arms.

Fri, Apr 11 1862 — Wrote home.

Sat, Apr 12 1862 — Reg’t on picket. Our company did not go. 24 detailed for Camp Guard. Was on No Hard Bread for dinner.

Sun, Apr 13 1862 — Am, Dick & I went down to the Niggers & got 1 gal of oysters. Inspection arms.

Mon, Apr 14 1862 — Rec’d a letter from Em. On Guard. Boys went down to work on dock.

Tues, Apr 15 1862 — Off duty. Inspection & Parade Company drill. Gun Boats fired on the Rebels.

Wed, Apr 16 1862 — Was detailed to work on road by the bridge. Heavy cannonading all day on our left wing. Arch Gilchreist & Allen came to camp from the fort.

Thur, Apr 17 1862 — Cannonading on our left this morn. Company drill. Inspection Dress Parade.

Fri, Apr 18 1862 — Went on picket at 4 am. Was on reserve until 12 at night. Then went on Post.

Sat, Apr 19 1862 — Was relieved by the 18th Mass Reg’t about 6 oclock a.m. Capt. Wood (Company C) was killed. Inspection arms. Rec’d two letters from home! Wrote to Fidelia.

Sun, Apr 20 1862 — David Worden died A.M. Mark & I were detailed as an escort.

Mon, Apr 21 1862 — Did nothing of importance today.

Tues, Apr 22 1862 — Was detailed to work on the Breastworks. Went out 5 am. Rained hard in afternoon. Got wet through. Rained all night. Captain & John Stevens arrived.

Wed, Apr 23 1862 — Rain. Cleaned gun & dried clothes. Dick wrote home. Was detailed for fatigue duty to hold myself in readiness at any moment. Inspection & dress Parade. Did not go.

Thur, Apr 24 1862 — Went to work on Road. Meat brought out at noon. Charley bought 1 qt of Lasses.

Fri, Apr 25 1862 — Rose at 3 am & went to work on road. Came in at noon. Went out again at night but came back. Did not work. Rain. Mark got some rice & cooked it for supper.

Sat, Apr 26 1862 — Wrote to Ed. Rain all day & night. No drill.

Sun Apr 27 1862 — Rose at 3½ oclock & went on Picket. Did not stand post. The Rebels shelled us. Hurt no one. Cap fell in the mud.

Mon, Apr 28 1862 — Fixed up the Tent. Signed Payroll & was paid off $26.00. Came in from Picket about 6 oclock a.m. Inspection.

Tues Apr 29 1862 Recd letter from Home Was on detail to work on Trenches. The Rebels shelled us all day Kill one in the 44th N.Y.

Wed Apr 30 1862 A part of Regt was mustered for pay. The rest was mustered this P.M. Rain.

Thur May 1 1862 Regt went out to work. I was excused by the doctor Recd letter from Emory.

Fri May 2 1862 Heavy fireing by the Rebels Wrote to Em. One Shell passed over the camp.

Sat May 3 1862 Recd letter from Home & Paper from Emory. Canonading all day.

Sun May 4 1862 500 detailed for Fatigue duty found the Rebels had evacuated their works. Came in camp again & Packed up. Recd New Blouse coat. Went out & formed line in front of Rebel works to stop all persons going up.

Mon May 5 1862 Rain. Wrote Home. Packed Knapsacks. Recd letter from Fidelia

Tues May 6 1862 Compy Drill. Dress Parade with music the first time Since Left Hampton. Bat Drill

Wed May 7 1862 Nothing of importance today

Thur May 8 1862 Packed & went on Board the Vanderbilt & went up to West Point Stayed all night on Boat.

Fri May 9 1862 Landed in Pontoon Boats from the steamer. Went about ½ mile & camped.

Sat May 10 1862 Went on Picket. Wrote Home. Came in about 3 P.M.

Sun May 11 1862 Nothing of importance today

Mon May 12 1862 Laid around camp all day. Bought Picture of Woodbury & Morell

Tues May 13 1862 Started for New Kent Court House at 4 am arrived at C.H. in the P.M. had to fall out

Wed May 14 1862 On Guard Rain did not stand a Trick. Troops turned out & Seward came by

Thur May 15 1862 Rain Packed up. Recd ration of Whiskey Rain all day. Put up Tents again. Did not go. Recd another ration Whiskey Chauncey Brown & Seth put their Tents with ours

Fri May 16 1862 Packed up & went to White House 6 miles. Marched all day to get there. Put up Tent at night after dark

Sat May 17 1862 Cleaned Gun & had it stole when moved tents on a line. A lot of the compy went down & had a Swim in River. Inspection arms Found Gun in Co. G. Recd letter from Emory. Dr Strong arrived

Sun May 18 1862 Wrote to Em. Went to Church orders read that we were put on reserve & Morell com Division & Col McQuade com Brigade.

Mon May 19 1862 Packed up things & Went to Turnstalls Station distance of 6 miles arrived in Afternoon.

Tues May 20 1862 Comp drill in manual Dress parade. Wrote Home.

Wed May 21 1862 Packed & went about 6 miles farther. arrived this P.M. Dress Parade & Inspection

Thur May 22 1862 Packed up & went about 6 or 8 miles. Rain part of the march. Dick felt Sick.

Fri May 23 1862 Fine. Inspection & Dress Parade Washed Clothes.

Sat May 24 1862 Rose at 4 a.m. to go reconoitering Came on to Rebel Pickets about 10 am 1200 Strong at the Chickahominy River & licked them out Our Regt & 41 Cavalry was our force. 117 Killed & Several wounded of the Rebs & 2 Killed (Piper Co B) & a few wounded. Recd letter from home. McClellan met us & said Boys you done nobly to day.

Sun May 25 1862 Fine. Wrote Home. Brigade turned out to the Funeral Inspection & dress Parade Threw away old Cartridges & recd new ones. This camp was named “Camp Michigan” in honor of the victory of the 4th yesterday.

Mon May 26 1862 Rose at 3 a.m. Started at 4 & went about 3 miles & Camped. Rained a little Recd letter from Fidelia.

Tues May 27 1862 Rose at 3. Started at 4 in light marching order & went out to Hanover. Run on the Rebels & had a fight. Rebels run & came in again in our rear Licked them again. Rain in the morn. Slept in the Wheat Field at night. Col Lee & 1000 men taken Prisoners

Wed May 28 1862 200 or 300 more prisoners came in this morn. Bot a Hen gave .50 for it. 8 men & a Corporal from our compy for Picket took the wrong road & camped for the night in woods. J Hewett & I slept together

Thur May 29 1862 Had bully breakfast of Chicken Came in from picket about sun rise. Packed up. Arrived in camp at 1 oclock at night

Fri May 30 1862 Washed. Hard hail storm Lightning struck to Com Tent of the 44th N.Y. wounded several.

Sat May 31 1862 Wrote to Fidelia Wrote Home Rain this P.M.

Sun June 1 1862 Packed light marching orders two days rations. Went as far as Dr Gains house & came back.

Mon June 2 1862 Went on Picket near New Bridge Wrote to Ed. Capt Depuy shot Toms Dog. Bot comb (25). Rain at night

Tues June 3 1862 Was relieved by the 44th N.Y. about 12. Came in had orders to pack & leave at any moment. Inspection

Wed June 4 1862 Rain. Laid around Camp all day Wrote to Uncle Wm. Inspection

Thurs June 5 1862 Signed payroll. Was paid off.

Fri June 6 1862 First Mich came & took the place of the 25 N.Y. in Gen Martindales Brig. Recd letters from Em & Home

Sat June 7 1862 On Guard Rain in a.m. Nothing of importance today Wrote to Emory

Sun June 8 1862 Regt went to Guard Bridge did not go. Wrote Home

Mon June 9 1862 Boys came in this A.M. Turned out for review. Spanish Genl Prim reviewed us. Inspection

Tues June 10 1862 Nothing of importance today

Wed June 11 1862 Am. Mark & I were detailed to guard Gen Pettigrew at Dr Gaines. Took Gen to White House Landing

Thur June 12 1862 Was relieved about 9 a.m. by 62nd Penn. Genl advance of artillery today Went to Mill Pond to Swim

Fri June 13 1862 Went on Picket this 2 P.M. Was on line of communication Stood 4 hours trick.

Sat June 14 1862 Cooks brot out rations. Went on post at 3 P.M. again. Mule came into our lines marked C.S. Was in speaking distance of Rebel Pickets.

Sun June 15 1862 Came in this morn nothing of interest occuring today

Mon June 16 1862 Graded street & pulled down Tents to dry out the ground put boughs in Tent. Wrote Ed

Tues June 17 1862 Went out to work on long Bridge relieved Duryeas Regt in the afternoon came in at 6 P.M. Wrote Home Recd ration Whiskey

Wed June 18 1862 Bat Drill before breakfast Nothing more of interest

Thur June 19 1862 John Hewitt & I built brush Arbor in front of Tent Inspection & Bat Drill this 6 oclock P.M.

Fri June 20 1862 Felt unwell Lame shoulder Knapsack drill for lot of Boy’s for not being out Roll Call Brigade drill this 5 oclock P.M.

Sat June 21 1862 Am. Mark & I on Guard. Heavy fireing on our left. Comp drill

Sun June 22 1862 Off duty Regt went on Picket Recd letter from Father Am & I helped carry out veg. soup to the Boy’s Fixed Tent Wrote Home

Mon June 23 1862 Went on Guard again Regt came in Rain. Finished Tent.

Tues June 24 1862 off duty Put bunks in Tent Rain Recd letter from Em. Inspection

Wed June 25 1862 Hot. Charley & I went to wash clothes. Wrote to Emory. Brigade drill Mr Barrett Allotment Commissioner from Mich spoke to us.

Thur June 26 1862 No fireing today on front or left but heavy on our Right. Ordered to pack Knapsacks & be ready to leave at a moments notice Went on left & had a fight laid on arms all night This was battle of Mechanicsville

Fri June 27 1862 Packed Knapsacks & fell back fighting commenced about 1 oclock had to fall back Am Wounded in leg. Lost Knapsacks we were routed & retreated bad order Battle of Gaines Mill

Sat June 28 1862 Came across the River with Gen Moore. Found the Regt Started for James River went about 34 miles & camped Rain at night.

Sun June 29 1862 Started again this morn. Recd rations. Went about 6 miles Slept in Woods

Mon June 30 1862 Started again & arrived at the James about noon. Were ordered to fall out at 4 P.M. went out to fight. Rebels opened on our left Gun Boats drove them back. Slept on Field all night.

Tues July 1 1862 No fireing this morn on front or right. Went out on Field & waited for Rebels. They came about 5 P.M. fought till dark & was relieved Dick Slightly wounded in Head was left at Hospital Slept at night with H. Hartson. Battle of Malvern Hill

Wed July 2 1862 Fell back to rear on River found the Regt in afternoon Colonel was killed yesterday laid in mud about 6 inches deep. Genl Shields to day Reinforced us

Thur July 3 1862 Rebels Shelled us again this morn. Regt went out to front. T. Tarsney, H & C. Hartson & I started after Breakfast for the Regt got off track stopped in woods & had dinner. Arrived at the Regt at dark went into Tent with Barker & Best & Brown

Fri July 4 1862 Fired the National Salute. Had review. Brigade went out but came in again was not reviewed. Wrote Home. Cleaned Gun

Sat July 5 1862 Wrote to Carrie Moore. Had inspection arms. Recd letters from Home & Carrie.

Sun July 6 1862 Went down to creek & washed clothes. Wrote to Emory.

Mon July 7 1862 Recd letters from Home & Fidelia Wrote Home. Inspection Dress Parade.

Tues July 8 1862 Barker & I recd a pass from Parson & went down to landing. Inspect arms. Turned out at 7 P.M. & at 9 P.M. President Lincoln Reviewed us. Came in & went to eating beans Ben had cooked while we were out.

Wed July 9 1862 Hot. Wrote to Fidelia Inspection Arms.

Thur July 10 1862 Fixed tent. Heavy fireing down River. Rain this P.M.

Fri July 11 1862 Barker & I were on Guard to Genl Morells. Recd new Blouse & Knapsacks & Shirt

Sat July 12 1862 Raised tent from Ground Inspection arms

Sun July 13 1862 Nothing of importance to day. Gus went to landing & got some soft Bread. Inspection

Mon July 14 1862 Wrote Ed & Em. Compy drill at 6 A.M. Inspection arms. Doc Chamberlain arrived told me Dick was down at the landing on Board Vanderbilt

July 15 1862 Went down to landing this morn at six. Dick came up to camp with Em. Cooked dinner for us. After dinner we went back to the Boats. I went aboard the Vanderbilt with Dick Came back to camp & got Arch’s Chauncey’s & Franks descriptive list & sent them back with Pease with Dicks. Were mustered for Pay this P.M. Bout can of Sardines .60 & had good Supper. Rain hard this eve Dress Parade Bot P. Folio & Paper & Pencil

Wed July 16 1862 Regt went on Fatigue to cover up the dead cattle around the Butcher Shop’s. Ben & I went & cut Bark for Bunk. Rain at Night

Thur July 17 1862 Comp drill in Bay- Exercise Went after Poles put up Bunk. Cleaned Gun Ham for supper. Rain all night.

Fri July 18 1862 Wrote Home. Recd letter from Home No drill Inspection arms & Dress Parade

Sat July 19 1862 Recd new Leggins & Caps did not take cap. Inspection arms & Dress parade

Sun July 20 1862 Inspection Knapsacks. Recd Haversack’s Wrote letter for Barker. Charlie went down to Landing to See Am. Recd letter from Emory. Dress parade

Mon July 21 1862 One year ago to day was the Battle of Bull Run. Moved Camp down nearer the River in open Field Recd A. Tents.

Tues July 22 1862 Went down to River & washed Graded street. No Dress Parade

Wed July 23 1862 Recd letter for Dick. Compy drill. Battalion drill & Dress parade.

Thur July 24 1862 Was detailed as orderly for Col. Review of Division did not go out

Fri July 25 1862 Review 7½ oclock off duty did not go out. Inspection.

Sat July 26 1862 Thompson & I were excused from drill to go after Boughs wrote Em.

Sun July 27 1862 Washed Clothes Inspection & Dress Parade. B. Merritt arrived.

Mon July 28 1862 Comp Drill Went to landing Recd letter from Home

Tues July 29 1862 Co Drill. Wrote Home. Inspection

Wed July 30 1862 Bot Bread & Butter. Recd letter from Home Inspection & Dress Parade

Thur July 31 1862 Recd letter from Home Wrote to Ed Rain. The Rebels planted Guns on other side river & shelled our camp about one oclock at night. Sent Dick Picture

Fri Aug 1 1862 Wrote Home Co Drill in Manual Genl Inspection. Dress Parade. Colonel Childs arrived

Sat Aug 2 1862 Had orders to be ready to cross the River at 7½ oclock Stayed all day. Took one Prisoner. Went out scouting & run onto Co. A. & was fired into by Co. A. went out with a Flag of Truce. Recd letter from Emory.

Sun Aug 3 1862 Gave Tom Shirt to wash Rain almost all day

Mon Aug 4 1862 On Guard. Signed payroll Recd Pay. Recd letter from Dick

Tues Aug 5 1862 Wrote to Dick & Home. Sent home $16. dollars in allotment Inspection Battalion drill & Dress Parade

Wed Aug 6 1862 Cleaned Gun. Bot Shirt of Bill Thiel ($2.00) Inspection

Thur Aug 7 1862 Nothing of importance.

Fri Aug 8 1862 Recd letter from Dick. Co Drill Inspection & Dress Parade Charley went Home

Sat Aug 9 1862 Wrote Dick. Co Drill. Sold Lemonade. Inspection & Dress Parade Recd a letter from Home

Sun Aug 10 1862 Inspection Knapsacks Were ordered to pack up & send Knapsacks in Waggons. Rain One of the 9th came to the Tent (tight) at night & woke us up was put in guard House. Rain

Mon Aug 11 1862 Was ordered to be ready to go at 2 p.m. Did not go. Rain in Afternoon

Tues Aug 12 1862 Brown & I bot box of dates (1.00) Went to River & washed. Gale of Wind & Slight Rain.

Wed Aug 13 1862 On Guard 3rd relief. Co drill Inspection & Dress parade

Thur Aug 14 1862 Was ordered to pack & be ready to go went about midnight Recd letter from Home

Fri Aug 15 1862 Went down the river passed Chas City Court House about 12 M. Had to fall out Burt, Weaver & I slept together 4 miles from Chick River

Sat Aug 16 1862 Got chicken & eggs this morn & started on Stopped to roast corn about 10 a.m. Found the Regt at Burts Ferry at the junction of the James & Chick. Moved on again & went to Williamsburgh Jim Harroun & I bunked on Sidewalk.

Sun Aug 17 1862 Jim & I went a cross the road & got Biscuits for Breakfast. Bot .50 worth Peaches Started for the Regt but it had gone on Felt sick Went as far as Yorktown The 7th Mass. Bat- Boys gave us our Supper Beef Coffee. Stayed near the Bat- all night. Learned the Regt was on the old camp Peach orchard. Our troops were mounting guns on the Rebel Fortifications

Mon Aug 18 1862 Rose early & went on to find the Regt but it had gone Dugan, Ed Taylor & I were together today. Caught Hughs Merritt & Fletcher. Stoped & bot Pies (.05). Dugan & Taylor went on at Big Bethel. Stoped all night at Porters old headquarters

Tues Aug 19 1862 Started on & met the Regt going to New Port News. Stoped at Nigs for Breakfast. Arrived at N. Port News about noon. Had good Swim Saw the Cumberland & congress Sticking out of the water. Went on Board the Belvidere at 3 P.M.